Forecast | Gemini Season 2019

Note: In our solar system, the Sun is the central point around which the planets orbit. From the Earth perspective, we cannot survive without sunlight; it is the light that nourishes our bodies, and the spotlight under which we act out our entire lives. Given the Sun’s importance, we’ve learned to articulate time around its trends. The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice all relate back to the felt shifts of shining brilliance the Sun shares with us in this lonely universe. And so it is from Earth’s perspective that I write these astrological forecasts in time with the Sun’s journey through the tropical zodiac.


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The energy of this Gemini season is focused on possibly the most Gemini trait: communication. Also, discourse, language, exchange, understanding, and commerce. As the mutable air sign of the zodiac, Gemini has an innately playful flitty nature – buzzing from moment to moment, place to place, idea to idea. It collects and then immediately distributes the information as it moves along. Sometimes this can come up in the form of gossip, lies, secrets, and manipulation. Other times this buzzy energy can electrify a conversation with flow, comprehension, and downloads.

No matter how you characterize Gemini, there is an innate lightness about its airy nature. It never seems like there is much beyond the surface of Gemini, but wow would you be surprised! Opening the Gemini’s inner landscape can reveal a multi-layered capacity for understanding, intuiting, and distribution of data. Gemini is just too fast to be heavy, too multi-task-oriented to stop and live in the depth of a moment. And that is exactly what we need right now.

The latest astro weather has been heavy, emotional, and overwhelming. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had to process a huge pile of toxic past behaviors, you’ve probably felt it in the environment, seen it on the news, or listened to loved ones share their grievances. But fortunately, Gemini helps lighten the heavy load and gets us to a place of comprehension. The fast paced mercurial trickster vibes of Gemini are working in our favor this season – quickening our mental capacities, opening our lines of communication, and connecting us to language so we don’t feel so blah.

This year’s Gemini season is like a calm before the larger storm of activity occurring in the following seasons of 2019. You can see the darkening skies, the heavy heavens, and yet there is a peace and sense of knowing before it all pours over you. This upcoming intensity is largely focused on the energetic realms, the way we feel, the way we behave. It isn’t so language oriented and that can cause misunderstandings and a sense of loss. Without language to speak our realities, we don’t have a story to connect to. So, use this Gemini season to gain comprehension, understanding, and awareness – use language to speak your story and release your truth so it isn’t weighing you down.

For a more in-depth forecast, find your rising sign below, and discover what area of life will be activated by the Sun’s movement through Gemini. Once you’ve learned the area of life that is involved, continue to scroll down to the Timeline portion to identify the dates and times of influential transits – keep an eye on transits related to the Sun.

ARIES – 3rd house topics, to include:

  • Transit and transitions;

  • Daily rituals;

  • Neighbors;

  • Siblings;

  • Communication.

TAURUS – 2nd house topics, to include:

  • Finances;

  • Self-worth;

  • Values;

  • Material resources;

GEMINI – 1st house topics, to include:

  • Who you are;

  • Personality;

  • General health and well-being;

  • Personal drive and general life direction.

CANCER – 12th house topics, to include:

  • Unconscious secrets and blocks;

  • The things you would write in a private diary;

  • Solo pursuits of understanding;

  • Meditation.

LEO – 11th house topics, to include:

  • Friends and community;

  • Network of people who help you;

  • The way you influence people and the way they influence you;

  • Sharing your truth.

VIRGO – 10th house topics, to include:

  • Public standing;

  • Responsibilities earned in pursuit of goals;

  • Career;

  • Developments at work.

LIBRA – 9th house topics, to include:

  • Your public engagement;

  • The way your unconscious motives impact your journey;

  • Studying topics that really intrigue you;

  • General life philosophy.

SCORPIO – 8th house topics, to include:

  • Intimate relationships;

  • The way you collaborate and share energy with others;

  • Your boundaries;

  • The qualities you desire in your life.

