FORECAST | Leo Season 2019

Note: In our solar system, the Sun is the central point around which the planets orbit. From the Earth perspective, we cannot survive without sunlight; it is the light that nourishes our bodies, and the spotlight under which we act out our entire lives. Given the Sun’s importance, we’ve learned to articulate time around its trends. The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice all relate back to the felt shifts of shining brilliance the Sun shares with us in this lonely universe. And so it is from Earth’s perspective that I write these astrological forecasts in time with the Sun’s journey through the tropical zodiac.



This Leo Season, we take the wet unsteady forms of Cancer Season and fire them in the metaphorical kiln which is Leo. During that time under the Cancer Sun, we dismantled our most constrictive structures and recovered our inner needs. Many of us have felt the unsteadiness and awkwardness of leaving the known behind. I imagine the wet feathers of a newly hatched bird, of stepping out of water and into the sunshine. Leo burns brightly for us, and helps us find shape in the spark of identity.

Leo is a sign of purpose – it’s the fire that burns within our hearts. Wherever Leo is in your chart, that is a place in support of your identity and truth. And then consider where the Sun is – the Sun rules Leo and shines a portal of brilliant authenticity wherever it takes up space. As you reflect on these placements, you may begin to see one of two paths emerge: A path of sweet nakedness, of the most open-hearted expression of identity. Or a path of performance – needing to construct persona in order to meet expectations. You may also find that you live a winding spiral path which incorporates both the nakedness and the performance.

As the Sun returns to it’s home in Leo, each of us gets an opportunity to re-connect with that inner chord of being. We get to see that part of our chart light up, to experience the brightness of purpose come forward and flow through our lives and environment. Some of us will feel it deep inside and others of us will see it come alive in others. In all cases, the flash of fire will strike us and enliven us with passion.

This is a season of stepping into the light and embracing the heat of is-ness. It is a spotlight on the stage, inspiration to make the change, the comfort of one’s beating heart. We release the muddiness of Cancer season as easy and effortless as evaporating water. We recognize our inner light, and awaken to the slow burn of self.


Find your rising sign below to receive a brief summary into the areas of life that will be impacted by Leo Season. Continue to the Timeline portion to get exact dates and descriptions for the events to come.


Aries, Leo season activates your 5th house of passion, pleasure, and romance. There is play energy here! After the challenging and potentially traumatic experience of the eclipses in your responsibility axis, your heart needs a break. Opening to the loving vibration of Leo can help you access the joy of inner-child. You are given permission to come alive in your authentic self.


Taurus, Leo season activates your 4th house of home and soul. Ancestry and roots and potential you-ness comes to the fore. This is the ground of your birth moment, the place that holds you and re-wombs you every night. Considering, also, the heat of Uranus in your identity sector – you’ve got a lot electricity running through your self-concept. Allow yourself to come undone in Leo season and to access deep love of self. You are allowed to be vulnerable!


Gemini, Leo season activates your 3rd house of all things in motion. Getting from here to there, thoughts, flow, energy unfolding in the now. This is a sunflower following the sunshine in order to get the most out of the day. This is a profound season of experiencing magic in the moment. Take a deep breath and unravel your mind with gentle awareness. Just like the sun which feeds the entire earth with energy, you are able to fuel your life path with nurturing warmth. Each step is an opportunity for love to blossom at your feet.


Cancer, Leo season activates your 2nd house of resources and valuables. You are your most valuable possession. After the heightened energy of the eclipses, you’ve had to re-focus yourself on what you want out of life. The work of following your heart requires constant replenishment. Filling your cup again and again allows you to take charge of your life and build your resources from the ground up. This season is one of deep deep nurture. Give yourself the gift of grounding and stability. Take up the space you need.


Leo, this season activates your 1st house of self and identity. You are the sunshine, bright and bold and filled to the brim with purpose. This is a season of big-love, of opening yourself to the good fortune of raw passion. Inspiration comes knocking at your door nearly every day over the next four weeks. You’ve got something incredible blossoming inside of you. Let this season open your heart and mind to the magic of synchronicity. Repeat this phrase: “The Universe is for me.”


Virgo, Leo season activates yous 12th house of hidden mysteries. The power of your spiritual landscape shines brightly and beckons you to take pause from the outer world. There is a need to spiral inwards and connect with your core divinity. The energy of this season holds space for you to process and comprehend what has unfolded over the last few months. You need this receiving space, the quiet moments under the sun, the stillness of reflection. These moments nourish you and replenish your spirit. A fire is burning in your innermost sacred center, allow it to warm you.


Libra, Leo season activates your 11th house of community, network, and friendships. The pleasure of your connection to the world is life-giving. This is a healing season after the challenges presented with the eclipses. You can find solace in seeking the nourishing bonds of like-minds. Your authentic self is being called to come into the light of this season. The world wants to know you, and your heart will feel so full if you let the mask fall off to reveal a truer more vulnerable you.


Scorpio, Leo season activates your 10th house of career and public achievement. The world is your stage. With the shocks of Uranus moving through your partnership sector, there can be uncertainty around who to trust and how to be. This season allows you to access an avenue of authenticity through your calling to create and manifest your you-ness for the world. Art and drama and love and body are meant to be seen and shared. You have the option to fill the world with inspiration and love and you.


Sagittarius, Leo season activates your 9th house of life-adventure. This is a place of your broadcasted opinion, your concept of the path unfolding, and what you believe in. This is the place where the life-adventure is witnessed on a big picture scale. The sun’s illumination of this terrain brightens your mind and evolves your heart-space. The thrill of discovering spirit and the beyond. Passion awakens your higher self, and you can find yourself floating in a realm of meaningful self-discovery.


Capricorn, Leo season activates your 8th house of subtle energy. This is a place of the bonds that happen between you and others, you and your environment. This is where you project your desires, where you feel jealousy and longing. Accessing the gems of this invisible realm takes concentration, focus, and work. If you can tune into the roots of your projections/desires, you can discover the empowering possibilities that you hold within. The ability to manifest by transforming the invisible energy into action steps. You are the solar panels soaking in the power of the sun, and fueling major industry. But only if you are willing to access the shadow realm of your longing.


Aquarius, Leo season activates your 7th house of others, relationships, partnerships. There is a strong desire to connect and dissolve into other people. You have the ability to use other people’s bright energy to enliven your sense of purpose. You can see potential in others, illuminate their divine light. It can be enchanting, the way people are. Know that everything you see in someone else is what you yourself offer the world. You are a bright beacon of wonderful human-ness, and anyone who doesn’t see this in you is not worth your energy.


Pisces, Leo season activates your 6th house of the undefined. This is a place of many questions, and the constant practice of finding answers. As it so often turns out, answers are hidden in the processes of seeking. Like taking apart a car in order to see what’s inside, we can never really know without digging deeper into the issue at hand. This can take courage when it comes to your sense of purpose in life. Unmasking the ins and outs of what makes you tick can require strength of heart and an open mind. Fortunately, this season offers you just that.


*all times are listed in Eastern Time.

July 22 at 10:50 PM, the Sun enters Leo.

Like the moment when you wake up naturally to the most exquisite sunrise – like the perfect synchronicity of life, as if everything is in tune. It feels good the way sincere joy wells up in the body. No need to rush, no anxiety, no depression, only the distinct pleasure of presence. << that’s the Sun’s experience.

If you’ve got a strong Sun in your chart, you’ll probably feel that same level of brightness. However, if your Sun faces more challenges, then this season may present more difficulty.

This is a season of reconnecting to our solar natures, and relates to energies like the following:

  • Expression of self

  • Dressing well

  • Physical well-being

  • Optimism

  • Feeling seen and loved

  • Pride in personal truth

If you feel like the above is too difficult or causes stress for you, then this season holds the potential to be an uncomfortable awareness around that. On the other hand, you could always choose to explore the discomfort in pursuit of healing your heart. I think of the tarot card Strength, which is often connected to the sign of Leo. This card represents the gentleness involved with courage and power – the essence of holding space for self. It takes a soft touch to open the heart and to feel the warmth of strength in vulnerability.

Even if you find it easy to live in your solar nature, consider how much lovelier it would be if you could savor every second of it. No rush to be, just be.

July 24 at 8:26 PM, Mercury Rx conjoins Venus in Cancer.

Retrograde Mercury touches Venus and together they come up with the most beautiful language for desire and pleasure. This is a planetary aspect of love letters, heart-to-hearts, and deeply felt confessions. The retrograde element adds a synchronous layer to things, the feeling of walking in a circle to discover you’ve climbed a spiral, and the way confusion helps us find the true path forward. It’s sort of marked with a feeling of “meant-to-be.”

In Cancer, this expressed eros comes in subtle messages ~ a brief glance across the room, the electricity of not touching, the way silence seems to be so full of meaning.

This aspect can also open us to more creativity, sensuality, and personal pleasure. As we pursue what we love to do and feel, we can find ourselves illuminated with thoughts and realizations. The power of feeling pleasure is that it can open us to flow.

July 24 at 9:18 PM, the Final Quarter Moon is exact in Taurus.

We are still technically in eclipse season. Even though the Sun is now in Leo, and the eclipses are over, the lunar cycle that began on July 2nd’s Solar Eclipse is still in effect. This Final Quarter Moon is the tail end of eclipse season.

As such, the element of distortion is still at play. Typically as the moon wanes and loses light, the lack of body helps us release what needs to fade away. In this context, the body of the moon is already inaccessible. Whatever we would have left behind has been in release since eclipse season began. So this is a final purge rather than the beginning of an end.

In Taurus, we feel the release around body, physical form, earth, the five senses, and sensuality. To add, Uranus in Taurus reminds us of its significations and the role it has played in eclipse season. This is the background breaker of walls ~ the Uranian jolt which awakens us to body intelligence and genius of our home planet. This is a striking lunation – one filled with the release of bodily needs and messages…. I imagine a free fall sensation – that discomfort of losing control, but knowing it’ll be better if you let go 100% rather than try to hold on at all.

As we go into this final phase of eclipse season, consider where you still hold resistance and seek to release it.

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July 25 at 8:22 AM, Mars in Leo sees a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The energetic flare of Mars-Jupiter contacts in fire signs breathes life into us! Wherever the fire signs are in your chart will awaken with a dramatic happiness and excitement. The desire to make good on plans made, spontaneous adventures, and the courage associated with pursuit of passion.

It’s also important to note that Jupiter is stationing at this time – sitting on 14 degrees of Sagittarius for the next four weeks. The Mars contact to Jupiter is a hot entrance into the broader significations of Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius. This will likely be felt through the will and the internal push to make something happen in your life. The drive (Mars) to pursue (Jupiter).

It could be helpful to consider where Sagittarius and Leo are in your chart and to identify the connection between those two areas of your life. As you see them brighten and burn for action, your awareness of them will give you the choice to harness their power for something productive. If you don’t, then it’s somewhat up to fate, eh?

And isn’t that the most Mars-Jupiter concept = fate versus free-will? Jupiter would have it all align with the stars ~ everything connects. Mars would rather take it into their own hands and craft something out of it. As these two planets work together now, there is an opportunity to blend what you feel is fated with the work of choice and decision-making. This is powerful energy, and it only lasts for a couple days before and after.

July 27 at 9:53 PM, Venus enters Leo.

Venus in Leo is raw creative energy. It is the pleasure of passion, the adrenaline pumping ecstasy of love. Fiery Leo loves to burn bright, to show off and express the truth of it’s inner light. With Venus carrying Leo’s flame, there is a warmth to touch, a fire in the eyes of love. There is a need to express love in identity. Under this transit, we seek beauty in presence. We desire light.

The flicker of candle light, sweet aroma of body, the bonfire romance, the satisfaction of dressing the way you feel. It’s a bold energy, one that loves to be pet and felt and witnessed. Most importantly, Venus in Leo loves to love – love itself and love others, shine that brilliance all around.

If you are someone with a bit of solar deficiency in your chart, you may find it hard to fill yourself with the glow of self-love. Even if you have a fine sun placement, we live in a world that makes it easier to ignore yourself than it is to love yourself. With the fluorescent damage of capitalism, we seek artificial sunlight to help our inner child grow. What if, instead of finding superficial fixes, we took the time to bask under the healing heat of self-care? That’s what this transit offers us.

July 29 at 7:14 PM, the Sun in Leo sees a square to Uranus in Taurus.

Sun-Uranus inspires eccentricity. In a square aspect, there is tension. Volcanic outbursts for a more individualized, more authentic, more eccentric self. And yet, what about the person I have always been? The center of existence is the sun, no? There is a clash in the “how-to,” but at the core of this dynamic is a shared motive for is-ness and truth. In identifying that what is truly the core of you will never truly change, we are liberated from the prison of labels and brands.

In a mundane sense, this is an electric day. Energy is charged, but the moon is dark… this is kind of like being wired on caffeine while very sleep-deprived. Under such conditions, impulsive reactions are likely.

July 31

at 11:11 PM, the New Moon in Leo is exact.

A fresh start!

Breathe it in…. slow deep breaths. ahhh

We finally step out of eclipse season and settle back into “normal life.” I imagine being stuck in a hotel room all day and then finally stepping into the glorious outside; that feeling of being alive, the way our bodies expand at the touch of endless sky after learning to shrink under the walls that box us in.

As we move through this transition, ushered by the moon, there can be a sense of shock – the way change does. No matter how gently we try to introduce it, there is still the fact that this energy is distinctly different from what we just came out of. If you’ve been paying close meditative attention to the flow of activity in your life, then perhaps you’ll have an easier time with this…. but I suspect most of us will be a little startled.

And in this shifting, the illuminations and insights are invited to blossom. Isn’t it funny how we get such clarity in hindsight? It is one of the natural effects of change; understanding happens as we open, as we allow the borders of our mind to expand.

To add, at 11:57 PM, Mercury stations direct in Cancer. Comprehension is determined to plant itself in our lives. Mercury’s direct motion is perfectly synced to the new moon, putting extra emphasis on the way understanding   t a k e s   t i m e . // The station points in Mercury’s retrograde cycle are highly charged moments of downloading/expression. They draw on the power of archetypal messaging and send each of us specially customized cognitions. In this specific station, we are able to access the lessons of the eclipses and use those lessons to grow ourselves & our lives under the fruitful energy of this lunar cycle.

This is a potent new moon: it holds the power to evolve our consciousness.

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August 2 at 6:00 AM, Venus in Leo sees a square to Uranus in Taurus.

Venus’s tense angle to Uranus helps push the electric-shock planet to express it’s intent. Earlier this season, it was the Sun’s square to Uranus that highlighted the desire for eccentric-authentic expression – the liberation of identity as organic rather than constructed. Now, Uranus meets with the ruler of Taurus. And as such, there is a special energy to this square. It certainly has the standard stress involved with square aspects, but with a deeper intent at play. This is a growth, developmental moment.

Venus breathes significance into Uranus, suggesting that the Uranian revelations address self-worth, self-value, self-love.

This isn’t the first time Venus has seen a square to Uranus in Taurus, and it won’t be the last. In fact, this is only the beginning of a long walk with Uranus in Taurus (we’ve got 6.5 years to go). So consider this moment of connection a special one – it teaches us something about what Uranus is doing in our lives. (which is to say that we are learning a higher-level expression of the Taurus things… things like land, body, touch, sensuality, nourishment, and resource).

To add another layer of importance, Uranus is stationing – apparently standing still in the sky at 6 degrees of Taurus, readying itself for a retrograde. These station moments are particularly dense with downloads. Venus helps funnel the Uranus information into a Leonine expression.

This looks like an awakening of bodily needs which leads to a deepening of passion for self, for land, for where you are.

August 7 at 3:31 AM, the Sun in Leo sees a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Sun trine Jupiter is an expansive brightness. It dissolves the need for boundary and opens the spirit to connection; to the life-giving sensation of joy. Of note, Jupiter is stationing at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, readying itself for direct motion. The Sun’s contact to Jupiter spotlights the influence of Jove’s retrograde. This is a good moment to reflect back to April 2019 and what came up then in the realm of Sagittarius. There were likely some downloads around personal narrative, the way you understand your place in the world, and the notion of what is Truth.

Now that Jupiter is nearly finished with retrograde, consider how your concepts of storytelling, personal mythology, and reality have changed or grown. For instance, there may have been shifts in the way you experience synchronicity. Perhaps you gained a new philosophical approach, or you took on a new adventure that altered your perspective.

As you note the changes, utilize the Sun’s trine to Jupiter to fertilize your spirit with comprehension. Consider it a graduation ceremony or a moment of recognition. Take time to allow your developments to fully nourish your soul.

For what it’s worth, these may not have been positive changes for you. Still, accepting what was painful heals the spirit and allows it to grow fresh. To add, we still have almost 4 months of Jupiter in Sagittarius, so anything you’d like to change or shift about this transit could be enacted at this moment.

August 7 at 1:30 PM, the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio is exact.

Remember that fresh breath of air Leo New Moon? This Scorpio lunation is when the cycle becomes noticeably involved. The Moon is now growing it’s light-body into near wholeness, and whatever was planted at that earlier new moon is now a bud coming into blossom. Imagination ripens to the point of actualization, materialization. Like wishing to see something or someone and suddenly having access to them.

In Scorpio, this moon takes the Leo energy of “is” and roots it into the evolutionary nature of emotional authenticity. If you aren’t living in your most naked, most vulnerable, most gruesome self-truth, then are you living at all? It’s all a performance if you aren’t expressing something real. This lunation poses the question, “Are you fearful of some inner thing you’ve deemed ugly?”

… I come back to that tarot card Strength. In the Rider-Waite-Smith version, there is a person in white dress and flowers-in-hair petting a lion. The impression is that it takes gentleness, love, and patience in order to access courage, strength, and power. In this image, I see the Lion as this Scorpio quarter moon — we can access the power of Scorpio’s depths only with patience, love and kindness.

Another way of thinking about it is this: something is coming up from a dark place. It definitely relates to the eclipses – of what is no longer supporting us and what we need to nourish. And as such, it can feel uncomfortable and like something we’d rather ignore. But it still exists even if you ignore it, and has a way of coming up despite our best efforts at swallowing it down.

So it is for your own benefit (and everyone around you) to acknowledge and hold and accept all of you, every scratch and bump and fearful bit (with love). When you love yourself, the world blossoms at your feet. You are able to take up space in a way that heals. This is the great gift of the Scorpio Moon; will you accept?

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August 8 at 4:27 PM, Venus in Leo sees a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Following the previous day’s practice in self-awareness and self-acceptance, Venus appropriately sends a loving ray of light to Jupiter. This is the bounty of self-love mixed with an optimistic outlook. Having faith that, even though you aren’t where you want to be, you are on your way. This is also a love of in-the-moment. The flare-up of joy and pleasure mixing together.

Jupiter-Venus is also expansive gratitude. This is the heart-opener, the loving-kindness meditation, the awakened spirit’s call for affection.

Sometimes easy aspects come and go without much fruition because they don’t require decision-making. It’s like when you walk by the most beautiful landmarks without pause. In this fast-paced world, it is encouraged to move past joy in pursuit of something better (is there anything better than joy?). You could take this Venus-Jupiter aspect as an opportunity to lovingly rebel against our capitalist influences and sink deep in the mouth-watering excellence of love and gratitude. Acceptance, allowance. Like standing in the sun after feeling so cold in the air-conditioning. Soaking up the sun.

❤ August 11 ❤

This is an electric day packed with high-vibe energy and significant shifts in focus. I tend to use the “rule of three” and find that days with at least three major planetary actions often bring important messages or themes for us to consider. In particular, August 11th promotes freedom and acceptance.

To add, with all of the changes of this day, there can be a feeling of whiplash. So much activity can leave us feeling overwhelmed, so it is important to be gentle with yourself.

at 9:37 AM, Jupiter stations direct in Sagittarius.

Jupiter’s station direct is an exciting shift towards the future. In general, positive Jupiter transits tend to heighten consciousness for bigger better downloads, awaken our higher selves, and inspire happy adventure. During Jupiter’s retrograde, these experiences are subdued. It can become more internal than external, more passive than active, and generally less outwardly productive. It’s not unlike taking a 4-month sabbatical – there is still something very meaningful and helpful about Jupiter, but it isn’t as obvious externally.

So when Jupiter stations direct, there is a home-coming quality. There is a wild energy yearning for freedom, and on the day of the station freedom is finally granted. This is a moment filled with bursts of hope and excited downloads around what has been and what is to come.

at 3:45 PM, Mercury enters Leo.

Mercury was last in Leo from June 26-July 19. Back then, we were deep in the eclipse season. Mercury was drifting slowly through the Lion’s den, living as an evening star, tired – near the end of it’s rope. Now, following the retrograde and awakening as a morning star, Mercury is bright and bushy-tailed. It joins Mars, the Sun, and Venus in Leo, creating a stellium of gold-lion planets! 🦁

Mars defends personal honor in Leo, the Sun radiates purpose in Leo, Venus self-loves in Leo… and Mercury cognates, communicates, and comprehends what all of this means. Over the last few weeks, Mercury has been re-orienting itself. Now it comes into this solar crowd with fresh eyes, ready to give language to everything it sees and feels.

Wherever Leo is in your chart, know that Mercury’s entrance into this sign draws extra attention, almost fixation into it.

at 10:26 PM, Uranus stations retrograde.

Uranus has been in station position for a while now, cruising slowly through 6 degrees of Taurus. It has been at this degree since early July and will remain at 6 degrees until late September. It hits optimal stillness from Aug 5 to Aug 19. During this period of time there is a building critical mass of potential energy. Like an overfilled balloon, the elasticity eventually gives way and rips – especially if provoked. As such, these days can feel dense with Uranian messaging – concepts around authenticity, liberation, truth, and idealism are prominent.

The retrograde moment is particularly provoking – this apparent reversal in direction can feel like an apparent reversal in lived experience. Wherever Taurus is in your chart will illuminate the area of life where this reversal or shift may occur. If it helps, I have story highlight on my instagram that identifies what area of life to consider by using your rising sign.

