It seems that throughout my life the universe has been teaching me how to use the magic that exists within and around us. Astrology is just one form of this magic, and it is a form that I have a profound connection to. It is, without a doubt, a part of my purpose in this lifetime and I wish to share this gift with as many people as I can.

One of my first waking memories was coming out of a euphoric dream, crawling into the kitchen, and asking my mother about where I was, who she was, who my pre-school teacher was, etc. I remember it so vividly; being so small that I had to look up to see people’s faces; like I was re-adjusting my self for this new life. I remember explaining this memory to my parents, and their laughter at the thought.

My dad had dreamt of me before I was born, and told the story often because that’s how I got my name – people always asked. It’s possible that from hearing this story so many times, my earliest memories were fabricated by my own excited imagination. Despite this possibility, I believe strongly that my memories are accurate.

From as early as I can remember I’ve felt connected to the universe/spirit in the most deeply poetic ways.

As a child, I would to talk to invisible spirits, to the grass, to the birds. I would make up little songs for these friends. It didn’t bother me that I sat alone in school, or that I wandered around the playground without anyone to talk to. It didn’t feel wrong to be alone. Sometimes I was drawn to people who were also loners. Usually they didn’t want my company, but I’d still sit nearby, just in case. Clever teachers noticed my quiet demeanor and would sit me with the rowdy kids in order to draw me out of my shell and to influence them to quiet down. This is around the time that I realized I was different, and that people thought there was something to fix about me.

Curious to know what others were seeing, I began to explore my psychological make-up. I was very introspective, and absorbed any kind of personality analysis I could get my hands on. Astrology was readily available to me – both of my parents were curious about the topic, and it came up in conversation daily as we’d read through our horoscopes. Astrology was something that I believed could uncover the mystery of me. The more I read about it, the more I needed to know. I recognized that the interpretations of my Sun sign were not accurate enough, and sought to learn about every zodiacal sign in order to figure out which one suited me better. At the time, I was unaware of the houses or aspects or the way a chart is calculated – I completely focused on the archetypal elements of the signs. I began seeing the signs come alive in my every day life, and would approach social encounters through this lens.

In my teen years, as I came into my own and began voicing my thoughts, I found that not everyone believed in astrology or saw the importance in it. Again, I came to the realization that I was very different from others. I experienced a significant shift in my interpersonal approach and began seeking friends and communities who were also “different.” It was at that time that the most unique and interesting people entered my life expanding my conception of the universe. Each of them shared the importance of gut feeling – intuition – learning to judge yourself by your own internal compass. I remember someone telling me, “the best advice I’ve ever received is to never listen to anyone’s advice.”

From those experiences, I began to seriously isolate myself. I didn’t want to be tainted by others’ impressions or expressions. I wanted to know my self pure, but the isolation was lonely and at times agonizing. I focused most of my energy on self-discovery, and when I would get sick of my own company, I doubled-down on astrology. With little/no money in my pocket, I dived into the infinite internet and studied the planets, then the houses, then the aspects. Then I taught myself how to draw natal charts by hand. Once I felt satisfied with my technique, I wanted to practice my consulting skills. So I came out of my self-made cave and began asking friends for their birth times so I could tell them about themselves. I realized, in those sessions, I still had so much to learn – how to hold space, how to explain astrology in language that made sense to people who aren’t saturated in the topic, and how to answer questions on focused areas of life.

And then, in late 2014, disaster struck. My dad died very suddenly, and the calamity of his passing put my focused astro studies on the back-burner. I never stopped reading or practicing, but there was a distinct slow-down in the process. I focused much of my energy on basic survival, and only studied astrology to pass the few moments of free-time I had.

Sometime in 2016, I was able to reclaim my life: I finally had the bandwidth to pick up the pieces and put them back together. It was as if I was waking up from a long slumber; a little disorienting at first. It took a while to get acquainted with what was happening – I had been living a lot of my life on autopilot in order to make space for deep grief to come through. As I was getting oriented, a few things happened. 1) mid 2016, my friends pooled money together and bought me an astrology book knowing that I loved the subject, encouraging me to chase my passion. 2) late 2016 to late 2017, The tarot made itself available to me. I don’t remember much about that time outside of the tarot and the conversations I had with it; I dreamt of the high priestess constantly – she was always on my mind. 3) early 2017, three sudden deaths hit me hard, each a month apart. the last one was the worst. Each one of them caused me to go deeper into astrology and tarot in order to get a better understanding of the transits and timing. In doing so, I was re-awakened to the passion of study that I had felt years earlier.

Not long after that, I came across The Astrology Podcast, which inspired me to enroll in several different online courses.

Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology course. Understanding the foundational history of astrology has been priceless for me; it has grounded my years of study and helped me create a structured approach to reading any birth chart. I completed this course in April 2018.

Sabrina Monarch’s Evolutionary Astrology Immersion Course. Hers is an empowering and illuminating course that gives students the opportunity to practice consultation, and learn in-depth synthesis of archetypal and evolutionary astrology. I completed this course in September 2018.

Austin Coppock’s Fundamentals of Astrology. I’m still working through Austin’s course, and highly recommend it to anyone at any level of astrology – Austin’s teaching style is incredibly supportive and allows for students at any level to gain a strong foundation/fortification in the topic.

I am now at a place where I feel confident in my knowledge and foundation of astrology and consultation skills. As a new professional astrologer, I work part-time at a local metaphysical bookstore, generate monthly forecasts, and offer free and low-cost consultations to anyone interested in learning about the depths and narrative of their life.

Thanks for reading about my journey.

With love and gratitude,