SAGITTARIUS – 7th house topics, to include:

  • Partnerships, romantic or otherwise;

  • Legal affiliations;

  • Who you are when you are with others;

  • The kind of people you attract.

CAPRICORN – 6th house topics, to include:

  • Health regimen;

  • Self-care;

  • The way you care for others;

  • Tasks, lists, to-do’s.

AQUARIUS – 5th house topics, to include:

  • Flirtation;

  • Creativity;

  • Your authentic self-expression;

  • Children and child-like attitudes.

PISCES – 4th house topics, to include:

  • Your ancestry, heritage, and past;

  • The way things were and how that is shaping your present;

  • Your concept of others and the world around you;

  • The things you do at home.


*all times are listed in Eastern Time.

May 21 at 3:59 AM, the Sun enters Gemini. Then at 6:51 AM, Mercury enters Gemini. Then at 9:06 AM, Mercury conjoins the Sun in Gemini.

The Sun enters Gemini with the ruler of Gemini (Mercury) immediately following. Right away, we enter a bright fast-paced experience known as Gemini season! And when Mercury conjoins the Sun, it enters a spotlight, it becomes momentarily brighter, bigger, and better. This is sometimes referenced as cazimi which is literally translated to “in the heart.“ This moment of heart-opening mercurial brilliance is an opportunity of awareness. It is a moment of grand insight, expanded consciousness, and an awakening of mental acuity.

Even though this bright moment of cazimi only lasts for a few hours, you can utilize its potential like you would with a full moon. It is a moment of culmination, heightened activity, and insights.

May 22 at 10:46 AM, Mars in Cancer sees a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.

The Mars-Uranus sextile is a passing experience of tension. While Mars and Uranus are both catalyzing planets, they are working through the receptive natures of Cancer and Taurus. This can create a gentleness or a pause in expression of energy, but the energy is still potent. After a while, the dormant energy can burst through out of a need for expression. It isn’t quite tense, but it isn’t exactly harmonious either. Random outbursts can come up and fall away as if nothing happened. While this isn’t the best time for a heart-to-heart, the vibration of this aspect can still be productive. If you lean into it, you get the opportunity to see how the excitement of stress can motivate you or push you towards an unrecognized truth or feeling. By becoming aware of feelings that have been buried, you are able to gain consciousness and choice over how to respond.

May 26 at 12:33 PM, the Final Quarter Moon is exact in Pisces.

The final quarter of every lunar cycle is a transition into total darkness. Energy wanes as the light of the moon wanes, and we become insular. The tension of the square, which is the geometric angle that the Sun and Moon make in this phase, offers a crisis of consciousness so that we can become aware of where we are in our personal cycles. With Sun in Gemini and Moon in Pisces, the energy is diffuse, naturally oriented towards finishing tasks in preparation of new beginnings. There can also be an element of detail awareness – suddenly it is extremely obvious all of those little details which have added up to the present moment. What details still need to be dealt with? What can be let go?

Pisces moons are always infused with a sensitivity that can be so sweet, so melancholic. Sometimes it is hard to know if you want to cry or laugh, drift through your favorite poetry or just lay in bed. It is an extremely artful and emotionally accessible moon. So as this moon officially becomes more dark than light, its tour through Pisces helps usher us out of the extroversion of fullness and into the subtler, more sensitive energy of introversion.

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May 29 at 9:22 PM, Mercury in Gemini sees a square to Neptune in Pisces.

Whenever Mercury interacts with Neptune, it is like a mini retrograde moment. Neptune is an unspeakable, unfathomable hugeness. It is slow, foggy, and easy to get lost in. As Mercury aspects Neptune, the natural mental quickness seems to fade a bit. This plays into the tired energy of the dark moon, forcing us to take pause. Though it is a passing transit, there is still opportunity to get caught in this drifty vibe. If you do, it is best used for artful expression – perfect for reflective journaling, poetry, and communicating with the unseen worlds.

May 30 at 12:49 PM, Venus in Taurus sees a sextile to Neptune in Pisces.