August 14 at 2:07 AM, Venus conjoins the Sun in Leo.

Like Mercury, Venus goes through a dance around the Sun – conjoining, separating, retrograding, conjoining again. At this point in the dance, Venus is at the peak experience in a superior conjunction to the Sun. This is like a full moon, the energy is rich. The corresponding new moon moment occurred with an inferior conjunction in Scorpio on October 26, 2018 ~ do you remember when Venus was retrograde back then?

At the time of the October inferior conjunction, something new came into our lives. Something around the way we relate to people – how we assign social value to ourselves and others, and the way we engage in meaningful connections. Since it occurred in Scorpio, there is a very witchy energy involved ~ strong emotional bonds to the environment, to body, to people.

Now, as Venus reaches a state of fullness in Leo, we consider the relationship between Leo and Scorpio. Isn’t it funny how this is mirrored by the first quarter moon on August 7? The difference is that Venus has taken the Scorpio intent of intense emotional bonding to the Leo realm of “is-ness” rather than the other way around. This means that whatever we have sought externally is truly found internally.

In a simplified context, Scorpio finds excellence through internal work, but Venus can get lost in this inner realm and seek to discover pleasure externally. If tarot is something that speaks to you – the 7 of Cups is connected with Venus in Scorpio… seeking to fix or heal or transmute the inner pain by way of external pleasures. But the virtue of Scorpio is the depth of self-healing, of going down into the internal hellscape and mining for gems of deep healing and transformation.

In Leo, Venus is all about self-love. And so this dance with Venus has brought us back to the core lesson of Scorpio – it’s all within. Loving the self deeply is the only way to truly access the evolutionary power of Scorpio. And then we come back to that tarot card I love so much this season: Strength.

“Love is an emerald.

Its brilliant light wards off dragons

On this treacherous path.”


August 15 at 8:29 AM, the Full Moon in Aquarius is exact.

As Venus falls away from the heart of the sun, the moon captures the light of these dance partners and reflects brilliantly for all. In culmination of the Leo New Moon, this full moon opens our minds with bountiful comprehensive skills. The moon isn’t typically so mental, but with the ability to see Mercury along the way to fullness, words and thoughts seem to flow more easily.

At the new moon, Mercury had just stationed, granting us some renewed mental acuity. In the first quarter moon, we sought to root the awareness in something deeper. Now in the full moon, an idea has formed and becomes a fully developed plan.

Aquarius is an architect, building and innovating new structures of reality that can hold us better than the old reality. There is some closure in this… the eclipses had demolished something, and now we are finally ready to rebuild.

The involvement of Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the full moon’s reflection adds emphasis to the personal nature of this building project. We have too long been living under the rules and expectations of some higher power or other people or popular culture. Now is the time to live in what fills our hearts with joy; this is about personal preference ~ self love ~ following your bliss. Surprisingly (or not), following personal passions is a challenge in our culture – we love to beat ourselves up and lose sight of the point (joy, soul-nourishment) when we get caught up in meeting everyone else’s needs.

True everlasting contentment starts internally and blossoms into a transformed peaceful world. (I know this idealistic, but that’s how the Aquarius Full Moon flows…)

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August 16 at 1:07 PM, Mercury in Leo sees a square to Uranus in Taurus. 4 minutes later, the Moon in Pisces sees a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.

The two planets of basic comprehension, Mercury and the moon, access Uranus in Taurus in the retrograde station. Mercury in Leo takes the information from a tense square = mental frustration can lead to greater insight. Moon in Pisces receives Uranus from a momentary, but sweet sextile. Emotions flow profoundly and somewhat abruptly.

Sensitivity is accented – psychic, emotional, physical.

When we feel sensitive, we often protect ourselves. On a basic survival level, it makes that we’d want to protect our most vulnerable parts. However, on the level of fulfillment, this is a dangerous line to walk. We certainly need to take care of our boundaries, but we also need to feel connected to the world emotionally, physically, spiritually. If we choose to hide our emotions behind a mask, are we ever able to feel seen and loved and held?

Uranus shocks us awake in this way; by utilizing the modalities of thinking (mercury) and feeling (moon), we ponder our vulnerability and are confronted with an opportunity to express or live in silence.

Brene Brown has some excellent thoughts on this matter… from her book Daring Greatly, she writes “The word persona is the Greek term for ‘stage mask.’ In my work masks and armor are perfect metaphors for how we protect ourselves from the discomfort of vulnerability. Masks make us feel safer even when they become suffocating. Armor makes us feel stronger even when we grow weary from dragging the extra weight around. The irony is that when we’re standing across from someone who is hidden or shielded by masks and armor, we feel frustrated and disconnected. That’s the paradox here: Vulnerability is the last thing I want you to see in me, but the first thing I look for in you.

In what ways can we open our hearts and minds to more authenticity and meaningful connections?

August 18 at 1:18 AM, Mars enters Virgo.

And so begins the march into Virgo. Mars leads the way, bravely pioneering ahead. From the heat of the sun into the cool library of Mercury-ruled Virgo, Mars finds many tasks to accomplish. Pursuit of knowledge, facts, and observable – measurable data points << this is what drives the red planet now.

Mars is somewhat tempered in Virgo in that it is focused rather than diffuse. Earth signs tend to have a separating quality about them, and Mars fits harmoniously in that dry environment. However, it remains very active in it’s enthusiasm for corrective action. There can be strong criticism in this placement – Virgo is always perfecting. Fixation can also come up in this place; the active need for filtering and cleansing. Sometimes over-sterilizing can lead to erasure of identity.

For better or worse, Neptune in Pisces subtly sends melty softness from across the zodiac to whatever planet visits Virgo. As soon as Mars enters the realm of mutable earth, it sees and possibly becomes distracted by the shiny glow of Neptune. This can be an opportunity for spirit to enter the active realm of perfectionism. I imagine the Tibetan monks with the exquisite sand mandalas. Acceptance of human flaw and allowing for something greater to take hold is the perfect antidote to Virgo’s eccentric love of exactness.

In the days following Mars’ entrance into Virgo, take note of the way your body feels – the way your actions are driven – the way your mind is involved in the doing-process.

August 21

at 5:06 AM, Venus enters Virgo.

Venus’ entrance into Virgo is a significant shift in the self-love energy. In Virgo, Venus can get caught up with decisions and details and labels. There is a tendency to apply to critical thinking to beauty, values, and love. In relating to others, there is more precision involved and less space for flawed behavior.

In some ways, Venus in Virgo has the greatest lesson of self-care to divulge. We must learn how to accept and love our imperfections in order to find joy in the little things. This is also a very boundaried place for Venus – Virgo can make too many routines, too many daily structures, too many to-do lists. For fun-loving Venus, having fun can become a chore – just another task on the list. But by acknowledging the value of maintenance in self-care, Venus’ ability to grow love is strengthened.

Choosing to access Virgo’s strength for processes allows Venus to develop incredibly lavish beauty routines, love-making sessions, and social gatherings. It’s about putting the mind into the process rather than controlling or perfecting beauty.

Additionally, Neptune in Pisces adds a touch of spirit into this transit, just like I mentioned earlier with Mars. The Venus-Neptune contact is extremely forgiving of flaws… possibly to the point of inaction. Allowing oneself to feel into both the critical nature of Virgo and the love&light floatiness of Neptune makes way for a more balanced Venus in Virgo.

at 6:04 AM, Mercury in Leo sees a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The last major aspect of the season is the Mercury-Jupiter trine. This is a collaborative angle which allows for the messenger planet to trade data with the sage. The two have come out of a retrograde and been through a great deal of reflection. Now they can access the lessons Sagittarius and Leo from a new perspective.

This is a learning opportunity. We get to question and clarify the experience of expansive Sagittarius in the realm of personal Leo. Downloading what it means to be of a higher mind – the willingness to cross borders in order to open and connect. The heat of solar radiance in the mental realm, uplifted by the spirit nature of Jupiter. This is a heightened concept of self; the mask is taken off and we see a real face. …or, at the very least, the opportunity to take the mask off is presented. You don’t have to reveal yourself, but it may be worthwhile.

FORECAST | Cancer Season 2019

Note: In our solar system, the Sun is the central point around which the planets orbit. From the Earth perspective, we cannot survive without sunlight; it is the light that nourishes our bodies, and the spotlight under which we act out our entire lives. Given the Sun’s importance, we’ve learned to articulate time around its trends. The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice all relate back to the felt shifts of shining brilliance the Sun shares with us in this lonely universe. And so it is from Earth’s perspective that I write these astrological forecasts in time with the Sun’s journey through the tropical zodiac.


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The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon – a luminary, not a planet, which has a special relationship to us earthlings. Our closest intergalactic friend, the one who never seems to leave our side. Over the years you’ve surely noticed the moon is the largest and brightest of all the night-sky things. It’s the one we always see, the one who dances around us, growing bigger and then smaller, collecting and reflecting the sun’s light to share with us, and then letting it go because that’s how life works. The moon is our first friend on our night-time journey into the realm of stars and planets. Our sweet moon is perceptive, reflective, intuitive, and cyclical. We can always count on the waning and waxing, the effortless flow.

So typically when the Sun enters Cancer, these lunar qualities are brightened. However, this year we lose out on the typical Cancerian luminescence. Our moon and sun are obscured as a result of the eclipses in the Cancer-Capricorn axis. As a result, we are denied our source of light, illumination, and insight. There is a sense of loss, confusion, and uncertainty that reigns over this new season. We can’t quite see what’s happening. Vitality is low, rational thinking is amiss, and feelings are running wild in the dark.

There is also a heightened sensitivity to time due to the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, and the moon, ruler of Cancer, are all about timing. Saturn as father time, death, endings, the boundary of reality, and the way we grow old. The moon as a constant cycle of gains and losses, a trusted tool in the practice of astrological timing, the one who pulls and pushes the tides of the ocean. We rely on the moon and Saturn to help us identify where we are in the present. But if we can’t access their strengths because they are blocked by the eclipses, then how can we know where we are in the time-line?

We don’t.

And that’s both the beauty and pain of this Cancer season. We untie ourselves from the gravity of time, and get lost in the exploration of non-boundaried, open-hearted confusion. This is a time rich with emotional uncovering; the faucet is on and we can’t seem to turn it off. Maybe we are in a dream reality, lost in space, untethered from our normal routines and habits. But through this deep dive, we discover something miraculous. A hidden gem of truth comes to the fore; something important is exposed and we learn from it.

Once the season ends, there will be plenty of opportunity for forward movement, focused intentional work, and productivity. Until then, let yourself float in this seemingly endless infinite river loop, take a breath in the emotional discomfort, and trust that it is better to open your eyes and witness this unusual experience. There is much nourishment that comes in the flowing stillness of emotions.


Find your rising sign below to receive a brief summary into the areas of life that will be impacted by Cancer Season. Continue to the Timeline portion to get exact dates and descriptions for the events to come.


This season has the power to awaken your pursuit of major life changes. The influence comes primarily from your career and home sectors; there appears to be questions around your commitment and what is worth your time. You get a great deal of insight from processing your inner self – the version of you that exists at home, behind closed doors. It is this hidden self that wants to re-shape career structures such that they are in support of your desires rather than simply being another cog in the machine. How does your work create meaning in your life? How does your path honor your origins? Are you moving in a direction that supports your heart’s intentions?


Cancer season emphasizes your need to express yourself more authentically. Issues seem to come up around abstract thinking; it is possible that you are looking at life from a stiffened perspective which needs to loosen up. Your sense of self is changing dramatically and your ideas about the world need to change as well. This can lead to a great deal of stress and fear around your belief systems and how they have shaped your identity up to this point. As you begin to bask in the awareness of your personal truths, the boundaried nature of your life philosophies can choke you. It is important to find safe spaces to allow thoughts to flow and expression to be wild. How can you loosen the static ideologies of your life with questions? Practice with journaling questions exclusively. See where it leads you.


This season asks you to review your beliefs about money and self-worth. Your attitudes and habits around finances can dramatically impact your sense of belonging in this world. If you can’t see the value in your investments, then how can anyone else? It seems like you have outdated blockages around emotional labor – perhaps you don’t fully recognize the meaning in the work you do or the way your support serves a larger system. Perhaps others don’t see the efforts you go to in order to make ends meet. There can be shame around not having enough to give. It starts with you and your ability to care for and see value in who you are. By focusing on your wellness and needs first, you are able to then hold space for others.


This is a heavy duty season for you. Your authentic self is coming into the forefront; the importance of self becomes extremely prominent. Relationships may suffer if others can’t hold space for you, or if you have been giving too much. There can be fear around isolation and not meeting expectations, but know that you are more than enough. You are a gift to the world, and it is your time to rise to the occasion. You hold more cards than you might think, and you have the potential to make lasting changes in pursuit of whatever it is you most desire. It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants from you, even if it feels like it does. The fact that you care so much about others’ opinions can relate to a projected self-criticism that you are too afraid to face. This is a season which builds a foundation for confidence after deconstructing any judgments or shame that you have held.


Cancer season draws light towards your self-care habits. There can be an excess of perfectionism, projects, and tasks. You may be overwhelmed with daily duties, and in much need of rest and mental release. Shame and fear comes up around wanting to keep up with everything that needs to get done. There can be control issues around identifying purpose with productivity. But does your work feed your soul? Is your current routine sustainable in the long term, or is it deadening and distracting from a deeper need that you’ve been ignoring? Consider the way habits and health are connected – the way your thoughts shape reality, and the way your emotional behavior is sending messages about your environment and circumstance.


This season is determined to draw you out of your shell. There is emphasis on the way you’ve been hiding yourself from the public light. Fear and doubt come up around revealing too much of your identity; personal judgments have stopped you from opening your heart to community and friends. You can gain so much from sharing your inner truth with the people in your networks. There is something magical about the healing and intimacy that can unfold in the light of sharing authentic expression. It’s just a matter of putting yourself out there – of willingly sharing your story in pursuit of communal connection.


The very baseline of who you are- the part of you that comes out at home, the one who is obligated to family expectation- this part of you needs to break free. It is the part of you that has never changed, the inner child. This softer, more tender, more creative version of you is being pushed into the light. Your sense of direction in life is shifting towards a more heart-centered kind of expression. In order to access that heart-centered nature, you need to release the inner you from fear of expectations that have been put your shoulders since you were little. Awaken the joy that lives in your heart, and move from a place of centered awareness. This season is crucial in your development of emotional presence, and splits apart your barriers in order to open you to your bliss. Challenges create opportunities for awakening. Allow them to re-shape you and strive for emotional depth.


Cancer season brings a storm into your consciousness. Patterns of thought that have held you back are being pulled to the surface for release. It is in the every day, the little conversations, the moments that pass in transit, en route to wherever. Everywhere you turn, doubts come up, thoughts flog you into a state of submissive uncertainty. There are barriers everywhere, and it can feel impossible to move forward. And yet, the heart begs you to continue. Optimism seems ridiculous to the overly-cynical, but there is hope here and it resides in your ability to open the mind and turn it to liquid. Water can push through a million cracks in the cement, and break through into a flowing constant state of awareness. You can’t control the conversation, but you can tap into an enlightened state of flexibility. The key is to continue pushing, continue seeking. Questions create answers. Curiosity is more successful than judgment.


This season puts a spotlight to your needs and desires. There is emphasis on the way you ask for help and the way you offer. It appears that there is undue pressure on the way you create a living for yourself – on the way you survive. It is possible that you are living in a paradigm of dog-eat-dog and feel mistrustful of others or ashamed of needing support. The lack of worthiness and deserving that comes of not wanting to ask is a result of an outdated way of life. Perhaps it served you to support yourself completely without anyone else’s help, but now things have changed and it appears that you are in need. Asking with love rather than shame is the key. It starts with dismantling judgments of self-worth and then opening to the healing bond that can be fostered between you and someone you trust. Support isn’t just financial – it can be emotional too. No person is an island; we all need help and it is important to ask.


Cancer season focuses the spotlight on the way you relate to others. There is an inherent shame pattern that exists in your psyche – an uncertainty or fear around who you are. This can move you to put walls up, pushing others away. Breaking the barriers and opening to love, connection, and intimacy sounds incredible, but is it possible if you don’t love yourself first? Why do you live with shame on your shoulders? Can you release those expectations and personal judgments in pursuit of a deeper connection to your truth and authentic self? If so, then meeting others where they are becomes easier. Self-confidence can be lifted by taking a leap of faith into vulnerability. As you learn (re-learn) how to engage with others, you are able to melt away the shame and fear that has held you back.


During Cancer season, you are asked to witness the way your habits speak to unconscious drives. Health, addictive behaviors, and work habits relate to unconscious belief patterns. There is a connection between mental health and physical health. Are you working all day long, burning out and then trying again after you’ve recovered? This can speak to a feeling of undeservingness, a lack of trust, and doubts around your ability to succeed. There can also be the swing effect in which you lean too heavily toward complete avoidance. Procrastination can relate to an inner anxiety around performance and failure. This season’s transits try to dismantle the negative thought patterns that hold you down by creating moments of crisis in consciousness. You will be given opportunities to experience this pattern in an exaggerated nature. If you see any extremely detrimental developments, consider seeking professional help. There is no shame in turning to therapy. Emotional and mental support can do wonders for your overall well-being.


This season puts the focus on what lights your fire. You may feel a sense of expectation to keep up with community efforts, to match the output of friends and colleagues. But what is the point of keeping up if it doesn’t inspire passion in your heart? Why work to match everyone else when there is something unique and divinely inspiring living inside of you? This is the season to let go of any shame or fear you have around fitting in. Instead, choose to follow your bliss. Whatever lights the passion inside of you, go towards it with unrelenting tenderness and affection.


*all times are listed in Eastern Time.

June 21 at 11:54 AM, the Sun enters Cancer.

The Sun’s entrance into Cancer brings a shift in seasons. In the northern hemisphere, we enter the brightest time of year. In the southern hemisphere, darkness takes hold. For the entire world, this is an extreme season. I am reminded of the way our eyes have to acclimate in the pitch black night, opening wider than ever and still not seeing clearly… And the way the bright summer sun seems to force our eyes closed; the flood of too much light is overwhelming. In either extreme our sight is obscured because we are at a peak experience, and the body can only handle so much. This speaks to the nature of Cancer season: emotions are high, and there is so much to feel through before you can see clearly.

June 23 at 12:44 PM, Venus in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Venus opposite Jupiter is a push-pull energy around how to experience pleasure. The dynamism of Venus in Gemini wants us to have as many individual experiences as possible. This is micro delicacies, yummy sweet nothings, and busy lusty energy for continued activity. Jupiter, on the other hand, slow from retrograde motion and bloated from wanting it all at once, is massing everything into a single huge-ness. Jove draws it all in, pulls the energy and chaos together to experience pleasure as a complete picture, the full grasp of many moments.

In the lived experience, we can find ourselves questioning what we want and then making an impulse decision to get it all. And then we may wonder, how do we enjoy it? All at once or one bite at a time? With the background energy of eclipses looming, there is a heavy desire for indulgence and escapism, and this Venus-Jupiter opposition can create a big rush towards it. It may relate to food, drink, socializing, romanticizing, and anything else we do to get our minds off a topic, to dissociate from an experience in pursuit of something that feels better.

A way to take this energy deeper* is to bring an open-minded curiosity into the experience of pleasure. Try this: question every desire you have, sit with the feelings that come up, and jot down or discuss what you are learning about yourself. You may be surprised by what is hidden in the psyche, and how that translates to pleasure.

* By the way, there is no judgment if you don’t to take a deep-dive. Living on the surface is often a necessary step in the process of integrating the deeper realizations we pick up during more intense periods of life, like the one we are in now.

June 24 at 5:58 AM, Venus in Gemini sees a square to Neptune in Pisces.

Venus-Neptune contacts can lead to deep desire of perfection. In truth, perfection can only exist on the most simplistic level, something much less complex than the life we live now. This can create a yearning for dissociation not unlike the earlier Venus-Jupiter opposition. Neptune can soften the harsh edges of life, but beware that you don’t lose touch of reality.

This transit becomes a lesson in the tension of wanting better circumstances immediately and facing the reality that you can’t instantly transform a situation. In order for improvements to be made, you have to face and identify what is causing problems in the first place.

June 25 at 5:46 AM, the Final Quarter Moon is exact in Aries.

As the Gemini lunar cycle comes to a close in Aries, the moon becomes distorted in the bends of the nodal axis. We get a brief preview into the dynamics of the Cancer-Capricorn time-warp, and wrap up the leftover loose ends of Gemini season.

The Aries nature of this waning quarter moon wants to be a new moon; it wants everything to be over and to start fresh right now. The fact that it last touched the Capricorn south node is an added emphasis on the desire for accomplishment, pushing forward, and taking responsibility. But the reality of this waning moon is that it needs to make adjustments for more internal reflection.

This is a warrior moon, wishing to push forward despite exhaustion. It is confused and distorted in its square to the nodal axis, and can’t quite get settled or comfortable in the fact that something is ending. You might ask yourself, where in my life are things wrapping up? What can I do to release my grip on that which is already ending?

With this moon, there is great power in the release process. The upcoming lunar cycle will begin the eclipse season, and though it will lead us into uncertainty, we can at least do ourselves the service of making way for these big moments to come through. Wrap up the loose ends, and finalize the work; in this way we start fresh, creating a blank canvas for whatever is coming.

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June 26 at 8:19 PM, Mercury enters Leo.

Mercury, who is getting ready for retrograde, takes a slow step into Leo, and we bask in the brightness of new expression. Leo is our fixed fire sign, the one who speaks from the heart of self. From the hearth of inner radiance, Mercury shares the information of authenticity. It is not just the words we use, but the entire act of expression that comes into the spotlight. There is a need to perform ourselves, to be. And it is through this language of the body as well as the body of the language we use that comes into the forefront of the cognitive experience. Actions speak louder than words. The fullness of the way we share ourselves and the way we express ourselves to others becomes much more noticeable now.

It is in this placement that Mercury stations and turns retrograde. Remember, actions speak louder than words. What you do and say and commit to now will come up again later.

June 27 at 1:45 PM, the Sun in Cancer sees a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.

Sun-Uranus aspects can illuminate an urge for more authenticity. There is a dissociated quality here, a need to step away from what is and move towards what will be. Change, rebellion, and reversals can come up as solutions to anything that makes us feel stuck. However, in Cancer and Taurus, there is a natural desire to go inward and observe/reflect on the current environment.

This combination of energy can translate into sudden insights or revelations made in the internal landscape. The future and how it is imagined may become dramatically different as a result of new information learned or the culmination of facts gathered. This is an emotional and felt experience – not so much mental. Intuition is heightened, the emotional body is brighter, and flashes of change hit us physically rather than cognitively.

I wouldn’t typically pay so much attention to this transit, but with the moon in Taurus on this day and the Sun’s proximity to the north node, there seems to be an added focus on Uranus’ impact.

July 1 at 7:19 PM, Mars enters Leo.

Mars is the red warrior who seeks to cut and dismantle anything that gets in the way of its mission. In Leo, the mission is to spotlight identity and purpose. There is a need to see and be seen, and anything that blocks this solar focus will be torn apart with a martial intensity. Mars’ fire does feel at home in Leo’s heat, but can get a little defensive in the fixed quality. This can speak to intentional separation or isolation as a result of feeling misunderstood or experiencing a blow to the ego. Mars in Leo is ultra fixated on clearing space for authenticity to shine, but this can create discord if there are disagreements or misunderstandings (which there always are).

To add, because of the Sun’s position in Cancer and its distortion in the moon’s north node, there is an inherent misunderstanding in Mars’ perceived orders. In essence, identity and purpose is in the process of changing, and there is no way for Mars to know. This can lead to a defense of old ideas and past behaviors which were a part of an old paradigm but no longer relate to the present situation or what is unfolding.

In short, until the Sun enters Leo on July 21st, Mars is confused and its resultant actions and impulses are not necessarily in alignment with truth. This is something to keep in mind as the stress of the eclipses weighs on us; even if we could act or have the opportunity to physically engage in something, we still don’t know what the core purpose is. This is a blinded warrior energy, and can lead to defense for defense’s sake.

Suggested activities for this martial confusion include: conscious eating, expression via crafts, moderate exercise, and performance (karaoke, improv, stand-up, drama therapy, etc).

July 2 at 3:16 PM, a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer is exact.

A solar eclipse is when the moon completely covers the sun – there is complete darkness, day becomes night, and the world seems to be tipped upside down for a moment. If you have ever witnessed a total solar eclipse, you’ll know how eerie it feels. This translates to the significations of the solar eclipse in astrology: there is an unnatural shift in energy beyond what we can perceive as normal, and it captures something about our lives and changes it forever.

This particular eclipse occurs in Cancer and is opposed by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Not all eclipses are quite so heavy as this one, and that is because of the Saturn-Pluto element. These heavyweight planets draw gravity and depth into the experience; they represent the boundaries of life, namely death. They also correlate with extreme reactions to fear and uncertainty – the last thing Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn wants is unknowns, so it’ll do anything ensure control and comfort of knowledge. So this eclipse in Cancer isn’t just about changing our futures, but also about releasing long-held past fears.

Cancer is often depicted as a nurturing introverted sign. This is because it is correlated with source energy – the womb, the well, the origin. There is a pregnant and fertile quality to Cancer, as if it is always carrying something deep within it – a seed ready to be planted. But what is a seed besides a huge unknown? We wonder about the mystery of where life begins, we wait while the water boils, and there can be impatience or urgency because we want to know now. But the virtue of Cancer is that all things go through a process of maturation – like the piece of dirt trapped in an oyster shell which over time becomes a beautiful pearl.

This is not a comfortable eclipse; most of them aren’t, and this one especially isn’t. It draws on the fear we have of darkness and the fertility of the dark night of the soul. There is something magical and mysterious that happens in the cocoon of a butterfly, but really it is extremely painful and quite messy. That’s what our solar eclipse is offering us in the Cancer area of life – a metamorphosis, a brand new start, clearing the records and beginning fresh.

On the day of the eclipse, vitality and emotions are distorted. It’s hard to say what will come of the eclipse… this is the beauty of this particular Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle: we are asked to let go of knowns and venture into the ego-death process of not knowing.

Of note, the rest of the month will carry this limbo-uncertain feeling. Better to flow with it than to try and control what is already naturally flowing. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean something isn’t happening.

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July 3 at 11:18 AM, Venus enters Cancer.

Venus, the planet of desire and connection, loves immersing itself in the mystique of Cancer’s glow. There is a certain romance that comes out of this placement – intimacy, closeness, being held – it is sweet and innocent in some ways. The depth of feelings that can grow under this alignment is quite moving and elicits the kind of atmosphere found in fairy tale romances. The mystery and fertility of Cancer is what gives Venus this extra oomph: it is a special kind of pleasure that comes from just enough, not too much.

Unfortunately, much of this sweetness is lost on us as the eclipsed lunar cycle disrupts Venus’ visit. There can be excess Venus coming into the fold, a great lust for the sweet things in life. This can also display as misinterpreted social interactions, like a heightened sensitivity to the way people are engaging with you and you with them. Our feelings are overloaded, the eros nature in our lives is more felt than normal.

What Venus wants most of all is connection, but at what cost? The astrology of this season is powerful and decisions made now can have long term effects beyond what is imagined, for better or worse. As such, it is wise to pause and reflect on any unusually intense venusian desires that spring up within you.

To get the most out of Venus in Cancer, make space for the unknown to be unknown; if something is truly growing, it’ll still be there after the eclipse season is over.

July 4 at 3:28 AM, Saturn conjoins the South Node in Capricorn.

Saturn and the South Node actually conjoined each other at the end of April, and will conjoin each other again at the end of September. During the April conjunction, Saturn had just stationed retrograde. And during the September conjunction, Saturn will have just stationed direct. This is suggestive of a larger significance around Saturn’s involvement with the South Node. That there isn’t just one release opportunity, but three of them, speaks to a broader sense of karmic dissolve occurring under Saturn’s sphere.

Saturn is a planet of materialism, reality, and 3-dimensional structures. It is the last planet we can see with the naked eye, and is often correlated with the end of things – the bounds of existence. In the lived experience, Saturn often represents our responsibilities as well as those areas of life that are manifested through conscientious continuous work. Sometimes Saturn is considered a karmic planet, related to the power of continuing down a tried and true path – I’ve always done it this way, why shouldn’t I continue?

The South Node is a point in the ecliptic where the Moon intersects and then moves southward. The phenomena of the south node is visible in so much as the disappearance of a planet or luminary when they are in alignment with it. Basically, it is a point of visible distortion. The conjunction of a planet to this point marks a felt disruption around what that planet represents for us. The South Node, in particular, represents a mutation towards release, spirituality, and loss. There is something immaterial here; a feeling of holiness or excessive need for cleanliness.

In Capricorn, a couple days after the eclipse in Cancer, this conjunction between Saturn and the South Node can feel like a moment of judgment. What responsibilities and paths have you taken? Where have they led you, and are you burdened by them? What can you release at this time that will reduce the real-life impacts of Saturn in Capricorn? What can you let go of that reduces your responsibilities? What can you clean up in your life so that you are more available for responsibilities that actually hold deep soulful meaning for you?

July 7 at 7:14 PM, Mercury stations retrograde in Leo.

At this point, Mercury has been moving so slowly through Leo that many of the retrograde effects have begun. The moment that Mercury actually makes the apparent turn backwards is like a breath of relief after holding it in for so long. Oftentimes the days leading up can carry some extra tension. Did you take note of what came up? If not, try to do so now. As the retrograde moment occurs, we get to re-trace our steps slowly and methodically. Later, Mercury will start to pick up some speed and the backward motion will feel natural … like falling asleep, you hardly notice the soft drift into unconsciousness. It isn’t until the end of the retrograde that Mercury slows down again and builds tension once more. At this point in the cycle, on this day of the shifted direction, stillness and reflection are supported. Just like laying in bed and letting thoughts float around, focusing on the breath, and allowing.

As stated earlier, Mercury in Leo puts emphasis on the way we back-up our talk with action. So this retrograde is all about follow-through and commitment, as well as inner truth. Oftentimes it is through the trials of commitment that we become aware of our authenticity, integrity, and sense of self. If we feel we cannot follow-through with what we had said earlier, what does that mean about who we are?

A quote that I recently heard in a lecture by Lynn Bell stands out to me:

“Jung said that to be in a situation where there is no way out or to be in a conflict where there is no solution is the classical beginning of the process of individuation. It is meant to be a situation without solution; the unconscious wants the hopeless conflict in order to put ego consciousness up against the wall, so that the man has to realize that whatever he does is wrong, whichever way he decides will be wrong. This is meant to knock out the superiority of the ego, which always acts from the illusion that it has the responsibility of decision. . . If he is ethical enough to suffer to the core of his personality, then generally, because of the insolubility of the conscious situation, the Self manifests. In religious language you could say that the situation without issue is meant to force the man to rely on an act of God.” – Marie-Louise von Franz, The Interpretation of Fairy Tales

Amidst all of the uncertainty and sensitivity of this season, we will be faced with opportunities to really see our past behaviors and decisions in a new light. The tangled shifts of eclipses and mercury retrograde create the perfect storm to strip us of those old commitments. Even though this sounds like a positive change, it can feel disastrous if we’ve tied our egos to the decisions. And with Mercury in Leo, that is often what happens – ego is expressed. So when confronted with a change of heart – what will you do? Will you open to the changes unfolding, as uncertain as they may be? Or will you cling to the past which is already lost and dead?

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July 8

This is a highly charged day:

at 11:31 AM, Venus in Cancer sees a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.

As the ruler of Taurus, Venus looks on Uranus, there is chemistry. The electricity of Uranus in Taurus, the nerves, the heightened senses become more meaningful as Venus in Cancer applies emotional depth to the already elevated five senses. Desire and pleasure are able to reach new heights because feelings awaken a soulful urge to become intimate. And it isn’t just sensuality in the body, but also in the higher mind – the desire for soul connections. If there is any part of you that feels unseen or unloved, this aspect can awaken that inner motivation for belonging. Venus in Cancer with the North Node can feel ultra sensitive and even desperate. Giving desperation to the revolutionary attitude of Uranus can elicit sudden advances towards the object of our desires.

There is potential to behave in a way that is out of ordinary. We may commit wholeheartedly to a new approach without realizing the cost. There is a lot of hunger in this transit, and it can feel like a high stakes situation.

at 6:27 PM, retrograde Mercury conjoins Mars in Leo.

In parallel to the Venus-Uranus awakening, Mars and Mercury conjoin in Leo. This adds an inflamed desire to express self into the situation. Mercury is still stationary after the initial turn to retrograde motion; still living in a state of reflection, in the process of falling into a new layer of consciousness. Mars’ overactive drive barrels forward and disrupts Mercury’s stale energy. There is something itchy about this pairing – a desire to act, and not knowing how. Wanting to speak, but not knowing what to say.

Mars-Mercury can see Uranus from their position, but only Mars will move forward to an exact aspect. Mercury still needs to process the recent events and return to Cancer for clarification. As such, there is a force of will upon the mental processes – a stubbornness to execute a plan without a plan. Mixing this impatience with the Venus-Uranus lust, we may lose our heads for a moment.

Even if it is just a moment, it will not be forgotten. The landscape of the season is too impressionable, and everything that occurs under these skies will be incorporated in the long term. That being said, you shouldn’t stop living life just because the effects are longer lasting than usual. However, you should also take care to realize the big-ness of it all… recognize that your actions will have a much larger ripple than you can imagine, so make decisions that are truly in alignment with your highest and best good. No need to rush, even if the energy is feeling rushed. You still have the option to pause and reflect and breathe deeply.

July 9 at 6:54 AM, the First Quarter Moon is exact in Libra.

The first quarter moon is often a benchmark in the beginning stages of the moon’s waxing cycle. The moon sees a square to the sun, and that tense aspect between the luminaries is beautifully displayed across the moon’s face. It is the half moon, a halfway mark between complete invisibility and total visibility – emptiness and fullness. This is a brightening moment in the cycle of the moon, building on extroversion, exploration, and engagement with the world and others. We begin to see signs of growth and development, the smile is just beginning to bloom on the face.

In this particular cycle, the moon is obscured at the bends of the nodal axis, in between eclipses. Luna’s growing body is ghostly and unusual at this time, and there is added emphasis on what can’t be seen. We wonder about what came before, and what is still to come. This is not an opportunity for presence and celebrated growth because we can’t even see what is growing yet. Rather this is an uncomfortable moment of deja-vu. All we can do here is consider where we last were, which was with the North Node in Cancer.

Cancer and the moon are often related to memories. When either of the nodes are in Cancer, there is a heightened awareness of archetypal expression. Dreams and past lives and the energy patterns that exist within and around us are so much more evident. They are easier to access. And in accessing it there can be fear because it seems so obscure and where is this information coming from? Am I reaching too far out of this real world? … It is as if we can touch some kind of Source energy… and if we can, then what does that mean about everything you’ve been feeling and seeing?

As this Libra moon ponders the mystery of Cancer and worries about the material losses to come in Capricorn, we may lose access to our ability to experience a social life. Libra is often correlated with social expression, soulmates, and social pleasures…. getting lost in deep thought, or even feeling unable to fully comprehend what is happening in your life can make extroversion feel uncomfortably superficial. We want to go deeper than this, and the half-here half-there Libra moon won’t let us.

at 1:07 PM, the Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn.

As the moon gets caught up in the destabilizing eclipse cycle, the Sun opposes Saturn and then conjoins the North Node late night. In essence, both luminaries are thrown off their usual routine, and so are we.

Sun-Saturn oppositions are typically related to loss of vitality, fatigue, depression, and weariness of self vs responsibility. The tug-of-war between who I am and who I should be is brought to the top layer of consciousness. With the nodal axis involved, and the unfolding eclipse cycle as a result, the Sun is unusually determined to live in authenticity. There is an angst against Saturn’s should’s and must-do’s. This type of tension is the result of having to decide – being forced to prioritize, to choose one area over another. Ugh, it is heavy on our shoulders: the things we feel obligated to do, the reality structures of time and capitalism, what can we do to break free? And what is freedom, but an authentic process of self-discovery? With the Sun on the North Node, we are hungry hungry hungry for The Self to make way and break the chains of oppression.

Herein lies a core element of the eclipse season, Cancer season, and Mercury retrograde. What element of our Selfhood have we been shutting down? What area of life do we hold to an impossible standard? What chains are there that can be broken? What boundaries can be destroyed? What contracts can be ripped up? And if we do choose to separate from these toxic past behaviors, what new path unfolds ahead of us? Are we brave enough to take a step forward into an unknown invisible territory? Is it bravery that we need? Or tenderness?

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July 11 at 00:31 AM, the Sun in Cancer sees a trine to Neptune in Pisces.

The Sun can represent ego and personality as well as vitality. In Cancer, the emotional body is given focus and the way we feel impacts our solar nature. In the trine to Neptune, personality becomes diffuse with emotional fog. This underscores the discord of the eclipse’s emotional disruption. It also has the potential of elevating the experience to a heightened spiritual manifestation. How it plays out will depend on personal inclinations. Projections and fantasies are equally possible.

July 11 at 2:00 PM, Mars in Leo sees a square to Uranus in Taurus.

Mars-Uranus aspects can put us in a state of electric motivation. We receive insights from the Taurus area of life, which may come as a complete shock to the way we have been expressing ourselves. There is an inherent discontent at play – a need to generate a better approach. We can feel a sense of overwhelm at the suddenness of Uranus, and Mars tends to express such overwhelm through acting on impulse, cutting through barriers, and defensiveness. This square pattern is a bit like car crash in slow motion – Uranus is unpredictable and may jolt the already overheated Mars into a state of irrational engagement.

The Taurus-Leo flavor of this aspect relates to the environment and the self. What information about identity is coming through the five senses, the material world? And what is it about the external reality that shapes who we are? Is identity a static inner fire, or is it always shifting to meet the environmental needs? Mars opts to defend the static identity while Uranus creates an uncomfortable quake. Flexibility is a concern. Sometimes taking a moment to review the unfolding events can lead to better results, but is the situation demanding a quickened response time?

It is important to note that no matter what, the circumstances will feel tense. Resolution may not be possible, and the potential of failure or loss is likely. This can hit the ego pretty hard. When we accept that failure is part of the journey, we feel more at ease with the lessons of change. Attitude plays a big role in this aspect.

July 14 at 10:51 AM, the Sun in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn.

Sun opposite Pluto is a critical element of discomfort during this season. Oppositions create two opportunities in a single moment of decision-making. A fork in the road appears. This often results in an internal bind: feeling confronted by choice can leave us trapped in our own minds. With Pluto’s involvement shame and fear play a major role. We worry about not meeting expectations; we fear failure like it is death. And on the other side, the Sun is caught in the emotional bigness of the Cancer North Node; there is a longing for freedom of expression and tenderness. We can get lost between wanting to control ourselves and wanting to release our truths.

Don’t underestimate your desire for control and power. We all have within us a need to feel connected and purposeful. We want life to have meaning, and sometimes the oppression of expectations can feel like purpose. Real power and purpose come from emotional presence which leads to personal authority. We are able to make more heartfelt, more meaningful decisions in our lives when we choose to take care of ourselves.

Pluto enjoys making things feel complex and impossible; it feeds off of fear and limitations. The internal experience of Pluto-Sun opposition can create an egoic death cycle which often is quite painful. Losing a sense of identity – a purposeful expression – can feel like loss because a part of you is dying. However, the awareness that you can choose to move forward in the ego-death or you can choose to live in the shackles of your fears is inherently an awareness of power. There are many ways to live your life, there are options to choose from. Are you willingly suffering because it makes you feel more important and meaningful; does it give you a sense of control? Or are you making meaning out of your life and pursuing what matters most to you, releasing the pain of the past as you move forward?

July 16 at 5:38 PM, the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is exact.

This Lunar Eclipse is complex.

It would be the moment of fullness, a moment when we get to see the full breadth and scope of our lunar cycle – the climax of energy, the crest of a wave. Instead the moon is partially darkened, and insights are released into the ether of eclipsed light.

At this point, the moon has traveled an active journey through Capricorn, first opposing Venus, then conjoining Saturn, then contacting the South Node, seeing a sextile to Neptune, and then a conjunction to Pluto as it approaches the exact opposition to the Sun. There is a lot of planetary involvement in this eclipse, lots of opinions and feelings meeting the glassy moon as it steps into the void of the South Node. And so do we receive influence after influence as our instinct loses touch with the body.

This can create an abstraction or dissociation from the present. It can feel a bit like tapping into an unresolved fear projection, and receiving a little too much stimulation around what should be done. The fact that this eclipse builds on so much passive zodiacal expression (Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces are activated) suggests also that we are receiving a deluge of information. I imagine a waterfall of emotional data – lots of feelings and the pressure to receive it all. But like the moon which disappears under this configuration, we have no way of holding the data. As such, it releases into the environment around us.

This is charged eclipse that can create new expressions of reality based on emotional interpretations. Sometimes we feel things in the heat of the moment and there can be a sense of finality or urgency. We can lose sight of the fact that how we feel is not necessarily the truth. We can only perceive from one perspective (our own) and oftentimes our angle is not able to see the full scope of the situation.

The release that comes from an inability to hold is not unlike an overflowing dam. A bridge that breaks. A vase that was too porous. Boundaries and strength are at play, and the point is not to get swept away in what is lost or released. The point is to see that a structure is no longer viable in our lives, and that we either need to repair it or demolish it entirely.

Oftentimes eclipses can take a few weeks to fully process, and this is true of the current Lunar Eclipse: there is more than meets the eye. It is beyond the structure that has broken – beyond the disaster which caused the breakdown – beyond the question of repair or demolish. There is a core issue at play, and it is still coming to light. We need to be patient in this moment.

I write of disasters for this eclipse, but for many of us it won’t show up in a disastrous kind of way. Most of us will feel the heaviness of something looming, and then the recognition that a part of our lives is disjointed or out of shape. We will realize that there is something about our current reality structures that cannot support us any longer.

July 17 at 1:33 AM, Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn.

As the Lunar Eclipse takes center stage, it is easy to lose sight of the Venus-Saturn opposition reaching climax only 6 hours later. Venus opposite Saturn can relate to feelings of unworthiness, and this gets exaggerated as they both access the nodal axis. Saturn on the South Node is relieving itself of any unnecessary responsibilities, and Venus is opening the heart in pursuit of more intimate connections. This can create a tension between the desire for connection and the desire for space.

Saturn demands structure, authority, and labor. Venus is pulling for love, connection, and depth of feeling. In this opposition we may feel at odds around how to control intimacy – how can I force a person to love me? How can I make more structure for love in my reality? But real love, real intimacy comes from organic development, a seed planted and grown with time and tenderness.

As Venus opposes Saturn and then touches the North Node, we receive an expanded awareness of the potential for love that grows with time. Impatience and uncertainty, fear of not-measuring-up can dissuade us from the satisfaction that we desire. Knowing that this occurs under the lost light of the Lunar Eclipse, there is an element of barriers at play. Perhaps we feel that our current barriers and walls – the way we are holding ourselves up – isn’t going to cut it when it comes to creating an atmosphere of connection.

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July 18 at 2:02 PM, Venus in Cancer sees a trine to Neptune in Pisces.