Venus-Neptune energy is big love energy. As a transit, this can speak to emotional openness, social connection, and a lessened feeling of shame. There are a lot of positive vibrations coming off this pair, and in that can be a touch of fantasy or illusion. Sometimes we feel so good that everything in the world looks good, too. This is a rose-colored glasses transit, and it can be wonderful if used appropriately. Softening the harsh edges of truth can help us walk through our day with more kindness and compassion. In doing this, we can connect with others in ways we may not normally. That said, this isn’t a day to make important decisions – Neptune, as suggested earlier, is a planet of vastness so it isn’t possible to see everything at play. Let this day be a feel-good day, nothing more.

May 30 at 11:11 PM, Mercury in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Mercury-Jupiter aspects are a lot of cognition, intuition, and sharing ideas. In the opposition, their relationship is tense and unavoidable. We see this in their sign axis; Gemini and Sagittarius are always opposed and yet always have something to learn from each other. It is in the recognition of differences, the awareness of “other” that we can become aware of ourselves and our perspectives. Gemini is innately associated with ground level communication – breathing in, breathing out – the ability to process ideas rapidly. Sagittarius is above that, so far above it sees the entire lay of the land and marvels at how everything is connected, laughs at the bigness of it all. What the two signs have in common is that they are hungry for knowledge and insight – the more, the better.

As this opposition takes place, Mercury and Jupiter sit in their home signs, and they marvel at the other, unable to fully comprehend the other’s perspective, and yet aware of their innate relationship. Without the details and facts of the ground level, how could we ever navigate the map? And without the bigger picture at hand, we’d get lost in the chaos of mental overload.

In the lived experience, this can feel like a burst of awareness around the narrative of our stories. We see how the small details of life connect to the bigger picture. We get a sense of how our Gemini area of life plays into the broader nature of our Sagittarius area of life. In this awareness we recognize what details or ground-level habits have to change in order to reach our goals and to create the story we really want.

May 31 at 11:26 AM, Venus in Taurus sees a trine to Saturn in Capricorn.

The two earth signs Taurus and Capricorn are very understanding of each other. There is a love of form and function at play, a connection and pleasure in stability. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is the planet of blocks, boundaries, and responsibilities. Venus, ruler of Taurus, is the planet of pleasure, desire, and love. They don’t always get along very well, but when they do, it can be a time of social grace, awareness of boundaries, and a love of rules. There is something inherently receptive about this transit; there is an acceptance of others’ hard edges as well as your own.

This is a good day for making long lasting promises and developing an understanding of boundaries.

Jun 2 at 11:41 PM, Venus in Taurus sees a trine to Pluto in Capricorn.

Since Saturn and Pluto are so close together in Capricorn, Venus naturally follows the trine to Saturn with a trine to Pluto. In the days between these two aspects, there can be a heaviness in relational experiences. When Venus is caught between two burdensome planets like these, pleasurable enjoyable things can feel unusually symbolic – bigger than the simplicity of joy. It isn’t the standard Venus brightness and sweet. Once Venus makes the exact trine with Pluto, there is a release of that energy. It can cause deeper intimacy between two people, a willing vulnerability, and opportunities to connect on levels that aren’t usually available. It can also feel a little too intense, too much depth, too much revealed. Ultimately, there is a naked quality with this transit.

Jun 3 at 6:01 AM, a New Moon in Gemini is exact.

The new moon is a fresh dark moon, a planted seed in Gemini soil. As Mercury moves at a quickened pace, it is almost at the end of its time in one of its home signs, and the Sun isn’t even half way through. The moon’s energy is fertilized with this dynamic. There is a fast paced excitement, a thrill for the next next next thing. We are so ready to plant intentions, but take a breath with this new moon – it still has to traverse more than half of Gemini! As energy continues to build from here, it’ll be easy to get caught up in the typical Gemini blunder of too much too soon if you aren’t careful. Use this new moon energy as an opportunity to refresh your system, clear the to-do list, and begin again with small certain steps. This will help your pace later.

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Jun 4 at 4:04 PM, Mercury enters Cancer.

Mercury in Cancer is fluidity in language. It is an emotional connection to the words we share with others. There can be an added layer of sensitivity here – a need to pull back and reflect before speaking. There can be uncertainty, reservation, and then the bubbling up of words, speaking to some core thought process. This is a circular kind of talking, a moving inward, a trying to understand the origin of things. As this relates to Gemini season, the pace is softened, and the mental quickness is brought out of the scope of rationality/logic and into the realm of emotions/energy. Language can be used to describe the way we’ve been feeling lately, not just about what is observable and true.

Of note, Mercury will eventually turn retrograde in Cancer. But that won’t happen until July. The beginning of the Mercury’s retrograde shadow period is June 20th, the day before Cancer season begins. Though the shadow period hasn’t begun yet, the expression of Mercury in Cancer is still aligned with that upcoming retrograde. Keep in mind the thoughts and ideas that present themselves now. This will be a theme over the next couple of months.

Jun 7 at 10:16 AM, Mercury in Cancer sees a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.

With the added flair of emotional brilliance that Cancer brings to the table, Mercury gets to spin the Uranus experience through the lens of the heart. Any shocks or downloads that have occurred with Uranus’ transit through Taurus are made accessible through the language of our feelings. Mercury gifts us this opportunity to create story, quantifiable experience, and definition to the way the Taurus-Uranus vibration has been impacting us. This is a wonderful day to journal, to write a letter, to get thoughts out of your brain and into the open. There is a lot of potential for heightened communication experiences where we are able to say exactly how we feel without the frustration of being misunderstood by our audience.

Jun 8 at 9:36 PM, Venus enters Gemini.

Venus in Gemini is a wordy expression of love and social connection. Pleasure is found in the dissection of ideas, in the conversations we have, in the flurry of factoids. There is a poetic, meditative nature in this placement as well. Think love letters, heart-warming text messages, and socially engaging tweets. With Venus in Gemini, we can connect on language alone; we can feel the heartbeat in the clack-clack-clack of the keyboard. There is also a childlike playfulness about this combo of energies – imagine the crafts table at a kid’s camp: glitter, puzzles, friendship bracelets, and lots of textures and colors to look at and feel.

Wherever Gemini is in your chart (check the overview section for more details), Venus’ presence in this place will bring social buzz. This can be helpful in the ongoing process of understanding <— like being able to express yourself more fluently, and not being so uneasy about the revelation of truth in front of others. That said, there is a touch social disconnect when it comes to in-person, deep heartfelt moments; Venus in Gemini is so much more interested in comprehension and less concerned about accidentally hurting someone’s feelings. Since we are all going through this transit, we’ll all be a little rude at times, but ultimately we are just seeking to comprehend something of value. Remember, if you or someone else gets into trouble: be forgiving, and you’ll be forgiven.

Jun 9 at 3:33 PM, the Sun in Gemini sees a square to Neptune in Pisces.

The Sun-Neptune square is reminiscent of the Pisces quarter moon from May 26th. This time, however, it isn’t the glassy mirrored moon making a brief stroll through Pisces – it is a waterfall of Neptune’s drug, cascading across the Sun’s path through Gemini. Every time the Sun makes a tense aspect to Neptune, there is a pause, a floaty feeling, and maybe some fatigue. It isn’t very productive, but it can be restorative. Making time to take a pause, take things slower, and not get so caught up in the details can really boost the emotional reserves. In this aspect, we are being asked to let go of our perspective and fall into the bigness of the big picture.

Jun 10 at 1:59 AM, the First Quarter Moon is exact in Virgo.

Almost immediately following the Sun’s square to Neptune, the moon opposes Neptune as it begins to gain more light than dark. Additionally, the Sun in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius are applying to an opposition that will perfect later in the day. All together this creates a Mutable Grand Cross – basically, all of the mutable signs have planets in them that are making squares and oppositions (the tense aspects) at approximately the same time. This isn’t just any first quarter moon – this is a punch of crisis, activation, and intense processing/questioning.