Venus mirrors the moon’s journey leading up to the Lunar eclipse by contacting every planet that was involved. However, unlike the moon which was losing its body and groundedness, Venus is exaggerated in embodiment and overflowing with real-life moments.

Feelings are pouring in with less rush, but still a lot of significance as they manifest more physically. The trine to Neptune washes away some of the challenges that Saturn created, and lightens the reality we’ve been living in. Our hearts are softened and we can feel a sense of release. We want meaning, we want intimacy, we want to be held; and now this feels good rather than uncertain or scary. That doesn’t mean fear is gone, but that we may have dissociated from the experience of fear. This can show up as drinking, indulging, and escapism.

Sometimes we need to take time off from our feelings, and that’s what Neptune offers us right now. That said, try to remember that methods of fleeting gratification are creating more distance than close-ness. It is definitely different from the austere separation of Saturn, the bounded energy, in that this is a much freer, more elegant expression of distance. But still, it is distancing.

July 19 at 3:06 AM, retrograde Mercury re-enters Cancer.

Mercury’s retrograde entrance into Cancer is where the bulk of the retrograde’s lessons exist.

Each Mercury retrograde cycle is a refresher for our consciousness. It is like taking your mind out and throwing it in the wash for a quick cycle. This affords you the opportunity to take a break from all that has filled your awareness, to process and re-orient yourself. It can relate to disorder and misunderstandings, yes, but more importantly it is about washing out the disorder which was already present and unnoticed. It is about wringing the mind of excess, and letting yourself breathe in the stillness of review.

At this point in the cycle, Mercury is nearly clean and we are getting ready to pull our minds out of the wash to dry. The energy is of forgiveness, release, and renewal. We get to return to the instinctual nature of emotional expression, and we worry less about how our feelings relate to our authenticity and identity. It is a time to begin comprehending all that has happened during Cancer season. Like a door opening into the light, our eyes begin adjust after living in a state of darkness.

Clarity is coming.

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July 21

The last day of Cancer season delivers us into the beginnings of light and awareness. It is like the Sun rising. Before it has reached the horizon line, the birds chirp and the light creeps up. We are able to distinguish the shadows, and we begin to gain clarity.

at 4:32 AM, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

Venus-Pluto is the fear involved in deep pleasure. There is a wildness to this placement, the pursuit of passion above all else, and yet the longing to be well-liked. The instinct to run doggedly towards what is desired can be shamed into stillness. Pluto attracts our fears, brings us into a raw feeling of tortured awareness. It can feel complex and dark. I imagine the transformation of the wolverine – a need to hide the truth of self under the darkness of a dissociated identity. Projection can come up if we can’t see how our fears are creating this tension in us.

at 8:33 AM, retrograde Mercury conjoins the Sun in Cancer.

Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun is clarity in the retrograde. It is the moment we get a wide-angle view of the last few weeks, and the moment in which we make a shift towards something new. We take what has been learned and apply it to our thought-processes. We begin to live in a new light, in a new modality.

In Cancer, this speaks to new depths of emotional expression. We’ve learned so much about needs and wants as well as our blocks and fears. Is it possible to sit with all of these feelings and make wiser choices? There is potential to learn emotional presence in this transit. You have to be willing to do the work – to sit with yourself and your flowing feels – to observe non-judgmentally your process and then to respond with agency and a sense of responsibility.

This is the mind and the heart in unison.

the Moon drifts through Pisces.

I don’t normally mention the placement of the moon, but on this day it seems important. Two major aspects occur in Cancer, and the ruler is able to see both aspects from a sweet angle. This creates a feeling of completion and total reception. We are able to comprehend the day in a way that goes beyond cognition and into the heart. The Pisces Moon holds space for us to reflect and comprehend all that has happened as the Sun moves through the final degrees of Cancer and enters Leo.

Forecast | Gemini Season 2019

Note: In our solar system, the Sun is the central point around which the planets orbit. From the Earth perspective, we cannot survive without sunlight; it is the light that nourishes our bodies, and the spotlight under which we act out our entire lives. Given the Sun’s importance, we’ve learned to articulate time around its trends. The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice all relate back to the felt shifts of shining brilliance the Sun shares with us in this lonely universe. And so it is from Earth’s perspective that I write these astrological forecasts in time with the Sun’s journey through the tropical zodiac.


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The energy of this Gemini season is focused on possibly the most Gemini trait: communication. Also, discourse, language, exchange, understanding, and commerce. As the mutable air sign of the zodiac, Gemini has an innately playful flitty nature – buzzing from moment to moment, place to place, idea to idea. It collects and then immediately distributes the information as it moves along. Sometimes this can come up in the form of gossip, lies, secrets, and manipulation. Other times this buzzy energy can electrify a conversation with flow, comprehension, and downloads.

No matter how you characterize Gemini, there is an innate lightness about its airy nature. It never seems like there is much beyond the surface of Gemini, but wow would you be surprised! Opening the Gemini’s inner landscape can reveal a multi-layered capacity for understanding, intuiting, and distribution of data. Gemini is just too fast to be heavy, too multi-task-oriented to stop and live in the depth of a moment. And that is exactly what we need right now.

The latest astro weather has been heavy, emotional, and overwhelming. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had to process a huge pile of toxic past behaviors, you’ve probably felt it in the environment, seen it on the news, or listened to loved ones share their grievances. But fortunately, Gemini helps lighten the heavy load and gets us to a place of comprehension. The fast paced mercurial trickster vibes of Gemini are working in our favor this season – quickening our mental capacities, opening our lines of communication, and connecting us to language so we don’t feel so blah.

This year’s Gemini season is like a calm before the larger storm of activity occurring in the following seasons of 2019. You can see the darkening skies, the heavy heavens, and yet there is a peace and sense of knowing before it all pours over you. This upcoming intensity is largely focused on the energetic realms, the way we feel, the way we behave. It isn’t so language oriented and that can cause misunderstandings and a sense of loss. Without language to speak our realities, we don’t have a story to connect to. So, use this Gemini season to gain comprehension, understanding, and awareness – use language to speak your story and release your truth so it isn’t weighing you down.

For a more in-depth forecast, find your rising sign below, and discover what area of life will be activated by the Sun’s movement through Gemini. Once you’ve learned the area of life that is involved, continue to scroll down to the Timeline portion to identify the dates and times of influential transits – keep an eye on transits related to the Sun.

ARIES – 3rd house topics, to include:

  • Transit and transitions;

  • Daily rituals;

  • Neighbors;

  • Siblings;

  • Communication.

TAURUS – 2nd house topics, to include:

  • Finances;

  • Self-worth;

  • Values;

  • Material resources;

GEMINI – 1st house topics, to include:

  • Who you are;

  • Personality;

  • General health and well-being;

  • Personal drive and general life direction.

CANCER – 12th house topics, to include:

  • Unconscious secrets and blocks;

  • The things you would write in a private diary;

  • Solo pursuits of understanding;

  • Meditation.

LEO – 11th house topics, to include:

  • Friends and community;

  • Network of people who help you;

  • The way you influence people and the way they influence you;

  • Sharing your truth.

VIRGO – 10th house topics, to include:

  • Public standing;

  • Responsibilities earned in pursuit of goals;

  • Career;

  • Developments at work.

LIBRA – 9th house topics, to include:

  • Your public engagement;

  • The way your unconscious motives impact your journey;

  • Studying topics that really intrigue you;

  • General life philosophy.

SCORPIO – 8th house topics, to include:

  • Intimate relationships;

  • The way you collaborate and share energy with others;

  • Your boundaries;

  • The qualities you desire in your life.

SAGITTARIUS – 7th house topics, to include:

  • Partnerships, romantic or otherwise;

  • Legal affiliations;

  • Who you are when you are with others;

  • The kind of people you attract.

CAPRICORN – 6th house topics, to include:

  • Health regimen;

  • Self-care;

  • The way you care for others;

  • Tasks, lists, to-do’s.

AQUARIUS – 5th house topics, to include:

  • Flirtation;

  • Creativity;

  • Your authentic self-expression;

  • Children and child-like attitudes.

PISCES – 4th house topics, to include:

  • Your ancestry, heritage, and past;

  • The way things were and how that is shaping your present;

  • Your concept of others and the world around you;

  • The things you do at home.


*all times are listed in Eastern Time.

May 21 at 3:59 AM, the Sun enters Gemini. Then at 6:51 AM, Mercury enters Gemini. Then at 9:06 AM, Mercury conjoins the Sun in Gemini.

The Sun enters Gemini with the ruler of Gemini (Mercury) immediately following. Right away, we enter a bright fast-paced experience known as Gemini season! And when Mercury conjoins the Sun, it enters a spotlight, it becomes momentarily brighter, bigger, and better. This is sometimes referenced as cazimi which is literally translated to “in the heart.“ This moment of heart-opening mercurial brilliance is an opportunity of awareness. It is a moment of grand insight, expanded consciousness, and an awakening of mental acuity.

Even though this bright moment of cazimi only lasts for a few hours, you can utilize its potential like you would with a full moon. It is a moment of culmination, heightened activity, and insights.

May 22 at 10:46 AM, Mars in Cancer sees a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.

The Mars-Uranus sextile is a passing experience of tension. While Mars and Uranus are both catalyzing planets, they are working through the receptive natures of Cancer and Taurus. This can create a gentleness or a pause in expression of energy, but the energy is still potent. After a while, the dormant energy can burst through out of a need for expression. It isn’t quite tense, but it isn’t exactly harmonious either. Random outbursts can come up and fall away as if nothing happened. While this isn’t the best time for a heart-to-heart, the vibration of this aspect can still be productive. If you lean into it, you get the opportunity to see how the excitement of stress can motivate you or push you towards an unrecognized truth or feeling. By becoming aware of feelings that have been buried, you are able to gain consciousness and choice over how to respond.

May 26 at 12:33 PM, the Final Quarter Moon is exact in Pisces.

The final quarter of every lunar cycle is a transition into total darkness. Energy wanes as the light of the moon wanes, and we become insular. The tension of the square, which is the geometric angle that the Sun and Moon make in this phase, offers a crisis of consciousness so that we can become aware of where we are in our personal cycles. With Sun in Gemini and Moon in Pisces, the energy is diffuse, naturally oriented towards finishing tasks in preparation of new beginnings. There can also be an element of detail awareness – suddenly it is extremely obvious all of those little details which have added up to the present moment. What details still need to be dealt with? What can be let go?

Pisces moons are always infused with a sensitivity that can be so sweet, so melancholic. Sometimes it is hard to know if you want to cry or laugh, drift through your favorite poetry or just lay in bed. It is an extremely artful and emotionally accessible moon. So as this moon officially becomes more dark than light, its tour through Pisces helps usher us out of the extroversion of fullness and into the subtler, more sensitive energy of introversion.

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May 29 at 9:22 PM, Mercury in Gemini sees a square to Neptune in Pisces.

Whenever Mercury interacts with Neptune, it is like a mini retrograde moment. Neptune is an unspeakable, unfathomable hugeness. It is slow, foggy, and easy to get lost in. As Mercury aspects Neptune, the natural mental quickness seems to fade a bit. This plays into the tired energy of the dark moon, forcing us to take pause. Though it is a passing transit, there is still opportunity to get caught in this drifty vibe. If you do, it is best used for artful expression – perfect for reflective journaling, poetry, and communicating with the unseen worlds.

May 30 at 12:49 PM, Venus in Taurus sees a sextile to Neptune in Pisces.

Venus-Neptune energy is big love energy. As a transit, this can speak to emotional openness, social connection, and a lessened feeling of shame. There are a lot of positive vibrations coming off this pair, and in that can be a touch of fantasy or illusion. Sometimes we feel so good that everything in the world looks good, too. This is a rose-colored glasses transit, and it can be wonderful if used appropriately. Softening the harsh edges of truth can help us walk through our day with more kindness and compassion. In doing this, we can connect with others in ways we may not normally. That said, this isn’t a day to make important decisions – Neptune, as suggested earlier, is a planet of vastness so it isn’t possible to see everything at play. Let this day be a feel-good day, nothing more.

May 30 at 11:11 PM, Mercury in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Mercury-Jupiter aspects are a lot of cognition, intuition, and sharing ideas. In the opposition, their relationship is tense and unavoidable. We see this in their sign axis; Gemini and Sagittarius are always opposed and yet always have something to learn from each other. It is in the recognition of differences, the awareness of “other” that we can become aware of ourselves and our perspectives. Gemini is innately associated with ground level communication – breathing in, breathing out – the ability to process ideas rapidly. Sagittarius is above that, so far above it sees the entire lay of the land and marvels at how everything is connected, laughs at the bigness of it all. What the two signs have in common is that they are hungry for knowledge and insight – the more, the better.

As this opposition takes place, Mercury and Jupiter sit in their home signs, and they marvel at the other, unable to fully comprehend the other’s perspective, and yet aware of their innate relationship. Without the details and facts of the ground level, how could we ever navigate the map? And without the bigger picture at hand, we’d get lost in the chaos of mental overload.

In the lived experience, this can feel like a burst of awareness around the narrative of our stories. We see how the small details of life connect to the bigger picture. We get a sense of how our Gemini area of life plays into the broader nature of our Sagittarius area of life. In this awareness we recognize what details or ground-level habits have to change in order to reach our goals and to create the story we really want.

May 31 at 11:26 AM, Venus in Taurus sees a trine to Saturn in Capricorn.

The two earth signs Taurus and Capricorn are very understanding of each other. There is a love of form and function at play, a connection and pleasure in stability. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is the planet of blocks, boundaries, and responsibilities. Venus, ruler of Taurus, is the planet of pleasure, desire, and love. They don’t always get along very well, but when they do, it can be a time of social grace, awareness of boundaries, and a love of rules. There is something inherently receptive about this transit; there is an acceptance of others’ hard edges as well as your own.

This is a good day for making long lasting promises and developing an understanding of boundaries.

Jun 2 at 11:41 PM, Venus in Taurus sees a trine to Pluto in Capricorn.

Since Saturn and Pluto are so close together in Capricorn, Venus naturally follows the trine to Saturn with a trine to Pluto. In the days between these two aspects, there can be a heaviness in relational experiences. When Venus is caught between two burdensome planets like these, pleasurable enjoyable things can feel unusually symbolic – bigger than the simplicity of joy. It isn’t the standard Venus brightness and sweet. Once Venus makes the exact trine with Pluto, there is a release of that energy. It can cause deeper intimacy between two people, a willing vulnerability, and opportunities to connect on levels that aren’t usually available. It can also feel a little too intense, too much depth, too much revealed. Ultimately, there is a naked quality with this transit.

Jun 3 at 6:01 AM, a New Moon in Gemini is exact.

The new moon is a fresh dark moon, a planted seed in Gemini soil. As Mercury moves at a quickened pace, it is almost at the end of its time in one of its home signs, and the Sun isn’t even half way through. The moon’s energy is fertilized with this dynamic. There is a fast paced excitement, a thrill for the next next next thing. We are so ready to plant intentions, but take a breath with this new moon – it still has to traverse more than half of Gemini! As energy continues to build from here, it’ll be easy to get caught up in the typical Gemini blunder of too much too soon if you aren’t careful. Use this new moon energy as an opportunity to refresh your system, clear the to-do list, and begin again with small certain steps. This will help your pace later.

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Jun 4 at 4:04 PM, Mercury enters Cancer.

Mercury in Cancer is fluidity in language. It is an emotional connection to the words we share with others. There can be an added layer of sensitivity here – a need to pull back and reflect before speaking. There can be uncertainty, reservation, and then the bubbling up of words, speaking to some core thought process. This is a circular kind of talking, a moving inward, a trying to understand the origin of things. As this relates to Gemini season, the pace is softened, and the mental quickness is brought out of the scope of rationality/logic and into the realm of emotions/energy. Language can be used to describe the way we’ve been feeling lately, not just about what is observable and true.

Of note, Mercury will eventually turn retrograde in Cancer. But that won’t happen until July. The beginning of the Mercury’s retrograde shadow period is June 20th, the day before Cancer season begins. Though the shadow period hasn’t begun yet, the expression of Mercury in Cancer is still aligned with that upcoming retrograde. Keep in mind the thoughts and ideas that present themselves now. This will be a theme over the next couple of months.

Jun 7 at 10:16 AM, Mercury in Cancer sees a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.

With the added flair of emotional brilliance that Cancer brings to the table, Mercury gets to spin the Uranus experience through the lens of the heart. Any shocks or downloads that have occurred with Uranus’ transit through Taurus are made accessible through the language of our feelings. Mercury gifts us this opportunity to create story, quantifiable experience, and definition to the way the Taurus-Uranus vibration has been impacting us. This is a wonderful day to journal, to write a letter, to get thoughts out of your brain and into the open. There is a lot of potential for heightened communication experiences where we are able to say exactly how we feel without the frustration of being misunderstood by our audience.

Jun 8 at 9:36 PM, Venus enters Gemini.

Venus in Gemini is a wordy expression of love and social connection. Pleasure is found in the dissection of ideas, in the conversations we have, in the flurry of factoids. There is a poetic, meditative nature in this placement as well. Think love letters, heart-warming text messages, and socially engaging tweets. With Venus in Gemini, we can connect on language alone; we can feel the heartbeat in the clack-clack-clack of the keyboard. There is also a childlike playfulness about this combo of energies – imagine the crafts table at a kid’s camp: glitter, puzzles, friendship bracelets, and lots of textures and colors to look at and feel.

Wherever Gemini is in your chart (check the overview section for more details), Venus’ presence in this place will bring social buzz. This can be helpful in the ongoing process of understanding <— like being able to express yourself more fluently, and not being so uneasy about the revelation of truth in front of others. That said, there is a touch social disconnect when it comes to in-person, deep heartfelt moments; Venus in Gemini is so much more interested in comprehension and less concerned about accidentally hurting someone’s feelings. Since we are all going through this transit, we’ll all be a little rude at times, but ultimately we are just seeking to comprehend something of value. Remember, if you or someone else gets into trouble: be forgiving, and you’ll be forgiven.

Jun 9 at 3:33 PM, the Sun in Gemini sees a square to Neptune in Pisces.

The Sun-Neptune square is reminiscent of the Pisces quarter moon from May 26th. This time, however, it isn’t the glassy mirrored moon making a brief stroll through Pisces – it is a waterfall of Neptune’s drug, cascading across the Sun’s path through Gemini. Every time the Sun makes a tense aspect to Neptune, there is a pause, a floaty feeling, and maybe some fatigue. It isn’t very productive, but it can be restorative. Making time to take a pause, take things slower, and not get so caught up in the details can really boost the emotional reserves. In this aspect, we are being asked to let go of our perspective and fall into the bigness of the big picture.

Jun 10 at 1:59 AM, the First Quarter Moon is exact in Virgo.

Almost immediately following the Sun’s square to Neptune, the moon opposes Neptune as it begins to gain more light than dark. Additionally, the Sun in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius are applying to an opposition that will perfect later in the day. All together this creates a Mutable Grand Cross – basically, all of the mutable signs have planets in them that are making squares and oppositions (the tense aspects) at approximately the same time. This isn’t just any first quarter moon – this is a punch of crisis, activation, and intense processing/questioning.

This first quarter square is generally a brightening of energy, a boost of motivation, and an awareness of progress thus far. In this case, there is the added element of crisis associated with the grand cross. It’s like Jupiter, Neptune, the Sun, and the moon are at a four way stop, and each one wants to be the first to go. So a choice has to be made!

Additionally, if too much was started at the Gemini new moon, then this will be a very rude awakening! You’ll begin to see that there is too much to do in too little time. For better or worse, Neptune’s involvement washes away what can’t be accomplished, forcing us to let go of the excess tasks. Jupiter broadens the perspective, helping us get a sense of the bigger picture. But the two luminaries bring focus to the details, making it feel almost impossible to comprehend possibilities and discover faith in the process unfolding. So, in this type of bind, we are forced to prioritize. The fastest and slowest participants of this grand cross are the moon and Neptune, respectively. It’ll be easier to choose one of these extremes because their paths are so obvious – excess focus on details and what has to be done or a total release of responsibility as a result of overwhelm. The middle road can be found in Jupiter-Sun opposition – the tension of ego and spirit; trusting that neither one has all the answers, it is a combination of both.

This kind of transit can create tension among peers: disagreements, misunderstandings, impatience, and forgetfulness. It can also expand space-time to hold more than you thought was possible to accomplish, but it’ll take a lot of open-mindedness and meditative control to keep that continuum open. Flow is the key in this transit! Without flow, energy is blocked, and very little can be accomplished;; think of the way we fall asleep – there is no forcing, there is only allowing and openness, and yet something crucial to our survival is accomplished.

Moving through this transit can create a lot of stress, so be mindful of your needs and take space where it is appropriate. Deep breaths and a willingness to allow your true desires to come forward will increase the opportunity of productivity, flow, and development. This will also awaken you to a deeper cord of truth within. 🙏

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Jun 10 at 11:27 AM, the Sun in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius.

As referenced earlier, this opposition is part of a the grand cross occurring in time with the first quarter moon. The Sun-Jupiter connection speaks directly to the solar ego and the jovial spirit. Living in the ego can create many blockages, but without it, we have no sense of self or belonging. The spirit inherent within is also crucial to our lived experience – it lifts us, gives us a sense of hope, and allows us to live beyond the physical constraints of the world. But to live exclusively in the non-physical world diminishes the experience of life, and reduces opportunity for real growth and development. Ultimately, this opposition creates an awareness of the push-pull energy inherent in our earthly existence. It isn’t about balancing these two parts of ourselves, but totally integrating them into a flow process of awareness-certainty-belonging-hope. We need both to feel whole, and it is only through whole-hearted living that we can really act in our best interests.

Jun 12 at 6:46 PM, Mars conjoins the North Node in Cancer.