This first quarter square is generally a brightening of energy, a boost of motivation, and an awareness of progress thus far. In this case, there is the added element of crisis associated with the grand cross. It’s like Jupiter, Neptune, the Sun, and the moon are at a four way stop, and each one wants to be the first to go. So a choice has to be made!

Additionally, if too much was started at the Gemini new moon, then this will be a very rude awakening! You’ll begin to see that there is too much to do in too little time. For better or worse, Neptune’s involvement washes away what can’t be accomplished, forcing us to let go of the excess tasks. Jupiter broadens the perspective, helping us get a sense of the bigger picture. But the two luminaries bring focus to the details, making it feel almost impossible to comprehend possibilities and discover faith in the process unfolding. So, in this type of bind, we are forced to prioritize. The fastest and slowest participants of this grand cross are the moon and Neptune, respectively. It’ll be easier to choose one of these extremes because their paths are so obvious – excess focus on details and what has to be done or a total release of responsibility as a result of overwhelm. The middle road can be found in Jupiter-Sun opposition – the tension of ego and spirit; trusting that neither one has all the answers, it is a combination of both.

This kind of transit can create tension among peers: disagreements, misunderstandings, impatience, and forgetfulness. It can also expand space-time to hold more than you thought was possible to accomplish, but it’ll take a lot of open-mindedness and meditative control to keep that continuum open. Flow is the key in this transit! Without flow, energy is blocked, and very little can be accomplished;; think of the way we fall asleep – there is no forcing, there is only allowing and openness, and yet something crucial to our survival is accomplished.

Moving through this transit can create a lot of stress, so be mindful of your needs and take space where it is appropriate. Deep breaths and a willingness to allow your true desires to come forward will increase the opportunity of productivity, flow, and development. This will also awaken you to a deeper cord of truth within. 🙏

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Jun 10 at 11:27 AM, the Sun in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius.

As referenced earlier, this opposition is part of a the grand cross occurring in time with the first quarter moon. The Sun-Jupiter connection speaks directly to the solar ego and the jovial spirit. Living in the ego can create many blockages, but without it, we have no sense of self or belonging. The spirit inherent within is also crucial to our lived experience – it lifts us, gives us a sense of hope, and allows us to live beyond the physical constraints of the world. But to live exclusively in the non-physical world diminishes the experience of life, and reduces opportunity for real growth and development. Ultimately, this opposition creates an awareness of the push-pull energy inherent in our earthly existence. It isn’t about balancing these two parts of ourselves, but totally integrating them into a flow process of awareness-certainty-belonging-hope. We need both to feel whole, and it is only through whole-hearted living that we can really act in our best interests.

Jun 12 at 6:46 PM, Mars conjoins the North Node in Cancer.

The nodes of the moon mark the eclipse points in the zodiac. They represent distortion; every time we experience an eclipse, one the lights is hidden. As a result, when a planet conjoins one of the nodes, it becomes distorted either in excess or in release. Last year Mars conjoined the South Node, and at that time there was lot of energy depletion, releasing aggression, and spiritualizing motivation. We came to understand our drives and motivations in new ways, we learned how to more appropriately manage our energy sources, and we let go of detrimental behavior patterns.

Now that Mars is conjoining the north node, there is an excess of Mars. We begin to see how the previous experience of energy conservation has worked in our favor or against. This also brings focus to Mars’ applying opposition to Saturn and Pluto. As a result, Mars is more meaningful than normal. There is emphasis on the way we use our energy. In Cancer, Mars is motivated to act on feelings, especially in defense of something hurtful. With the north node involved, this can cause sudden and extreme outbursts based on assumptions, feelings, and emotional experiences. The impending Saturn-Pluto connection is adding layers of meaning to there martial expressions, suggesting that there is a deeper root issue at play. Perhaps we are defending futile boundaries? Maybe there really isn’t any issue, and what we are experiencing is a projection that is too painful to own in our internal reality.