The nodes of the moon mark the eclipse points in the zodiac. They represent distortion; every time we experience an eclipse, one the lights is hidden. As a result, when a planet conjoins one of the nodes, it becomes distorted either in excess or in release. Last year Mars conjoined the South Node, and at that time there was lot of energy depletion, releasing aggression, and spiritualizing motivation. We came to understand our drives and motivations in new ways, we learned how to more appropriately manage our energy sources, and we let go of detrimental behavior patterns.

Now that Mars is conjoining the north node, there is an excess of Mars. We begin to see how the previous experience of energy conservation has worked in our favor or against. This also brings focus to Mars’ applying opposition to Saturn and Pluto. As a result, Mars is more meaningful than normal. There is emphasis on the way we use our energy. In Cancer, Mars is motivated to act on feelings, especially in defense of something hurtful. With the north node involved, this can cause sudden and extreme outbursts based on assumptions, feelings, and emotional experiences. The impending Saturn-Pluto connection is adding layers of meaning to there martial expressions, suggesting that there is a deeper root issue at play. Perhaps we are defending futile boundaries? Maybe there really isn’t any issue, and what we are experiencing is a projection that is too painful to own in our internal reality.

As this conjunction occurs, it is beneficial to journal and reflect. This can help alleviate potential excess in aggression, and create language for the internal experience. Once there is consciousness and focused attention on our emotions, we are able to make clearer decisions. … Still, though, this is a day to watch for and to tread lightly around.

Jun 14 at 2:11 AM, Mars in Cancer sees a trine to Neptune in Pisces.

This Mars-Neptune aspect is well received. Sometimes it can be too much energy with very little direction, but in this case, Mars is already a little lost in Cancer. The Neptune salve can help lessen Mars’ confusion by offering an opportunity to drift with the flow of experience. This can be an especially positive experience considering the upcoming and previous Mars transit. In the heaviness and layered complexity of martial actions/reactions, it is nice to have a moment of pause and floating energy.

Jun 14 at 11:50 AM, Mars in Cancers opposes Saturn in Capricorn.

Mars opposite Saturn is a very isolating experience. There is a strong desire to get away from feelings and bounds, to escape through an alternative easy route. However, there is no easy way around. We are required to move through this experience. In the excellence of the universe’s wisdom, this necessary and difficult task draws awareness to the way we react around obstacles. This is, once again, a callback to last year; back then there was a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, and we had to learn how to pace ourselves. Now we come into this opposition like a full moon’s culmination – we are put to the test of facing an obstacle and then working through it. We already know how to pace ourselves from the previous conjunction, so now it is a matter of applying what was learned.

This can come up around boundaries, wanting to please others, figuring out how to prioritize your energy and efforts, and having to say no. In the face of Saturn’s unyielding nature, it can feel extremely daunting to reject or refuse another responsibility. But, ultimately it is your choice – what are your priorities? What do you need to do in order to have enough energy to accomplish all your goals and objectives? Is there enough time and resource to go around?

Jun 15 at 1:57 PM, Mercury conjoins the North Node in Cancer.

Mercury’s conjunction to the north node mirrors Mars’ conjunction. However, Mercury is moving much faster and is less concerned about energy and more involved with understanding. This conjunction is an opportunity to gain narrative around what’s been going on in the Cancer area of life thus far, how the eclipses have impacted you, and the way that Mars is influencing the current astro-weather. This is also a bit of a sneak preview for the upcoming eclipses and later Mercury retrograde.

Jun 16 at 7:42 AM, Mercury in Cancer sees a trine to Neptune in Pisces.

Mercury’s trine to Neptune is a breath of air, a pause to drift for a moment. Downloads and insights come through unusual means; dreams, oracles, and psychic messages have some extra punch in this transit.

Jun 16 at 10:00 AM, Mercury in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn.

Mercury opposite Saturn creates stark awareness around responsibilities that have yet to be met. Whatever was decided with the Mars-Saturn opposition gets an extra boost of insight and language at this time. The Mercury element creates opportunity for dialogue as well. If something regretful occurred under the Mars-Saturn opposition, then saying something about it can help. Especially with the earlier trine to Neptune, this can be a particularly helpful transit if you’ve bitten off too much.

Jun 16 at 11:21 AM, Jupiter in Sagittarius sees a square to Neptune in Pisces.

The exact square between Jupiter and Neptune has been felt for a while, but especially ever since the Virgo quarter moon on June 10th. This is also number two out of a series three Jupiter-Neptune squares this year. In general, Jupiter-Neptune can be too atmospheric, too out in the environment to fully download into the realm of personal experience. However, with the earlier lunation-grand cross, this aspect in particular may stand out to you.

Jupiter-Neptune is big hope, big fun. There is a playful, explorative nature to this pair, but also a lot of potential to get lost in a belief system. Neptune’s illusion and Jupiter’s pursuit of insight can create illusions out of the most random insights. On the other hand it can foster a lot of playful energy around the exploration of what is real versus what isn’t. In the lived experience this can come down to seeing signs, experiencing synchronicity, and getting caught up in uncertainty around whether or not to follow through. Flow comes almost tooooo easily in this transit, so grounding is necessary. Grounding can be anything that makes something feel real – eg, eating, writing, acting on impulses.

Jun 17 at 4:30 AM, the Full Moon in Sagittarius is exact.

This bright full moon occurs at the very end of the Sagittarius, so it passes by Jupiter, squares Neptune, and then meets the Sun across the sky in all of its brightness. There is a peak at the moment of any full moon, the culmination and build up to climax and then the fall. As it builds over June 15th, 16th, and the morning of the 17th, the energy is felt and expanded and felt and expanded. Whatever decisions you made at the earlier Virgo first quarter are now in full bloom. The buoyant vibration of Jupiter lifts us and then Neptune carries us into a state of wonder as many of us northerner’s sleep through the bright exactness. This is a moment of total flow or total debilitation. Either your decisions worked out in your favor or they completely fell apart under the pressure of this big Sagittarius energy.

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Jun 18 at 7:46 AM, Saturn in Capricorn sees a sextile to Neptune in Pisces.

Saturn-Neptune is a wonderfully passive experience. After all of the hard work, fast paced downloads, and sense of detail overwhelm, the Saturn-Neptune sextile draws us into a very well-deserved sense of sleepiness. Sleepiness, trust, and willingness to let structures hold us for a bit.

Jun 18 at 12:04 PM, Mercury conjoins Mars in Cancer.

Following and mixing into the sleepy vibrations of Saturn-Neptune, Mercury’s conjunction to Mars wakes us up again! We are drawn back into a state of emotional awareness; thoughts and actions are aligned with the heart-centered realities. What we feel is exactly how we are behaving. If you are angry, then you are going to express anger. If you are happy, then you’ll express happiness. There is no hiding your emotions under this transit! So let it flow out of you, and do it with a sense of awareness of yourself. This is an opportunity to see something about your inner landscape come out into the open. It can be so relieving!

Jun 19 at 6:55 AM, Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Then at 11:26 PM, Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

Wow! Pow! What a day! The Mercury-Mars opposition to Pluto is a major reckoning. This is a moment when all those feelings expressed the day before make a really big impact. It’s like the whiplash of vulnerability – a vulnerability hangover. This is when shame and doubt come into the picture and we question ourselves and why we said what we said. But the best way to deal with shame is to voice it to someone you trust. Friends, a partner, family – whoever gets you and is a good listener will be able to help you see you aren’t alone in all of this. Mars-Pluto can sometimes make us feel like it is us against the world, like we have to do it all on our own and as fast as possible! But what is the point of doing anything if you can’t connect with loved ones? What is the point of speaking your truth if leads to your withdrawal from the world? There needs to be a support system in place to carry you through. You also have to be willing to be vulnerable and help others in their times of need. So, that’s what this transit is about – and that is essentially how we enter into Cancer season.

Jun 21 at 10:35 AM, Neptune in Pisces turns retrograde.

But wait! There is one more transit, about an hour before the Sun enters Cancer. Neptune has been stationing for over a month now, and is finally turning retrograde. This moment of Station to Retrograde, stillness to apparent backward motion, is a build up of energy that is now released. This gives us context into the broader themes of Neptune in Pisces. It opens our eyes to the earlier Neptune aspects that were made this season. It is like that moment when you realize how important Snape is in the Harry Potter stories! This seemingly background, somewhat negative character is now making its motivations known. Everything about Gemini season has been a download of recent past events, and a lot of those events had sprung up from Pisces season – the upcoming Mercury retrograde is related to that time, and this Neptune retrograde pulls it all together!

That said, it may not feel like it is pulling everything together. Oftentimes the Neptune retrograde moment can feel like a rainy unclear day. But if you take the time to reflect, journal, and intuit messages, there will be a lot of information to gain!

Forecast | Taurus Season 2019

Note: In our solar system, the Sun is the central point around which the planets orbit. From the Earth perspective, we cannot survive without sunlight; it is the light that nourishes our bodies, and the spotlight under which we act out our entire lives. Given the Sun’s importance, we’ve learned to articulate time around its trends. The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice all relate back to the felt shifts of shining brilliance the Sun shares with us in this lonely universe. And so it is from Earth’s perspective that I write these astrological forecasts in time with the Sun’s journey through the tropical zodiac.


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Taurus season is here, and it is a little unusual. This is the first time the Sun enters Taurus and finds Uranus there. The last time this occurred was nearly 80 years ago. Many of you who are reading my forecast will have never experienced a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Taurus before. Though the aspect itself (the Sun-Uranus conjunction) occurs annually, the flavor of the aspect, as dictated by the sign placement, distinguishes a certain focus. So for instance, whenever the Sun conjoined Uranus in Aries, there was a distinct fiery quality; a rush of impulse, acting before thinking, etc. All of these significations could be filed under the standard Aries approach to life with an added boost of electric shock.

By contrast, Taurus is not so impulsive. In fact, it is often slow to start and stubborn about the way it has chosen to go. This fixed earth sign, ruled by receptive Venus, puts Uranus in a funny position. The planet of reversals, sudden insights, shock, and trauma doesn’t get the same freedom it had in cardinal Aries. There is no additional fire to fuel the shifts. Instead, there is an even-keeled and a hard-like-a-rock stiffness that the electricity of change must first break through. And that is a lot of extra work. In some ways, the changes that are developing can feel a little more balanced due to the slow and steady bull’s pace…but (and that’s a big but), there is something to be said about the shock of breakthrough when things feel so steady.

A critical mass can occur when so much energy has been built up in a condensed space (energetically or otherwise), and when there is so much potential being stored, the moment anything breaks through the energy explodes into a huge event for better or worse. So Taurus is undergoing something big this season. Uranus is building energy and creating a force to be reckoned with. As each planet connects with Uranus and then aspects Saturn and Pluto, who are stationary in Capricorn for much of this season, energy is absorbed and then hits two huge immoveable forces in another earth sign. Translation: shifts in the physical world are happening, and many of them have been a long time coming. These shifts will be a full spectrum of good and bad, but always in pursuit of awakening the truth (Truth).

The best way to handle such things is to be willing to embrace your authenticity. Be true to yourself, choose a path of joy, and open your heart and mind to being flexible and patient. It will not be easy, but it will be important. So, buckle up!

For a more in-depth forecast, find your rising sign below, and discover what area of life will be activated by the Sun’s movement through Taurus (and maybe take a moment to ponder how the effects of Uranus in this part of your chart). Once you’ve learned the area of life that is involved, continue to scroll down to the Timeline portion to identify the dates and times of influential transits – keep an eye on transits related to the Sun.

ARIES – 2nd house topics, to include:

  • Money, finances, income

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Self worth

  • Abundance vs Scarcity mindset

TAURUS – 1st house topics, to include:

  • Who you are

  • Your personal health

  • The way you are

  • Uncovering authenticity

GEMINI – 12th house topics, to include:

  • Recognizing the effects of the past

  • Therapy

  • Pursuit of peace and comfort

  • Unlearning unhealthy habits

CANCER – 11th house topics, to include:

  • Important friendships

  • Your engagement with community

  • Support from allies

  • Meeting the people you align with

LEO – 10th house topics, to include:

  • Public persona

  • Career pursuits

  • The things you do to reach your goals

  • Testing ideas

VIRGO – 9th house topics, to include:

  • Getting a sense of the bigger picture

  • Expanding consciousness

  • Opening to the possibilities

  • Going with the flow

LIBRA – 8th house topics, to include:

  • Investments of time and energy

  • Debts and losses

  • The way you hold space for others

  • Co-creation

SCORPIO – 7th house topics, to include:

  • Meeting others where they are

  • Identifying boundaries

  • Compassionate awareness

  • Freedom in relationships

SAGITTARIUS – 6th house topics, to include:

  • Taking ownership of health matters

  • Shifts in daily routines

  • Interesting adventures with co-workers

  • Changes in work environment

CAPRICORN – 5th house topics, to include:

  • Honest expression

  • Chasing your joy

  • Inner child work

  • Creativity abounds

AQUARIUS – 4th house topics, to include:

  • Understanding family dynamics

  • Who you are when you are at home

  • Learning what homes means

  • Discovering emotional stability amidst changes

PISCES – 3rd house topics, to include:

  • Engagement with daily life

  • The way you get from place to place

  • Transitions from one chapter of life to another

  • Expansion of ideas by reduction of materials


*all times are listed in Eastern Time.

April 20 at 4:55 AM, the Sun enters Taurus. A few hours later, at 12:10 PM, Venus enters Aries.

Upon the Sun’s entrance into Taurus, Venus (ruler of Taurus) leaves Pisces for Aries. This is a noticeable shift in focus and interpersonal dynamics. It’s like a sudden change of tempo – unsettling and different. One of the reasons it is so noticeable is because it’s not just one, but two astro-bodies, and one of those bodies is the Sun which spotlights and focuses our attention. Another reason is the comparative nature of the sign changes. For Venus to go from Pisces to Aries is like releasing a domesticated pet into the wild – Venus is in very foreign territory upon entering Aries and longs to return to Pisces or at the very least move very quickly to get into the safety of Taurus. It’s not a favorite placement for Venus since the Aries environment forces Venus to create a fierce nature as opposed to V’s inclination for softness and reception. Think active love, impulsive desires, reaching for and then hesitating. The Sun, on the other hand, leaves Aries to enter Taurus which is something like taking a child away from it’s toys in order to feed them – it’s not uncomfortable, but the child would rather be playing than eating. In both circumstances, there is something unpleasant about the shifts, and pain (even slight pain) leads to awareness. And so, our consciousness wakes up to the sounds of an unpleasant alarm clock.

You may wonder, what is it about this season that needs so much attention?

It is the fact that we notice there are shifts that cause our attention to focus, and then once the attention is there, it’s like we can’t stop pulling the string. That’s the answer – the string, the more you follow it, the closer we get to understanding the larger narrative at play.

In astrological terms, I see it as Mercury exploring Aries and coming into contact with the Pluto, Saturn, South Node conjunction which is exactly what the Sun did last season. As a result, whatever came of Aries season is only the beginning of a deeper journey. Mercury only just entered Aries, and is speeding up so quickly that it’ll catch up with the Sun on the same day we enter Gemini season. This suggests that there is a lot of mental ground for us to cover – we’ll be downloading and understanding so much of the recent past and the upcoming past (that which is yet to come) that inspiration will come bursting forward by the time Gemini season is here.

In the background of Mercury’s exciting rabbit chase of awareness, Venus takes a bit more time to get through Aries. My impression is that our relationships to ourselves are changing, and that is more difficult than comprehending changes on a mental level. It becomes felt and downloaded into the lived experience – not just in our minds. It is an entire attitude/lifestyle change. Venus is inherently relational whether that is to self or other, and in Aries, V’s squares to the Capricorn mass (Pluto, Saturn, South Node) demands revision of relationships. Questions around authority and materials come up – who is in charge and what do I need? For many of us, we’ll face a difficult truth around the way we use (or don’t use) our authority and what we think we deserve. This is important because once Venus enters Taurus, Uranus will be right there to greet V and catalyze its intentions. It seems that what we learn with Venus in Aries becomes a prominent game changer once Venus can reconnect to a sense of worthiness and authority in Taurus.

Until the end of the season when Venus enters Taurus and new seeds can be laid, there is a lot of tilling that needs to be done. We turn the soil of our lives over and over in order to prepare it for future growth.

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April 22 at 7:06 PM, Sun conjoins Uranus in Taurus.

The Sun’s conjunction with Uranus is a force of change and excitement. It is an awakening of the spiritual body, asking us to consider reality in a new way. Paradigm shifts are possible under this alignment. In Taurus, the focus is on physical things – money, food, and other resources which support the function of whatever area of life Taurus falls under (see the above list of rising signs).

In the longer term trend of Uranus in Taurus, this is the first time that the Sun conjoins Uranus in Taurus (in nearly 80 years!). As such, many of us don’t have previous personal experience to pull on. So this is a transit to observe and feel, perhaps write about what happens on this day. There will be a continued pattern that comes out of it over the next 7 years. To add, there may be an insight or expanded conception of something that began or occurred when Uranus first entered Taurus in May 2018.

April 24 at 2:47 PM, Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn.

Pluto has been stationing in Capricorn for a little while, building up momentum for the retrograde. On the days that outer planets go retrograde, significations of their transit through a sign become prominent. Often with these outer planets, it is hard to see the totality of their transit until they’ve entered a new sign. But the day of their retrograde is like getting a peak into the meaning.

To add, the moon will enter Capricorn at 6:50 PM this day, which puts a magnifying glass on the retrograde.

Here are some possible topics that may come up on this day: control, power, oppression, paranoia, fear, and desire. These can come up in both healthy and unhealthy ways.

April 26 at 6:18 PM, the Final Quarter Moon is exact in Aquarius.

As we wrap up the lunar cycle that began during Aries season, energy and attention shifts towards what now needs to be finalized. Specifically, this lunation places focus on the way resources are distributed among the people in our lives. The social element is important because without connection with others, how can we accomplish anything of real success? On the other hand, we sometimes need to allocate the majority of resources to ourselves in order to maintain a certain level of health – if others can’t see that our selfishness/self-care is a necessity for us, then are these people really worth our time?

Because this is a waning moon, there is a scarcity of something – materials, energy, time, knowledge. This is what creates the crisis – if we had enough for everyone, we would be able to share it happily. But because there isn’t enough, a crisis of awareness occurs and we have to define our priorities.

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April 29 at 8:54 PM, Saturn turns retrograde in Capricorn.

Like Pluto, Saturn’s retrograde is a day of downloaded meaning. We get a taste of the longer term significance that Saturn has in Capricorn. Because it is a visible planet and it moves much faster than Pluto, there is added depth to the retrograde because it is easier to understand and conceptualize. To add, Saturn is related to reality structures. So during the first day of retrograde, we get a glimpse of the way reality structures are being shaped.

Interestingly, the South Node of the moon conjoins Saturn the following day April 30 at 4:21 PM. This adds another layer. The South Node is a point of release, so with Saturn’s retrograde occurring during the conjunction, we see release of that which is signified. For instance, your personal experience of Saturn in Capricorn may be one of extreme limitation, and on the day of the retrograde and south node conjunction, you may find that through something challenging, you are finally able to release the limitation. Another example – you are working in a literal renovation and on this day you make an impressive breakthrough as a result of intense destruction.

As you can see, there is something difficult involved in the release, and that is because Saturn is innately obstacle and form oriented. It takes effort to breakdown a structure, and typically the breakdown can create a big mess. This is the beauty and pain of letting go. For some of us, this day will coincide with a positive breakthrough. For others, it will be difficult to let go of what was a very comfortable structure.

May 1 at 2:37 AM, Mercury in Aries sees a sextile with Mars in Gemini.

After a great deal of heavy-duty energy over the last week, Mercury steps in to help us process and make effective changes with its aspect to Mars. This is an incredible energy for starting and finishing many little projects due to Mercury’s quick pace and Mars’ fire power. Of course this comes with a caveat: In the rush to get things done, to make moves, to see projects through, there is potential for a build up in impatience. Impatience can cause misunderstandings and hurt feelings, so having a sense of awareness and the willingness to remove oneself from an overheated situation is crucial if this is already an issue for you.

To add, Mercury makes two more aspects on this day. At 3:51 AM, Mercury sees a square with the Nodal Axis. And then at 4:50 AM, Mercury sees a square with Saturn in Capricorn. This suggests that whatever was released the days before becomes a prominent point of the “getting-shit-done” vibes inherent in this Mercury-Mars aspect. The fact that Mercury sits at the bend of the nodal axis adds further emphasis to the element of communication and our ability to communicate and process things effectively. If we are ignoring what was torn down yesterday and pursuing something to fill the gap that was left behind, we are missing the mark – there is a huge blindspot. The key is to recognize the way this new renovation (metaphorical or not) has changed the landscape. Mercury-Mars can do this with enthusiasm and drive, but if they are too focused on simply fixing rather than understanding the situation, then you might just rebuild the structure you just tore down.

May 2 at 5:51 PM, Mercury in Aries sees a square with Pluto in Capricorn.

If that isn’t enough heavy-duty processing, Mercury’s square to Pluto is another ripe opportunity for perception. It is easy for us to avoid pain or change because they don’t often feel good and can leave us feeling a bit depressive or empty. However, taking the time to sit with whatever the hardship is can be deeply enlightening. Under pain, we can see the truth of us – all else seems to fade away. Mercury’s square to Pluto is brief, so the downloads will happen rapidly and the pain of that first look inward won’t last forever.

Other events that may occur: an issue with authority, a rebellion against oppressive forces, a shift in attitude causes issues internally.

Later that night, at 11:58 PM, Mercury in Aries sees a trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Following whatever Mercury discovered in Pluto (painful or not), a supportive trine to Jupiter reminds us of Mercury’s time in Pisces (a sign ruled by Jupiter) – back then there was a reorientation and shift in the way we explained certain parts of our lives to ourselves. In Aries now, Mercury has taken this new approach and seen how it stands up against the realities and possible dysfunctions of Capricorn. It also gets to review how that past experience has shaped it today.

Applying this to our human lives, May 2nd is a day where we get to see how the changes of late are in alignment with our general perception of the world and of ourselves. We may find that there is more work to be done, that what we thought was true is now false. It is also possible that we were right this whole time, and we finally get evidence of it today. Whatever occurs in these moments of awareness teaches us something of value that we can bring with us into the new cycle of the moon in a couple days.

May 4 at 6:45 PM, the New Moon is exact in Taurus.

The new moon is a time of new beginnings, of starting over, of a fresh outlook. Naturally, as something new is born, something old has fallen away. The moon is totally dark at this time, hidden from view as the roots of an idea grow beneath the surface, fertilized by the past. It is an exciting new moon as it carries the potential electricity of Uranus and the fierce nature of Venus in Aries. We are reaching for something, beginning an adventure of receiving, and this new moon is the seed of a collision of ideas and energy.

This is a good time to plant intentions of change and open-mindedness around the Taurus area of life. See the list in the Overview section for more details.

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May 5 at 5:56 PM, Mars in Gemini sees an opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The opposition between Mars and Jupiter is part of a larger Mars-Jupiter cycle. Mars conjoined Jupiter in January 2018, when both were in Scorpio. At the end of 2018, in November, the two planets had just entered Pisces (Mars) and Sagittarius (Jupiter) and seen an exact square. That square was a point of release and optimism. On one hand, Mars had been through a retrograde in Capricorn and Aquarius for the majority of 2018, so its entrance into Pisces was very relieving. And then Jupiter’s entrance into Sagittarius was a homecoming, one of celebration! Their square occurred, and it was celebrated as a result of what came before it.

Now, the opposition takes place and we see the culmination of that earlier Mars-Jupiter conjunction.

When Mars and Jupiter make contact, there is a force willpower that drives us to reach a state of awareness. We seek understanding with action, we cut away distractions, we work hard to make the connections. With the original intent of the Mars-Jupiter energy in Scorpio, we sought depth of knowledge – emotional awareness – a connection to the internal defense system. Perhaps this shows up as energy healing, emotional healing, therapy, self-help, and of course all of the occult information we can get our hands on. This can also relate to psychology, research, investigation, true crime, and forensics. For more understanding of how this cycle unfolded in your life, considered the placement of Scorpio in your chart (hint: it is opposite Taurus).

For more than a year, we’ve only been in the first part of this cycle, and now it comes to a climactic opposition. On a superficial layer, there is combativeness around expression of ideas – perhaps a disagreement of beliefs or a battle of moralities. On a deeper layer, in the context of the larger cycle at play, we learn about our defense mechanisms, the way we use our environments and exchanges to protect ourselves. Jupiter in Sagittarius helps us absorb what we see of ourselves (whether bad or good) into a larger framework. Mars in Gemini displays the way that framework impacts our drive.

Ultimately this opposition leads us to a state of awareness around the energy we put into the world. If you’ve been behaving in a way that hurts yourself and others, this will become obvious today. Many of us do things without realizing the deeper roots at play, so it can be frightening to see the truth of it come to light. This is an opportunity to grow and become a more conscientious person.

May 6 at 2:10 PM, Venus in Aries sees a square to the Nodal Axis. Five minutes later, at 2:25 PM, Mercury enters Taurus.

A few days earlier, Mercury had been in the bend of the Nodal Axis, which was an opportunity to recognize the things we’ve been releasing this season. Now that Venus is in the bend moments before Mercury enters V’s sign, we get to rehash what was recognized in the context of relationships and authenticity. Questions come up: who am I without my old reality? Who am I in this reality? What kind of person do I want to be? Is who I am shaping my environment or is my environment shaping me? What do I need to be me, and how I can get those things? Am I restricting myself? If so, why?

Mercury in Taurus is a methodical state of mind and doesn’t flow well with lots of change and uncertainty. Because the ruling planet of Taurus is undergoing some energetic shifts via Venus’ square to the nodal axis, uncertainty is actually very prominent at the start Mercury’s journey through Taurus. Not to mention the fact that Mercury is applying to a very tight conjunction with Uranus in this moment. Panic is possible, but so is groundedness amidst the turmoil… It depends on how Mercury in Taurus impacts the rest of your chart.

Overall, this is a difficult day for relationships. We have to get a sense of our boundaries and where we stand in relation to others before effectively engaging. With Mercury in Taurus, it may be easy to get stuck in a certain perspective (stubbornness is common with this sign) and be unwilling to budge on an issue. Alternatively, if we do the work and allow for some reflection of our relational nature, we get to recreate the perspective, and then it can be very rewarding to share that paradigm shift with someone.

May 7 at 9:26 AM, Venus in Aries sees a square with Saturn in Capricorn.

The Venus-Saturn square is an added emphasis on the previous day’s activities. This dynamic is all about boundaries. Boundaries are ways to protect ourselves, and also ways to shut us out from society. Ideally, there is a balance where we get to engage with people we love and are able to say no to people who are working against us. This also works with the way we spend our time doing anything – saying yes to stuff we love and no to things that hurt us.

With the tension of the square and the added influence of the earlier nodal square, there is an urgent need to make sense of any misalignment we are experiencing. This can be made known to us via a feeling of resistance or fear. We may want to do one thing but feel forced to do something else. It is this moment of awareness – this feeling of obstruction or even oppression that forces us to recognize how our boundaries are being crossed or how they are too limiting.

It is very possible that the boundaries you are living within come from yourself. But it is equally possible that they are coming from someone else. The question, regardless of who is setting boundaries, is how to change the boundaries such that you are able to do what you want to do?

In being able to identify and answer the question, you are able to take a step closer to your own authority and authenticity.

May 8 at 10:22 AM, Mercury conjoins Uranus in Taurus.

Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus is an exciting day of inspiration and downloads. Like the Sun’s conjunction in the beginning of Taurus Season, there is much potential for paradigm shifts. It may be very shocking, but ultimately creates space for us to tune into truth.

Another potentiality of this aspect is a message received. Perhaps you or someone else came to a sense of enlightened awareness and wanted to share the new understanding with a friend or a partner or a community. This is possibly the moment when the message is received (or maybe when it finally makes sense).

While I like to lean on positive outcomes, there is always the possibility that the news is bad and the truth is traumatizing. Knowing this, we might want to brace ourselves – but – with Uranus’ involvement it is actually better to stay open and loose. When we are tense and stuck is when shock can feel the worst.

May 8 at 10:52 PM, the Sun in Taurus sees a sextile with Neptune in Pisces.

This is a drifty experience, but not as much as it once was when Mercury was retrograde in Pisces. This is a brief and subtle aspect. We can receive a boon in will power via fantasy and dreams. Perhaps we need to soften the plodding nature of Taurus so that there is more of a meandering, stopping to smell the flowers kind of an energy.

May 9 at 12:55 PM, Venus in Aries sees a trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Almost 30 minutes later at 1:20 PM, Venus in Aries sees a square with Pluto in Capricorn.

Mirroring Mercury’s transit from the previous week, Venus gets to aspect both Pluto and Jupiter in a 30 minute window. However, unlike Mercury, the order is different. First Venus gets to feel the supportive trine of Jupiter – a beneficial boost of optimism, like a pat on the back or a nice squeeze of the hand from a dear friend. And as soon as that feel-good trine is over, Venus immediately confronts Pluto and all of the fears and darknesses associated with this heavy planet. A bit like having your friend walk you to your final battle and then entering the scene with a heart full of love. It isn’t the optimal situation, but it’s nice to have had the support before the challenge.

In a felt sense, we get to experience a boost of love and optimism – a sense of accomplishment even, like all of this hard work has been for something very meaningful. And as soon as we get to that level of confidence, we are immediately struck with a sense of uncertainty and possibly fear around what we had thought we let go of. It’s like two steps forward, one step back. We are growing and changing and seeing the success of our own accomplishments come forward, but then we fall back into a negative pattern or a bad habit. Maybe we don’t fall back into that habit and instead we feel the pain of that final release.

It is an intense for feelings to come through. Relationships get a hit if they are in any way representative of these ongoing changes within us.

May 11 at 5:19 AM, the Sun in Taurus sees a trine with Saturn in Capricorn.

As the Sun begins its trek through the last ten degrees of Taurus, it meets Saturn in a supportive trine. After all of the turmoil we’ve been facing with the Aries-Capricorn squares, it is nice to receive some support from the planets in Capricorn. This earthy trine is a moment of peace amidst the emotional and possibly physical upheavals. This can show up as a state of recuperation after a hearty challenge, or a pause to make plans in order to re-orient something to better fit the internal shifts.

As it falls on the day of the first quarter moon, there is potential for opportunity in this momentary stability. The focal point is on the Sun’s placement in Taurus, so if you have a personal planet around 20 degrees of Taurus, then this might be a good time to plant something related to Taurus’ placement in your chart.

May 11 at 9:12 PM, the First Quarter Moon is exact in Leo.

The first quarter moon is a moment of opportunity. An awakening occurs, and the first buds of the lunar cycle are sprouting. We have planned and now it is time to act. How does the idea fit into reality?

The Leo moon puts emphasis on expression – how can we effectively display what we has been developing under the surface? With the Sun (Leo’s ruler) in Taurus, there is some added emphasis on the relational nature of what is being expressed and how it is impacting the original intention. If what you are expressing doesn’t quite align with the original seed of pursuit, then you need to go back to the drawing board. The point here is authenticity.

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May 13 at 11:07 PM, the Sun in Taurus sees a trine with Pluto in Capricorn.

The Sun-Pluto trine is complex. This can be a source of support from an authority or power that governs the reality of the circumstance. Or it can be an emotional connection to what is developing in our consciousness. Ultimately, power is at play. It is tricky to say what it will turn out to for an individual, but these are some possibilities: We feel the power of our emotions and it strengthens our resolve or self-concept. Perhaps we experience a generosity from an authority figure in our lives which makes us feel connected to power. Or maybe there is a larger structure in which power is transferred inequitably to someone who is ultimately working against our best interests.

The best way to approach this dynamic is to accept that our present day is full of corruption. In our individual lives this can show up on a lesser level, but it is worth taking note of where you stand in this dysfunctional structure.

May 14 at 9:58 AM, Venus in Aries sees a sextile with Mars in Gemini.

Venus has been transiting through Mars’ sign for the entire season, and just now at the end of V’s tour through Aries, gets a show of support. This is a fairly positive boost for Venus, allowing V to express itself more effectively. Everything Venus has been working through, all of the relational questions and upheavals have been changing the way we engage with the people around us. And in this aspect, we get to see the outcome of the work.

When Venus and Mars in a support aspect, there is usually something socially positive occurring in our lives. This is likely the moment where all the work we’ve invested in understanding our boundaries and blocks is rewarded with an opportunity to express our authenticity better than we had before.

May 15 at 3:45 PM, Venus enters Taurus.

And with that, Venus enters it’s home sign! This is a wonderful moment for Venus, as after all of that hard effort in Aries, V finally gets to relax and enjoy receiving what V deserves. For us, this means that the efforts we put into understanding our social selves, our abilities, our authority and limitations is paying off and now we get to enjoy sitting with the reward of authenticity.

Venus in Taurus is typically very sensual, enjoying the experience of taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound. With Uranus in Taurus, and Venus’ impending conjunction, there may be something extra electric about the experience of the five senses.

May 15 at 9:20 PM, Mercury in Taurus sees a sextile with Neptune in Pisces.

The Mercury-Neptune aspects are always difficult for analytical cognition, but wonderful for daydreaminess and imagination. Creativity gets a boost with this aspect. Gentleness in communication is effective, but maybe missing the facts. This is a brief and subtle aspect.

May 15 at 11:09 PM, Mars enters Cancer.

In Cancer, Mars’ fire is not well-valued. As a planet of drive and activation Cancer’s natural ebbs and flows can prove problematic. This can result in pent up energy, aggression, and anxiety. As a transit, it is not easy to get things done at a constant rate. Rather, it is important to watch the cycle of the moon, to listen to your own inner cycles, and to act in a state of flow rather than force. Most often what’s at play is an added element of sensitivity – there uncertainty around acting in case it might offend someone or cause trouble. But when actions are held within and restricted out of fear, this creates unhealthy behaviors.

There aren’t a lot of ways to get around the potential challenges of this placement without having patience with yourself and others. Know that at the core of any outbursts, there is often a need to protect or defend something internally. Keeping an open heart and recognizing personal triggers can help all involved.

On future-oriented note, Mars will eventually oppose Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and conjoin the North Node in Cancer. These will be big moments of potential disruption. More on this in the next forecast.

May 16 at 7:08 PM, Mercury in Taurus sees a trine with Saturn in Capricorn.

Mercury’s trine with Saturn is an opportunity to let go of whatever baggage there still is around the earlier square it faced when it was in Aries. Critical thinking, planning ahead, and awareness of the way the past has affected us becomes a prominent skill at this time. This is a good moment for development and growth. This aspect doesn’t have to be used, and it will pass quickly, but know that there is medicine in reviewing the past.

May 18 at 1:48 AM, Mercury in Taurus sees a trine with Pluto in Capricorn.

The trine to Pluto differs from Saturn because Saturn is inherently stable. Pluto is heavy, and when involved in a trine, it magnetizes the other planet into it’s general direction. In this case, Mercury gets access to Pluto’s depths and is prone to obsession, investigation, research, and occult studies. This may also be a time where emotional depths are easily accessed for better understanding. By using this aspect, you can gain deeper understanding of the earlier squares related to the Aries-Capricorn alignments. It may be helpful, or it may be beating a dead horse.

May 18 at 12:16, Venus conjoins Uranus in Taurus.

As the season nears a close, Venus finally meets Uranus in V’s domicile for the first time! Watch this day to learn more about Uranus’ significations in Taurus and how Venus’ involvement emphasizes and strengthens this longer term transit. In general, Venus-Uranus can relate to insight through relationships, heightened food-consciousness, exciting sensual events, and a developed sense of self-love.

May 18 at 5:11 PM, the Full Moon is exact in Scorpio.

The last lunation of the season is the last major aspect of the season. We are ushered out of Taurus with a big full moon in Scorpio. This fullness is a time of ripened activity, a bright breath out after a deep breath in. We get to taste the fruits of our labors, and learn from our mistakes. It is a positively electric time of intense sensuality and desire. Reflection plays a role here as well: under the illuminated darkness we get to experience whatever new developments have come from the earlier tilling of the Taurus soils. Witnessing the changes and recognizing how far we’ve come adds a layer of richness to this lunation.

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FORECAST | Aries Season 2019

Note: In our solar system, the Sun is the central point around which the planets orbit. From the Earth perspective, we cannot survive without sunlight; it is the light that nourishes our bodies, and the spotlight under which we act out our entire lives. Given the Sun’s importance, we’ve learned to articulate time around its trends. The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice all relate back to the felt shifts of shining brilliance the Sun shares with us in this lonely universe. And so it is from Earth’s perspective that I write these astrological forecasts in time with the Sun’s journey through the tropical zodiac.


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Aries is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars, and often represented by the ram. It is also well-known as the first zodiac sign, marking the vernal equinox and the start of spring in the northern hemisphere. In the north side of Earth, the Sun’s entrance into Aries marks a future brightness, a looking forward to longer days and shorter nights, more illumination, more warmth. At this point, the Sun is also able to see it’s home sign Leo drawing nearer to it – only 120 degrees away now. There is something very positive and exciting about the Sun in Aries for this reason.

Aside from the Sun’s exaltation in Aries, this cardinal fire sign is known for it’s active nature – the ultra yang in the zodiac. Ruled by Mars, Aries takes on the red planet’s too-active and too-hot energy – jumping into projects at a moment’s notice, aggressively pursuing goals, impulsively acting and reacting. Wherever you have Aries in your chart is a place where stillness is not appreciated and action is prioritized.

As we enter 2019’s Aries season, we may be looking forward to that heightened activity of Mars’ fire sign – the impulse to move, the energy to get sh*t done, the action-oriented consciousness, especially considering we’ve spent what feels like far too long swimming through Pisces. But we will find that this Aries season is a little unusual. Since March 2011, every time we entered Aries season we’ve experienced Uranus in Aries, bringing a great deal of focus and insight into the way we handle our Aries placements. We’ve experienced a lot of change and rapid or shocking developments in the Aries area of life. Now that Uranus is in Taurus, we get to experience Aries season sans electric-shock-reversal-excitement-change-everything-out-of-the-blue Uranus. So this Aries season may feel unusually tempered. I mean, imagine sitting around a huge bonfire in the middle of an electric storm, and then suddenly the storm stops. It’s not as exciting anymore, is it? This may be a good thing, but it may also feel strange to not be running around wildly.

So the Sun’s entrance into Aries this year brings a great deal of illumination, not just heat and excitement. We may feel sick of illumination and review at this point especially given the pile-up of planets in the yin/passive signs (Pisces, Capricorn, and Taurus) which are so cool and reflective in nature. We may wonder where our beloved Aries spark is, and even feel a little frustrated at the lack of actionable energy (Mercury’s station in late March is sure to add emphasis to the feeling). But once Mars enters Gemini, there will be so much to do, so much activity, that we’ll hardly be able to take a break! So enjoy the quietness of the beginning of this season, and get ready for the bursts of energy and excitement in the second half of it.

For a more in-depth forecast, find your rising sign below, and discover what area of life will be activated by the Sun’s movement through Aries (and maybe take a moment to ponder how Uranus has changed this area of life over the last 8 or so years). Once you’ve learned the area of life that is involved, continue to scroll down to the Timeline portion to identify the dates and times of influential transits – keep an eye on transits related to the Sun.

ARIES – 1st house topics, to include:

  • Your personality
  • Your body
  • Your appearance
  • The things that make you who you are

TAURUS – 12th house topics, to include:

  • The things other people see of you that you don’t see of yourself
  • Letting go of your past
  • Your willingness to work on inner issues
  • The time you spend alone

GEMINI – 11th house topics, to include:

  • Your connections with society
  • Your professional community
  • Your friends
  • The people you like to get in trouble with

CANCER – 10th house topics, to include:

  • Your career goals
  • What you want to give to the world
  • Your chef-d’oeuvres
  • The way you engage with the public

LEO – 9th house topics, to include:

  • Your philosophy on life
  • Your experience of the occult
  • Your impressions of the world
  • Your pursuit of mastery

VIRGO – 8th house topics, to include:

  • The way and the what you give you to other people
  • Your passive income
  • Debts and loans, either owed to you or by you
  • Energetic involvements you have with others

LIBRA – 7th house topics, to include:

  • Your partnerships
  • Your intimate friendships
  • The way you connect on a 1:1 basis
  • The kind of people you are drawn to

SCORPIO – 6th house topics, to include:

  • Your health issues
  • Your responsibilities
  • The things you do to keep yourself going
  • The way you cleanse yourself and your space

SAGITTARIUS – 5th house topics, to include:

  • The way you have fun
  • Your children and the way they are
  • Your connection to physical pleasure
  • The way you express your authenticity

CAPRICORN – 4th house topics, to include:

  • Your family origins
  • The obligations you feel to your lineage
  • Your home space, what makes it a home
  • The place you come from and return to

AQUARIUS – 3rd house topics, to include:

  • Discussions
  • The way you interact with your locality
  • Your interest in sharing ideas
  • Your car, your bike, your bus route, your subway system

PISCES – 2nd house topics, to include:

  • Your financial health
  • The way you make an income
  • How you spend your money
  • Your dollar’s impact


*all times are listed in Eastern Time using the 24 hour clock.

Mar 20 at 17:58, Sun enters Aries. The Full Moon is exact in Libra at 21:42.

As soon as we enter Aries, both luminaries are in a state of brightness. The sun is exalted in the cardinal fire sign, granting the collective a brighter attitude around authenticity and expression of self. The moon receives and mirrors this exalted light as it makes its entrance in Libra.

This is the corresponding full moon to the earlier Pisces new moon. Two weeks ago, Mercury was stationing retrograde, Uranus had entered Taurus, and the new moon was born with Neptune by its side. Now, that baby moon has grown into its fullness in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus – the counterpart to Mars. Interestingly, Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus are in an applying square pattern.

What this means is that the Aries-Libra axis is highlighted not just because of the Sun-Moon opposition (otherwise known as the full moon), but by the Venus-Mars square. Venus appears to have the upper hand as Mars tours Venus’ home sign Taurus. The full moon also speaks to Venus’ dominion as la luna sees our sweet V from an easy trine.

The emphasis on Venus suggests a cooperative outcome. This full moon, exact on the equinox, offers us the harmony-focused results of the earlier mystical Pisces new moon. That’s not to say that it is all easy and wonderful. There is a certain tension with every full moon – an awareness or illumination which can lead to vulnerability and excess emotionality. There is also the Venus-Mars square.

Mar 21 at 4:07, Venus in Aquarius sees a square to Mars in Taurus.

The Venus-Mars square is exact less than 12 hours after the full moon, suggesting potential conflict arising from the illumination of the full moon. This can result in arguments, tense discussions, and the egoic need to be right (read: stubbornness). Sometimes it is better to fight for what you believe in, but under these aspects, it is better to willingly try to find a common ground, even if that is simply agreeing to disagree.

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Mar 21 at 10:16, Venus in Aquarius sees a sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

In support of peace, the Venus-Jupiter sextile offers us a boon in optimism, a willingness to see the forest for the trees, and the opportunity to forgive and move on.

Additionally, in terms of projects or endeavors started at the earlier new moon, this aspect suggests that we have everything we need to make our desired aspirations come to life. We can make it happen by opening our minds to the beauty of authentic expression…

I’m reminded of a quote by Martha Graham, “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.“

Mar 22 at 14:37, Sun conjoins Chiron in Aries.