As this conjunction occurs, it is beneficial to journal and reflect. This can help alleviate potential excess in aggression, and create language for the internal experience. Once there is consciousness and focused attention on our emotions, we are able to make clearer decisions. … Still, though, this is a day to watch for and to tread lightly around.

Jun 14 at 2:11 AM, Mars in Cancer sees a trine to Neptune in Pisces.

This Mars-Neptune aspect is well received. Sometimes it can be too much energy with very little direction, but in this case, Mars is already a little lost in Cancer. The Neptune salve can help lessen Mars’ confusion by offering an opportunity to drift with the flow of experience. This can be an especially positive experience considering the upcoming and previous Mars transit. In the heaviness and layered complexity of martial actions/reactions, it is nice to have a moment of pause and floating energy.

Jun 14 at 11:50 AM, Mars in Cancers opposes Saturn in Capricorn.

Mars opposite Saturn is a very isolating experience. There is a strong desire to get away from feelings and bounds, to escape through an alternative easy route. However, there is no easy way around. We are required to move through this experience. In the excellence of the universe’s wisdom, this necessary and difficult task draws awareness to the way we react around obstacles. This is, once again, a callback to last year; back then there was a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, and we had to learn how to pace ourselves. Now we come into this opposition like a full moon’s culmination – we are put to the test of facing an obstacle and then working through it. We already know how to pace ourselves from the previous conjunction, so now it is a matter of applying what was learned.

This can come up around boundaries, wanting to please others, figuring out how to prioritize your energy and efforts, and having to say no. In the face of Saturn’s unyielding nature, it can feel extremely daunting to reject or refuse another responsibility. But, ultimately it is your choice – what are your priorities? What do you need to do in order to have enough energy to accomplish all your goals and objectives? Is there enough time and resource to go around?

Jun 15 at 1:57 PM, Mercury conjoins the North Node in Cancer.

Mercury’s conjunction to the north node mirrors Mars’ conjunction. However, Mercury is moving much faster and is less concerned about energy and more involved with understanding. This conjunction is an opportunity to gain narrative around what’s been going on in the Cancer area of life thus far, how the eclipses have impacted you, and the way that Mars is influencing the current astro-weather. This is also a bit of a sneak preview for the upcoming eclipses and later Mercury retrograde.

Jun 16 at 7:42 AM, Mercury in Cancer sees a trine to Neptune in Pisces.

Mercury’s trine to Neptune is a breath of air, a pause to drift for a moment. Downloads and insights come through unusual means; dreams, oracles, and psychic messages have some extra punch in this transit.

Jun 16 at 10:00 AM, Mercury in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn.

Mercury opposite Saturn creates stark awareness around responsibilities that have yet to be met. Whatever was decided with the Mars-Saturn opposition gets an extra boost of insight and language at this time. The Mercury element creates opportunity for dialogue as well. If something regretful occurred under the Mars-Saturn opposition, then saying something about it can help. Especially with the earlier trine to Neptune, this can be a particularly helpful transit if you’ve bitten off too much.

Jun 16 at 11:21 AM, Jupiter in Sagittarius sees a square to Neptune in Pisces.

The exact square between Jupiter and Neptune has been felt for a while, but especially ever since the Virgo quarter moon on June 10th. This is also number two out of a series three Jupiter-Neptune squares this year. In general, Jupiter-Neptune can be too atmospheric, too out in the environment to fully download into the realm of personal experience. However, with the earlier lunation-grand cross, this aspect in particular may stand out to you.