Chiron is often considered the wounded healer – a signification of suffering which makes us empathetic to others in similar situations. In Aries, Chiron seeks to understand the importance of pioneering and leadership – the willingness to step out into the world and do what one feels they should do. It does so by philosophical, emotive reflection. There is an inherent pause in Chiron, which is troubling in Aries as this fire sign forces Chiron to act despite hesitation. As a result, vulnerability is prominent, an uncertainty and questioning around impulsive decisions. Actions speak louder than words in this placement, forcing Chiron to reveal the whole truth of self no matter how gruesome or ugly it seems.

As the Sun conjoins Chiron, there is a softening effect to the uncertainty. The Sun loves to be itself, and isn’t as carried away by uncertainty. Even with Chiron’s innate questioning and reflection, there is an added boost of confidence to this Sun-Chiron placement. A willingness and knowing that even though we are imperfect in our decisions and actions, we are still worthy.

For those of us with sensitivity around revealing our inner natures, this conjunction can have the unpleasant effect of forcing us to be more authentic. Ultimately, we learn more by doing than is possible in hesitation.

Mar 24 at 13:27, Mercury conjoins Neptune in Pisces (again).

This is the second time that Mercury has conjoined Neptune this year. We are due for one more Mercury-Neptune conjunction, so this one marks the centerpiece or potential climax in the unfolding Mercury-Neptune story.

The last time Mercury conjoined Neptune, was en route to a station and eventual retrograde, casting the shadow for unfolding mayhem/confusion/review. In this second instance, we might consider this an opportunity for illumination… Neptune isn’t really consider an illuminator by nature. Oftentimes we classify Neptune under foggy, sleepy, and escapist. There can be an element of striving for perfection which is ultimately unattainable – an illusion of grandeur that we eventually realize is a delusion of grandeur. With Mercury’s second conjunction, there may be an awareness of those illusions/delusions, perhaps a wrinkle or a foil in what we thought was possible.

If you catch whiff of something fishy at this time, make note of it. It may be nonsense or it may be a clue of what is real. It’s hard to say as Mercury remains within reach of Neptune’s misty atmosphere. We won’t know for sure until later this season.

Mar 26 at 15:43, Venus enters Pisces.

Venus in Pisces is a celebrated placement. Venus is considered to be exalted in the mutable water sign – bestowing grace, social ease, and creativity upon those who are lucky enough to be born under such auspicious skies. However, as a transit in the last seven or so years, Venus in Pisces has had to contend with some of the Neptunian gloom. Though Neptune can work well with Venus in so much as seeking beauty, peace, and connection; there can be a sense of isolation that comes from desire-seeking-escapsim. Venus can unintentionally fall in the Neptune trap by floating away so thoughtlessly that V is in a party of one, lost, and maybe a little hungover.

To add to the potential pitfalls of Neptune, Mercury’s retrograde leaves a bit of mess for Venus to process. Though Mercury remains just out of reach of Venus’ loving touch (they come so close to conjunction, about 4 degrees away, but then separate until they meet in July), the mess of confusion and misunderstandings left in Mercury’s trail employs Venus with a lot of PR work. This can be very helpful in the long run, and may even speak to ongoing social connections or writing projects that reach a new phase in July.

Mar 27 at 12:45, Venus in Pisces sees a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.

Of course, the first aspect Venus makes in Pisces is to Uranus in Taurus! This is the first time that Venus has had direct access to Uranus since it entered V’s home sign this month, and via a sextile makes it quite potent! Venus is often correlated with the sextile, and when V can make an exact sextile aspect to a sensitive point or planet that V rules the significance of their bond is elevated. This brings added weight to this year’s Venus in Pisces transit. Not only is Venus having to muck through the Neptune swamplands left in paradoxical orderly-disarray by Mercury’s retrograde, but V is also giving a boost of authority to Uranus’ intentions of reversals and shocks.

Keep an eye out for this day to see what makes itself known. Consider also where Pisces is in your chart – the Uranian shifts may be sparked by that area of life.

Mar 28 at 00:09, the Final Quarter Moon in Capricorn is exact.

The final quarter of the moon cycle is often related to purging excess – any failed ideas, extra unnecessary work, or frivolous add-ons should be kicked to the curb. Typically we become hyper aware of the excess at the final quarter phase where the moon begins losing so much light it is less than half its fullness. This season, our final quarter moon is given the added punch of applying conjunctions with Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node. This is an opportunity to let go of things or ideas or intentions not just associated with the current lunation cycle, but also with the Capricorn area of life. (if you can’t remember what area that is, check out this post: )

Additionally, Mercury is stationing at this time, preparing to move forward again.

All together, we are making space for something else to come through. We are clearing the decks, throwing out the trash, and letting go of the past.

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Mar 28 at 9:58, Mercury stations direct.

Mercury has been stationing for a few days – basically since its conjunction with Neptune. An ongoing play of illusion/disillusionment has been happening in the background, possibly creating a vortex of uncertainty and doubt or perhaps the feeling of following Alice through Wonderland. Information comes through the Mercury station, illuminating us to the lessons we needed to download. Still though, Mercury is uncomfortably close to Neptune, and applying to yet another conjunction. The station, though often related to insights, may not be as helpful as it typically is.

Mar 31 at 2:12, Mars enters Gemini.

Ah! A breath of fresh air. Mars in Gemini is possibly the most excitable Mars placement in the zodiac. There is an emphasis on doing as much as possible due to Gemini’s love of multiples – multi tasking, mutli faceted, multi purpose! That said, Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is floating through Pisces at an unbelievably slow pace. Poor Mars, active as ever, may find that it runs into a number of frustrating analytical issues, details gone awry, plans changed at the last minute. This can make way for the build-up of aggression that wants to barrel through the to-do lists and make way for quick exchange.

The positive side to this placement is that the Sun in Aries gets a lot more done with Mars in Gemini. We may find that the Aries place in our chart gets a little boon of action and energy, a burst of momentum. Once Mercury in Pisces clears its conjunction with Neptune in April, we get a lot more done with the help of Mars. There will be a big push forward in response to everything we’ve learned over this retrograde cycle.

Apr 2 at 5:36, Mercury conjoins Neptune in Pisces (last time).

The final conjunction between Mercury and Neptune cannot happen fast enough. We are dying to move past this, ready to get clear-headed, to dive into the work and really be productive. But Mercury just isn’t ready yet. Though it is in direct motion, Mercury has to face the sleepy haze of Neptune one more time. This time, however, is the last. Though Mercury will be caught in the fuzzy upsidedown of Neptune, there will be a new sense of hope and direction, a way to cut through the unending maze and back into the real world. This will become clearer and clearer as Mercury picks up the pace.

Apr 4 at 15:17, the South Node of the moon conjoins Pluto in Capricorn.

The south node of the moon is related to the past, releasing, and toxic disposal. Pluto is a heavy planet, creating gravity and pull wherever it is in the chart. In combination, something huge is brought up in the Capricorn area of life. It is likely related to the past, the way you used to deal with things and the way you are still unconsciously dealing with things. Perhaps it is an old drama, a person who you thought you were done with, but they’ve come back for some reason. The south node-Pluto conjunction has been applying in the background of Aries season for a while. As it begins to separate now, consider this a final moment of release as we approach new beginnings with the new moon and experience a faster, clearer Mercury.

Apr 5 at 5:40, the New Moon is exact in Aries.

The Aries new moon is like a big refresh button. We finally get clear about the direction we want to go, and we have the opportunity to make intentions and plans for that direction. It seems almost too easy, but don’t forget that Mercury is still distracted in Pisces, it is still catching up to where it once was, and still we need to be cautious about our use of mercurial skills. Mars, ruler of Aries, continues to zip through Gemini, wishing to go faster, probably already teasing us with too much too fast.

We will be able to pick up the pace soon, but not yet.

Focus excess energy into creating plans, experiencing the excitement of strategy, and jotting down ideas as they come.

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Apr 7 at 5:17, Mercury in Pisces sees a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn.

On this day, Mercury finds itself at a breathable distance from Neptune. Perfectly timed, Mercury contacts Saturn who offers stability, sobriety, and form. With this aspect there can be a sense of clarity – we finally start to feel removed from Mercury’s earlier circus act, but at the new distance we may find that there is quite a bit to do in regards to clean up and catch up.

Apr 10 at 2:12, Venus conjoins Neptune in Pisces.

As Mercury leaves Neptune’s blackhole, Venus gets sucked in. This day and the few days following create a portal of beautiful escapism. Venus-Neptune can illicit idealized romantic fantasies – not just related to relationships, but also pleasure and physical delights. We may find ourselves drifting towards yummy in-the-moment morsels of touch, sight, taste, and sound; seeking happiness and a feeling of connection. This can be pleasant, but it can also cause distraction or deception. Venus feels what Mercury had earlier cognated – that is, confusion and uncertainty and a touch of existential wondering. When we bring those types of thoughts into the body, we can lean towards external escapist tendencies as a source of soothing. Ultimately, though, finding ways of letting go of the feelings rather than trying to run away from them is the better option. … The difference is this: letting go is an act of trust whereas running away is an act of fear.

Apr 10 at 4:47, the Sun in Aries sees a square to Saturn in Capricorn.

This is a tense relationship between the Sun and Saturn. There is a desire to take action when the impulse hits, but there is also the question – is now the right time? The positioning of this square pattern suggests that one should pause before taking action, but then act anyway. At the very least, be aware of what you are getting yourself into – have a sense of reality and groundedness. If you don’t, then you’ll likely be surprised by the obstacles that do arise.

This aspect also relates to a longer cycle between the Sun and Saturn – they were conjoined on Jan 2 in Capricorn. At that time, there was an illumination of how the ongoing Saturn-in-Capricorn transit was unfolding for us. We got a sense of how far we’ve come and far we still need to go. At this present juncture, while the Sun sees a square to Saturn, we learn how our earlier course corrections have unfolded.

In a very mundane sense, this is an exhausting day. Vitality is low. Sobriety and the feeling of gravity weighs on us. This too shall pass, but if you’d like to make something of the day and the energy of these two planets, then do some reflection and attempt to address any hiccups that come up.

Apr 10 at 13:00, Jupiter in Sagittarius stations retrograde.

Ominously, Jupiter turns retrograde on the same day as the Sun-Saturn square. The station point for planets tends to press out major significations – I imagine an orange being pressed for all its juice. There is tension in the stillness of a station, a heaviness like fruit that is ripe and ready to be plucked. Jupiter has been stationing since late March – about the time that Mercury went direct. Now it finally begins to pick up speed as turns retrograde for a few months.

Consider the Sagittarius place in your chart – what is Jupiter trying to express here? It likely has something to do with the narratives we come up with to explain certain areas of life. Perhaps there is new information, a new way of looking at this part of your chart – a new consideration as we enter a state of philosophical review.

Apr 10 at 17:45, Mercury in Pisces sees a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn.

The cherry on top of this intensive day is Mercury’s contact with Pluto. Mercury and Pluto have the shared interest in desire for experience and knowledge. When they come into contact, we tend to get ultra obsessive, reflective, and curious. We want answers to questions, solutions to problems, and we won’t stop until we get it. In this particular case, Mercury has already contacted Pluto twice, and now for the third time we may finally discover something of value.

Apr 12 at 00:18, Mercury in Pisces sees a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This aspect gives us some extra special downloads related to both the Jupiter retrograde and Mercury retrograde. Though they are in a square pattern, which is typically quite stressful, these two planets have a lot of information to exchange – a lot of details to sort through and understand in a larger context. It’s almost as if Mercury has gone through this mind-altering journey, shares some of the experiences with Jupiter, and then Jupiter takes some time to reflect on it.

In the context of our lived experience, we are coming to a new way of looking at the world around us. There are things that came up during Mercury’s retrograde that surprised us, changed our perspectives, and shifted our approaches to the way we handle information. As Jupiter goes into the reflective retrograde state, we find that the information-processing and perspective-shift of Mercury Rx has influenced a larger sense of our world-view. Now we have to rethink more than just personal experiences, but also global experiences. Did others go through this, too? Am I alone in my beliefs?

Jupiter will be retrograde until August, just as Mercury comes out of it’s next retrograde.

Apr 12 at 11:08, Venus in Pisces sees a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn.

Almost like a mirror to Mercury’s earlier journey past Neptune and then contacting Saturn for stability, Venus finds sobriety through this sextile. This is a moment of truth – if you have been avoiding healthy behaviors and seeking pleasurable distractions, then the Venus-Saturn sextile will call you out and force you to face responsibilities you’ve forgotten. If, on the other hand, you found healthy ways to process the Venus-Neptune experience, then you will see the fruits of your labors come into bloom.

Other potentialities include: forming a special and important bond with someone, making a promise you will be forced to keep, learning about commitment issues, and grieving love lost.

Apr 12 at 15:05, the First Quarter Moon in Cancer is exact.

As the light of the first quarter moon illuminates our journey through Aries thus far, we may be surprised by how much has been accomplished. It seems like we were floating in the Pisces soup with Mercury rx for so long that we hardly did anything at all. Especially so with Mars in Gemini, constantly seeking more and more activity and information to work through. We might have been overloaded, and never bothered to look back and see just how far we’ve come.

If, however, you are one of the folks who found that your intentions still haven’t left the ground, then this is a good opportunity to get them rolling again. This moon is bright and big for a first quarter moon, as it becomes distorted under the more-more-more North Node, seeking so much expansion and growth!

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Apr 13 at 4:07, the Sun in Aries sees a square to Pluto in Capricorn.

The Sun and Pluto don’t share a great deal in common. One is very bright, warm, and associated with nurture. The other is dark, cold, and associated with death. In combination, there is a sort of bright morbidity, a desire to burn, an innate harshness in the light. That these two are in a square pattern accentuates the tension between them, and leaves us mere mortals to bear the weight of their discourse.

There is a question in the air around power and expression. What kinds of decisions do we make in the pursuit of power? Power over our own lives and the lives of others… do we want it? And if so, why? Is it an honest representation of the self? Am I power-hungry? And is that bad a thing?

This can show up in world events as we watch global leaders make power-seeking decisions. This can show up in the minutae of our lives as we frustratedly try to accomplish our desires, try to force ourselves into boxes because we are so hungry to have control.

Whatever comes up now will become more prominent at the time of the upcoming eclipses. It might be helpful to write your experiences down, save them, and see how they relate to the astrology of July 2019.

Apr 14 at 9:40, the Sun in Aries sees a trine to rx Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This is a generally positive aspect. It accesses our buoyant optimism for life, our willingness to be for the joy of being, and our connections to the world around us. Though Jupiter is going retrograde at this time, it is still offering support and benefits to the overall expression of this aspect. This is also an opportunity to shine a light on how the Jupiter retrograde is unfolding for us. Many of us won’t even notice, but for those who do – this is a good day to get downloads.

Apr 14 at 19:51, Venus in Pisces sees a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn.

Venus-Pluto contacts are suggestive of depth work around relationships. These can be romantic, acquaintance, work, and/or body relationships. It seems that up to this point, we’ve spent a lot of time in introspection and then trying to work through our long to-do lists. So what about how we relate to others? Don’t we deserve to reflect on our social natures, to examine the ins and outs of connection? Pluto magnetizes us, and Venus asks us bring to friends and treats along.

Apr 15 at 19:14, Venus in Pisces sees a square to rx Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Appropriately another opportunity for social engagement comes up! Venus is getting a lot of attention in mid-April, and wants to share the light with others. In the square with Jupiter, we have to wonder how much reflection and inward processing is healthy – what about talking with friends and community? What about sharing our ideas and our feelings with loved ones? Reviewing our philosophies can be social, too! Venus sees to it that we connect with more people.

Apr 17 at 2:00, Mercury enters Aries.

Now that we are near the end of Aries season, Mercury finally picks up where it left off! This represents a huge boost in productivity, cognition, and communication. Mars, ruler of Aries, happens to be in Mercury’s sign Gemini. This means Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception, giving an added boost of energy and ability to both planets. Suddenly we are able to take the reigns and make sh*t happen.

Under these skies, the power of thought is quite potent! We walk the walk and talk the talk in parallel. What we put our minds to, gets put into the world with the drive and horsepower of Mars. There is almost a rush to get it done, like we won’t have this level of productivity forever and we know it. But going too fast can leave us feeling overwhelmed both mentally and physically. The fact that these two planets are in cahoots and cajoling each other suggests that things can get out of hand if we start biting off more than we can chew.

I’m sure that even with warning, we will go at top speed anyways. So, at the very least, keep it in mind as you plan ahead. By May, you’ll likely run into obstacles with energy depletion, anxiety, and all the chaos that can come with rush-jobs.

Apr 19 at 7:12, the second Full Moon in Libra is exact.

Wow, a second full moon in Libra!

Think back a month earlier to March 20, the day of the last Libra full moon. Back then, we were still living with Mercury retrograde, Venus and Mars were in an applying square pattern in fixed signs, and Aries season had only just begun.

Now, we are all the way through Aries, and Mercury is finally out of Pisces! This is a different Libra fullness. The rulers of this lunation, Venus and Mars are now separating from their square pattern and in mutable signs. They are both active, able to express themselves with more ease than they had before. There is something of reconciliation in the air… perhaps a really genuine feeling of “live and let live” – I’ll do my thing and you do yours. What’s past is past, and now we are on our way to brighter futures. The Sun is now making longer days in the northern hemisphere, and the moon receives the Sun’s growing love.

Curiously, the moon, on the way to its fullness, made aspects with nearly every planet in the sky except Venus and Neptune… Venus, as the ruler of Libra, is unable to share anything of import with the moon suggesting that there is something left undone. The full moon often relates to a culmination point in the lunar cycle, but this full moon is left wanting more. Perhaps we didn’t quite make the impact we had wanted, or if we had – there is one small piece left to finish. Again – there is a sense of peace, perhaps even resignation in the recognition that we won’t always make the connection – we can’t always do it just right… still though, there is something bright about this full moon. A sort of wisdom and hope and ok-ness with the incomplete.

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Forecast | Pisces Season 2019

Note: In our solar system, the Sun is the central point around which the planets orbit. From the Earth perspective, we cannot survive without sunlight; it is the light that nourishes our bodies, and the spotlight under which we act out our entire lives. Given the Sun’s importance, we’ve learned to articulate time around its trends. The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice all relate back to the felt shifts of shining brilliance the Sun shares with us in this lonely universe. And so it is from Earth’s perspective that I write these astrological forecasts in time with the Sun’s journey through the tropical zodiac.


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The Sun’s journey through the sign of Pisces this year is marked by a number of challenging transits – there is a lot of influence coming from Pluto, Saturn, and Mars, in addition to the impending Mercury retrograde. By their nature, these are difficulties – not necessarily in the extreme, but definitely not an easy walk through the park. Even Jupiter’s involvement is, at times, tense due to it’s sign-based square (an aspect that is confrontational) to Pisces and all of the planets that make their way through it. Fortunately, we’ve got a number positive influences that support productivity through the stress of obstacles and challenges.

To add, the Pisces nature is inherently opened and receptive. As the mutable water sign of the zodiac, Pisces is ultra sensitive, intuitive, and flexible. An overused, but still very useful example for Pisces is the ocean – a huge mass of water, which engulfs many depths, entire systems of life, and yet on the surface we don’t see this. There are two rulers for Pisces – Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter illuminates Pisces the Generous – the person who gives the best hugs, who really listens to your problems, who believes in you and your dreams. Then we’ve got Neptune who casts the image of Pisces the Etheric – the person lost in the clouds, lost in dreams, floating from moment to moment, living a life filled with synchronicity and blended realities. Put these two together, and we see that Pisces is as much lost in their own cosmologies as they are deeply invested in the real world and the people they care about – they are as complex as the deep blue sea – with more to their inner worlds than we can describe with simple archetypes, with strength to carry massive loads of emotions, and with gentleness to soothe those who are lucky enough to be in their lives.

So, with that in mind, as we enter the Pisces consciousness this season, we are lifted into a state of optimism even despite the difficulties that may lie ahead. And in fact, some of these challenges may offer structure amidst the sometimes overwhelmingly ooey-gooey Piscean environment.

For a more in-depth forecast, find your rising sign below, and discover what area of life will be activated by the Sun’s movement through Pisces. This will also be the area of life influenced by the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Once you’ve learned the area of life that is involved, continue to scroll down to the Timeline portion to identify the dates and times of influential transits – keep an eye on transits related to the Sun and Mercury.

ARIES – 12th house topics, to include:

  • Isolation
  • Shadow work
  • Spirituality
  • Grief, loss

TAURUS – 11th house topics, to include:

  • Community
  • Friends
  • Humanitarian efforts
  • Social work

GEMINI – 10th house topics, to include:

  • Career pursuits
  • Social standing
  • Long term responsibilities
  • Expectations and judgments

CANCER – 9th house topics, to include:

  • Educational pursuits
  • Occultism and metaphysical engagement
  • Travel
  • Publications

LEO – 8th house topics, to include:

  • Intimacy
  • Collaborative efforts
  • Appreciation for others
  • Exploration of emotional bonds

VIRGO – 7th house topics, to include:

  • Relationships
  • Helping your partner(s)
  • Listening to others
  • Love and responsibility

LIBRA – 6th house topics, to include:

  • Work projects
  • Filtering through priorities
  • Task lists
  • Health issues
  • Routines and rituals

SCORPIO – 5th house topics, to include:

  • Physical pleasure
  • Romance and flirtation
  • Children
  • Creativity

SAGITTARIUS – 4th house topics, to include:

  • Responsibilities to home and family
  • Comfort and security
  • Understanding deeper roots
  • Heritage, lineage

CAPRICORN – 3rd house topics, to include:

  • Transit
  • Communication
  • Commerce
  • Neighbors

AQUARIUS – 2nd house topics, to include:

  • Financial goals
  • Income
  • Self-care
  • Value systems

PISCES – 1st house topics, to include:

  • Personal goals
  • Health issues
  • Being seen by others
  • Personality analysis


*all times are listed in Eastern Time.

Feb 18 at 6:03 PM, the Sun enters Pisces.