Jupiter-Neptune is big hope, big fun. There is a playful, explorative nature to this pair, but also a lot of potential to get lost in a belief system. Neptune’s illusion and Jupiter’s pursuit of insight can create illusions out of the most random insights. On the other hand it can foster a lot of playful energy around the exploration of what is real versus what isn’t. In the lived experience this can come down to seeing signs, experiencing synchronicity, and getting caught up in uncertainty around whether or not to follow through. Flow comes almost tooooo easily in this transit, so grounding is necessary. Grounding can be anything that makes something feel real – eg, eating, writing, acting on impulses.

Jun 17 at 4:30 AM, the Full Moon in Sagittarius is exact.

This bright full moon occurs at the very end of the Sagittarius, so it passes by Jupiter, squares Neptune, and then meets the Sun across the sky in all of its brightness. There is a peak at the moment of any full moon, the culmination and build up to climax and then the fall. As it builds over June 15th, 16th, and the morning of the 17th, the energy is felt and expanded and felt and expanded. Whatever decisions you made at the earlier Virgo first quarter are now in full bloom. The buoyant vibration of Jupiter lifts us and then Neptune carries us into a state of wonder as many of us northerner’s sleep through the bright exactness. This is a moment of total flow or total debilitation. Either your decisions worked out in your favor or they completely fell apart under the pressure of this big Sagittarius energy.

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Jun 18 at 7:46 AM, Saturn in Capricorn sees a sextile to Neptune in Pisces.

Saturn-Neptune is a wonderfully passive experience. After all of the hard work, fast paced downloads, and sense of detail overwhelm, the Saturn-Neptune sextile draws us into a very well-deserved sense of sleepiness. Sleepiness, trust, and willingness to let structures hold us for a bit.

Jun 18 at 12:04 PM, Mercury conjoins Mars in Cancer.

Following and mixing into the sleepy vibrations of Saturn-Neptune, Mercury’s conjunction to Mars wakes us up again! We are drawn back into a state of emotional awareness; thoughts and actions are aligned with the heart-centered realities. What we feel is exactly how we are behaving. If you are angry, then you are going to express anger. If you are happy, then you’ll express happiness. There is no hiding your emotions under this transit! So let it flow out of you, and do it with a sense of awareness of yourself. This is an opportunity to see something about your inner landscape come out into the open. It can be so relieving!

Jun 19 at 6:55 AM, Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Then at 11:26 PM, Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

Wow! Pow! What a day! The Mercury-Mars opposition to Pluto is a major reckoning. This is a moment when all those feelings expressed the day before make a really big impact. It’s like the whiplash of vulnerability – a vulnerability hangover. This is when shame and doubt come into the picture and we question ourselves and why we said what we said. But the best way to deal with shame is to voice it to someone you trust. Friends, a partner, family – whoever gets you and is a good listener will be able to help you see you aren’t alone in all of this. Mars-Pluto can sometimes make us feel like it is us against the world, like we have to do it all on our own and as fast as possible! But what is the point of doing anything if you can’t connect with loved ones? What is the point of speaking your truth if leads to your withdrawal from the world? There needs to be a support system in place to carry you through. You also have to be willing to be vulnerable and help others in their times of need. So, that’s what this transit is about – and that is essentially how we enter into Cancer season.

Jun 21 at 10:35 AM, Neptune in Pisces turns retrograde.

But wait! There is one more transit, about an hour before the Sun enters Cancer. Neptune has been stationing for over a month now, and is finally turning retrograde. This moment of Station to Retrograde, stillness to apparent backward motion, is a build up of energy that is now released. This gives us context into the broader themes of Neptune in Pisces. It opens our eyes to the earlier Neptune aspects that were made this season. It is like that moment when you realize how important Snape is in the Harry Potter stories! This seemingly background, somewhat negative character is now making its motivations known. Everything about Gemini season has been a download of recent past events, and a lot of those events had sprung up from Pisces season – the upcoming Mercury retrograde is related to that time, and this Neptune retrograde pulls it all together!

That said, it may not feel like it is pulling everything together. Oftentimes the Neptune retrograde moment can feel like a rainy unclear day. But if you take the time to reflect, journal, and intuit messages, there will be a lot of information to gain!

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