Earlier in the day, before the Sun’s ingress, it sees a sextile to Uranus. This shock of electricity before jumping into a vast ocean of emotions and watery contemplation seems a little risky, but it is unavoidable. As such, take any surprises in stride, and allow this early evening shift of energy to soften and open yourself to the changes or reversals that may have come out of hiding.

In the early morning of Feb 19 at 1:36 AM, Mercury conjoins Neptune in Pisces. This conjunction marks the shadow of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde. Keep an eye out for the happenings in the hours leading up to the conjunction (basically as soon as the Sun enters Pisces) because the ideas/thoughts/communications that come up at this time will likely be braided into the unfolding Mercury retrograde.

On the same day, Feb 19 at 10:53 AM, the full moon in Virgo is exact at 0 degrees.

The full moon is a peak experience, during which the the Sun’s light is reflected entirely by the moon’s pale face. This kind of illumination typically relates to the climax of a project, an intense conversation, and the shift from extraversion to introversion. Sometimes there can be a felt charge in the lived experience, especially in the area of life that Virgo represents in your chart. (This would be whatever area of life is opposite from Pisces).

Because this lunation has a strong tie to Mercury (ruler of Virgo), there is an added emphasis on the fact that Mercury in Pisces sees a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn later in the evening at 9:39 PM. This kind of aspect is typically good for cognition and planning, but because of Mercury’s earlier Neptune conjunction and the upcoming retrograde, it seems that the sextile to Saturn is more of a balance than anything. I imagine a drunk Mercury wobbling around, and then finding something sturdy to lean against so that it can gather its bearings. In the lived experience, this can look like a sudden awareness of one’s surroundings – perhaps a sense of disillusionment – sobriety amidst what seems to be otherwise chaotic.

Overall, the significations suggest that the full moon is offering us awareness around the more practical areas of life. While this may be desirable for those of us working on work projects, financial endeavors, and career pursuits, the awakening nature of this lunation may cause an unpleasant disruption to some escapist tendencies others of us have been engaging with. Like the moment when you realize you’ve spent far too long binge-watching your favorite show while all the work you need to do piles up.

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Feb 22 at 7:55 PM, Mercury in Pisces sees a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

A few months ago, in November and December 2018, Mercury and Jupiter made three conjunctions in Sagittarius. At that time, elements of insight-awareness, consciousness, mind-expansion, and intuition had come up. There may have also been a sense of overwhelm with messages and information coming at us from all angles. It was one of those transits where the best we could do was to answer or respond to the loudest or most important messages as they made themselves available.

In this square pattern, there is a recall to that moment. The way you had handled the information overload at that time likely developed into a new pattern of thinking about the world around you. It may have been only a slight change in the way you mentally process things – or perhaps a mental project that has matured since then. However, now with this square between Mercury and Jupiter in the two Jupiter-ruled signs (Sagittarius & Pisces), there is an echo back to the initial moment. What was prioritized back then and why? Is it still a priority now? Is there another way to look at the way things have unfolded?

This can also mark a time of information overload – lots of details and thoughts in the environment, and trying to parse through it all, but not having the capacity for it. At this time, once again, prioritization needs to be made – what is coming through the clearest? If it is clear, does it mean that it is important? Lots of questions to ask in this moment, and not a lot of answers in response (or so many answers you can’t hear them all).

Later in the evening at 10:52 PM, Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn while the moon in Libra sees a square to their conjunction.

As Mercury and Jupiter remain tight in their tense aspect, Venus is taken to Pluto’s Capricornian underworld, and the waning tired moon witnesses this darkness. There is something very cold and upsetting about this illumination – it can reveal uncomfortable vulnerabilities about society and politics. It can also illuminate our inner politics and the futile bondages we create for ourselves. There is hope, though – the moon’s witness can assist us in identification of these sensitivities. And with the Mercury-Jupiter square occurring in parallel, some of the awakened messages or insights might even help us in determining solutions. Ultimately, though difficult, this can be a very productive evening for shadow work.

Feb 23 at 12:17 PM, Mercury in Pisces sees a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn.

The planet of cognition and rationality offers further witness to the abduction of Venus. Though Mercury is already overwhelmed, it can still sense and express what it sees into tangible feelings. We are given further opportunity to connect with the shadows of last night.

Feb 26 at 6:27 AM, the Last Quarter Moon is exact in Sagittarius

As the moon has lost light over the past week, there has been a great deal of information thrown at us. But we haven’t been able to see the information clearly – it’s all been a little murky. We’ve had to become intuitive, emotive, explore depths and shadows. And what we’ve had to listen/witness has been difficult: internal and external tensions. At this point, if the message hasn’t come through, it will with this quarter moon. The mark of darkness – that half face which indicates a loss of lunar light – is ultimately what we need to see in the dark. Like sitting in darkness, it takes a while for the eyes to adjust, and it doesn’t help if there is too much light streaming in.

On top of the clarity that comes with our darkening moon, there is optimism – a felt sense that all will work out in the end – Jupiter is waiting for the moon to drop by, giving us the gift of union – if even for a moment. Union can mean: people coming together, ideas coming together, unity of what was once separate.

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Feb 27 at 9:32 PM, the Sun in Pisces sees a sextile to Mars in Taurus.

Sun-Mars aspects often elicit energy activation, and there will definitely be energy coming through this transit. However, both Sun and Mars are touring through traditionally passive signs, suggesting that energy is more evenly displaced. It won’t come as a burst or a bright and bold move forward. Rather, there is a steadiness and wandering quality. Perhaps – imagination or motivation is sparked and then carried into measurable action.

This is a passing transit, but useful if you need to motivate yourself to get something done.

Mar 1 at 7:31 AM, Venus in Capricorn sees a square to Uranus in Aries.

The Venus-Uranus connection is about to strengthen considerably as Uranus is so close to entering this love-star’s sign. However, before that 7 year bond begins again, the two are butting heads. Because Venus is so closely connected to our intimacy, love, relationships, and desires, this can relate to a shock or shift in the more romantic or pleasurable areas of life. And if you do experience a shock to your system, then it is likely that this shock/revelation/wake-up-call will further develop once Uranus enters Taurus later in the month.

Later on Mar 1 at 11:45 AM, Venus enters Aquarius.

When Venus is in Aquarius, we are able to shift from heavy duty water/earth energy to playful air. Venus’ trip through Aquarius gives us space to feel, an outlet for fun, and an impetus for lightness. Love and desire are now expressed socially. Wanting others to see that you have what you desire, but also wanting to know what others desire. It reminds me of the phrase, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

In addition to the play, there can also be a curiosity-mental element that displays as cold and calculating. So separation can also become a theme – a need to have distance in order to cognate feelings – distance makes the heart grow fonder – calculating potentials of joy and pleasure. Even though separation can seem unpleasant, when you’ve got too much mushy-messiness (like can happen in Pisces), it is actually really nice to have an opportunity to breathe.

Mar 5 at 1:18 PM, Mercury stations and begins it’s retrograde at 29 degrees of Pisces.

The long-awaited, long-dreaded Mercury retrograde begins. In truth, Mercury has been in a difficult position for several weeks. It has been swimming in the vastness of Pisces since February 10th, and will continue to be floating along until well into April. Though it is a wonderful placement for so many born with Mercury in Pisces, as a transit it can offer us a great deal of confusion and brain-mush. At times it can seem like we are living in an endless fog, light is dark and dark is light, and clocks are melting off the walls when we desperately need them to stay solid. Other times, we find ourselves gifted with an incredible depth of words and language, which allows us to bend the alphabet and all logic into these unbelievably poetic artscapes.

And so, as Mercury performs it’s perceived acrobatic flip through time-space, we are extended an opportunity to suspend what is tangibly real and to explore something more fantastic. That being said, tangible reality does dictate timing and math and that sort of rational stuff which is always useful when it comes to finances, planning, and reviewing or analysis. What I’m saying is this: try to avoid your basic systems, planning, and analyses tasks if you want to go through Mercury retrograde relatively unscathed.

I know it will be difficult because oftentimes it is during the Mercury retrograde that we tend to notice those super-rational tasks that we hadn’t touched earlier when it might have been more appropriate. So if you have to do something of relative importance, make sure to review it – save it – make copies – and get it proof-read by others. If you can, I strongly suggest holding off on any serious technical endeavors (eg, technology, vehicles, budgets, etc).

Mar 6 at 3:26 AM, Uranus enters Taurus.

Uranus is done with Aries for approximately 84 years! It had been moving through Aries for about 8 years, waking us up to the different ways we could express ourselves, our freedoms, and our aggression. We have learned those lessons, and are being shuffled towards a new focus. Uranus in Taurus awakens the fixed earth sign in the zodiac and the place where Taurus resides in your chart. Here’s a quick review of Taurus’ house alignment based on your rising sign:

  • Aries – 2nd House; finances | Taurus – 1st House; self | Gemini – 12th House; isolation | Cancer – 11th House; community | Leo – 10th House; career | Virgo – 9th House; philosophy | Libra – 8th House; exchanges | Scorpio – 7th House; relationships | Sagittarius – 6th House; responsibilities | Capricorn – 5th House; pleasure | Aquarius – 4th House; origins | Pisces – 3rd House; communication.

Whichever house Taurus aligns with is the place where Uranus will be jolting your life into wakefulness. Consider electricity running through the significations of Taurus, which include: tangible pleasures like food, sex, drink, clothes, materials; agriculture; and survival. In the shock, we are tested and forced to reveal weaknesses. Consider these weaknesses to be old patterns and systems of futility that no longer support the core growth and development of the Taurus placements in your chart.

Like developing a new skill, this can be an unpleasant experience initially, but with time and flexibility, we are promised individuation and change.

Mar 6 at 11:03 AM, a New Moon in Pisces is exact.

This dark moon in Pisces begins a new lunar cycle as a number of planetary shifts occur. First, Venus lightens the mood in Aquarius. Then, Mercury retrograde amplifies the already-mushy Pisces rationality. Then Uranus in Taurus electrifies a new area of life. This all occurs under the dark moon, and then the moon is reborn with the imprint of these changes. As the new lunar cycle, the moon and Sun conjoin Neptune. This is dreamy and drifty and docile. A sort of sweet nothingness, an empty egg.

Typically a new moon is a good time to plant intentions – a gestation period. Time-space is fertile and ready for the energetic seeds to lay themselves in the invisible soil of the mind. When we think of seeds planted, it is easy to imagine the follow-up sprout and forthcoming blooms and fruits. However, with the Mercury retrograde in full swing and Uranus’ innate reversing nature coming alive in Taurus, we might find the seed sprouts upside down, growing into a different universe, a different kind of organism. Things are not entirely what they seem. So. Plant your intentions wisely. Consider the Pisces placement in your chart (and if you are more advanced, consider Taurus, too!), and create a special seed for further insight into the affected area of life.

(The stars can only offer what they know.)

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Mar 9 at 2:10 AM, Sun in Pisces sees a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn.

Sun-Saturn can be a little drab, especially when both are in such heavy signs. We could wake up on the morning of the 9th with a sense of responsibility laid on the shoulders of our spirits. I imagine someone saying, Perhaps it is finally time we start working on taxes, but oh wait Mercury is retrograde. This is a touch depressive, too. It might remind us how tired we are and the rest we need, so you could find yourself laying around with a heavy sense of impending to-do’s.

But, if you want to use this passing transit for it’s best value, then get started on something you’ve been meaning to do. It will be easier to continue a project once it has begun (especially with the engine of new moon beginning to build light).

Mar 10 at 12:19 PM, Mars in Taurus sees a sextile to Neptune in Pisces.

Mars-Neptune can sometimes express as an excessive escapist nature, often alluding to drugs and drinking. I believe this is especially the case with Mars in Taurus, an ultra sensual sign which delights in taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound. Alternatively, the escapist desire could also express via creativity. With Taurus there is a manifestation quality since physical form is emphasized. Especially with Mercury in Pisces is offering us Neptunian downloads, it could be Mars’ sextile that ends up funneling these ideas/fantasies into something real.

Mar 13 at 10:29 AM, the Sun in Pisces sees a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Later that evening, at 9:29 PM, the Sun sees a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This is a busy day for the Sun as it meets with heavy-duty Pluto and catches up with buoyant Jupiter nearly simultaneously. In the human realm, our minds and spirits will be illuminated with dark yearnings and grandiose adventures. It is possible that we come to see a bigger picture of what we desire from our lives. Perhaps also, society reveals the way it uses faith and spirituality to gain power over others. There is potential for both good and bad to come to the surface. It is up to each of us to move towards what calls us forward.

Mar 14 at 6:02 AM, Mars in Taurus sees a trine to Saturn in Capricorn.

Early morning, the two malefics conspire together. With these two in cahoots, we can apply Saturn’s goals to Mars’ ability to take action. This actually relates to a longer cycle that began in early 2018, and right now is a perfect time to reflect on how this has been working out for you. Consider the parts of your life that are related to goal-setting and acting-upon-goals. Are these parts of your life intertwined or separate? Can you blend your future-sight with manifestation? The Mars-Saturn trine can offer some ease and harmony between these two inherent parts of life. Just because they are challenging planets, doesn’t mean they can’t offer productivity and positive outcomes.

Approximately 20 minutes later, at 6:27 AM on Mar 14, the First Quarter Moon in Gemini is exact.

Isn’t it cool that we have this power-house trine occurring at the same time as the building moon exactly shifts towards excess light and manifestation? It is an indication that we can really make something happen. That said, the ruler of Gemini – Mercury – is lost in the space-time continuum of Pisces. So how well will this moon actually help us? Hard to say. My impression is that things will work out for the best, even if at first there is significant confusion along the way. It is like ritual sacrifice – you have to give something of value in order to receive something of value…. perhaps we are sacrificing our time and cognition for a greater story to unfold.

On the night of Mar 14 at 9:47 PM, the Sun conjoins Mercury in Pisces.

Barely a day after the quarter moon and Mercury is already getting involved. Trickster energy will be alive at this time. Have a sense of play and flexibility – it’ll be easier to handle confusion if you are letting it be rather than trying to force rigidity.

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Mar 15 at 7:16 PM, Mercury in Pisces sees a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Once again, we get a Mercury-Jupiter contact as Mercury moves in reverse. The last one occurred on Feb 22. Was there something then that is relevant now? Is there some kind of review related to ideas and communication, sharing beliefs? Perhaps this marks a crisis point around a decision or project begun at the earlier date. This is a moment of awareness more than a moment of reaction.

Mar 16 at 9:08 AM, Mercury in Pisces sees a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn.

On this day it is possible that deep dark shadows begin to show up in the periphery. We’ve already worked with them throughout this season and the last, but perhaps they still need work. Consider the ways you tell yourself about your own inner darknesses. Is there something about this self-talk that constricts you?

Mar 17 at 11:23 PM, Mercury in Pisces sees a sextile to Mars in Taurus.

This transit relates to understanding and comprehension of the work we’ve done thus far. This can be work-work, life-work, shadow-work, etc. Like the day earlier with Mercury’s sextile to Pluto, self-talk comes to light, and we check in to see how far we’ve come in the process of our work. This placement can also make tongues sharp and judgmental, so carry a sense of caution on this day.

Mar 20 at 7:41 AM, Mars in Taurus sees a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. A few hours later at 10:26 AM, Mercury in Pisces sees a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn.

As the Sun moves through the final degree of Pisces en route to Aries and the equinox point, we get a double-dose of Capricornian expansion. Mars’ trine to Pluto eases tension around any challenging shadow-work and clears paths towards healing. One could also opt-out of the work, and live in blissful ignorance with such an easy aspect. Mercury’s sextile to Capricorn finalizes the retrograde trickster’s contacts with our malefics (though it will come back into contact in direct motion later down the road), offering one more level of hellish insight. But maybe not hellish insight – perhaps just a steady sturdy awareness of surroundings. It depends on your chart and your choices. Do you want to open yourself to the difficulties? Do you prefer to live on the surface?

FORECAST | Aquarius Season 2019

Note: In our solar system, the Sun is the central point around which the planets orbit. From the Earth perspective, we cannot survive without sunlight; it is the light that nourishes our bodies, and the spotlight under which we act out our entire lives. Given the Sun’s importance, we’ve learned to articulate time around its trends. The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice all relate back to the felt shifts of shining brilliance the Sun shares with us in this lonely universe. And so it is from Earth’s perspective that I write these astrological forecasts in time with the Sun’s journey through the tropical zodiac.


Aquarius is the fixed air sign of the zodiac. It is often perceived as the brainy weird kid of the twelve signs, reflecting deeply about humanitarian issues, and sparking revolutionary actions. It has two rulers – Saturn and Uranus. Saturn shows us Aquarius the Architect – the water-bearer’s ability to plan for and build out new and better structures. Uranus gives us a taste of Aquarius the Eccentric – the future-minded oddball who values informed thought and innovative systems over fitting in and normalcy. In blending the signification of Aquarius’ co-rulers, we find the core attitude to be separation in the name of betterment. And so you might see this in people who have strong Aquarian signatures – people who tend to meaningfully create space between them and everyone else in order to better understand and improve.

During 2019’s Aquarius season, however, there is an added element of heat and friction. To start us off, the Lunar Eclipse in Leo in the late night of January 20th is the main event amidst two tense squares and a grand fire trine. Right away we are thrown into the fire, asked to activate our passionate natures, to open ourselves to our internal spark. The rest of the season is marked by aspects with several planets in fire signs, grounded by Saturn’s movement through cool, earthy Capricorn. It seems that once the eclipse has passed, we will finally be granted the opportunity to really put our new year’s resolutions into motion.

Overall, this Aquarius season offers us a lot of active energy to use as we begin or continue our developments and projects. It seems that we can get pretty far this season, and then when Pisces season comes along we can perhaps rest a bit and see how far we’ve come.

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Find your rising sign below, and discover what area of life will be activated by the Sun’s movement through Aquarius. Once you’ve learned the area of life that is involved, continue to scroll down to the Timeline portion and learn what dates and times will be activated as the Sun traverses through the zodiacal sign Aquarius.

ARIES – 11th house topics, to include:

  • Friends
  • Community
  • Professional Organizations
  • Trauma-work

TAURUS – 10th house topics, to include:

  • Career motivations
  • Long-term goals
  • Public opinion
  • Social expectations

GEMINI – 9th house topics, to include:

  • Long distance travel
  • Occult studies
  • Astrological pursuits
  • Sharing experience

CANCER – 8th house topics, to include:

  • Collaborative projects
  • Taxes
  • Debts and loans
  • Dark or existential thoughts

LEO – 7th house topics, to include:

  • Partnerships
  • Social involvement
  • Long term romantic entanglements
  • Intimacy

VIRGO – 6th house topics, to include:

  • Work
  • Chores
  • Medical issues
  • Preventative care
  • Pets

LIBRA – 5th house topics, to include:

  • Creative pursuits
  • Romantic engagements
  • Food and drink
  • Pleasure-seeking activities
  • Children

SCORPIO – 4th house topics, to include:

  • Home life
  • Parents
  • Lineage
  • Family responsibilities

SAGITTARIUS – 3rd house topics, to include:

  • Daily transit
  • Communication
  • Sharing ideas
  • Ritual or religious activities

CAPRICORN – 2nd house topics, to include:

  • Money and finances
  • Self-confidence
  • Material items
  • Shopping, eating, resting

AQUARIUS – 1st house topics, to include:

  • Personal health
  • Self image
  • Personality
  • Life review

PISCES – 12th house topics, to include:

  • Isolation
  • Reflection
  • Self-study
  • Solo pursuits


*all times are listed in Eastern Time.

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th at 3:59 am.

  • Throughout the 20th, the moon moves through Cancer, opposing Pluto, Mercury, and eventually conjuncting the nodal axis. As it builds light and approaches fullness, we are given a new perspective on the insights that have developed since the partial solar eclipse on January 5th. (read more)
  • The same day, at 11:15 pm, Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. This planetary combination (planet of desire & planet of fantasy) calls illusions forward. With the tension of the square pattern, we are asked to problem solve – to cut away the unnecessary – to prioritize. In this case, we need to untangle our desires from our illusions. Sometimes the idea or image of a reality is more appealing than the reality itself. We all have these moments where we want the picture-perfect without realizing how it actually feels to live in that image. It is important now to open your heart and mind to a desired sensation – what do I want to feel VS what do I want to look like.

Early on January 21st at 12:16 am, the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo is exact.

  • Following the moon’s near full-ness in Cancer, the Earth’s body blocks light from the Sun, casting a dark reddened shadow over the moon. The Sun at 0 degrees of Aquarius and the moon at 0 degrees of Leo, are impeded from seeing each other while the Earth stands between them. The pattern of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius have been ongoing since 2017, asking us to release excess focus on group-think for better more loving forms of self-expression. This Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo marks the end of this cycle, awakening us to the full potential of our refreshed Leonine expression. More love, more creativity, more pride in self.
  • Considering the Venus-Neptune square an hour earlier, there is an element of reckoning in this eclipse. That process of cutting away illusion for actual felt experience is very involved in the lesson of this Leo eclipse. It is as if we can finally feel the work of being authentic, of sharing our eccentricities and unique gifts – we can finally open our hearts to the full bloom of our personal offerings to the collective. And as a result, confidence and enthusiasm swell.
  • Another point to consider is the Mars-Saturn square which occurs at 6:47 am the same day. Mars in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn. Our two most challenging planets are at odds in this aspect, bringing up a lot of frustration. The desire to take on everything and move as fast as possible VS the wisdom of slow and steady wins the race. This is a call-back to the conjunction between Mars and Saturn in early 2018. Back then we were dealing with the question, “how can I strategically use my energy?“ We all faced challenges around productivity, many of us saturated with too much work or too many goals. Hopefully you took the medicine of the lesson, and found ways to appropriately pace yourself. This square-pattern now offers a test. How far have you come, are you appropriately using your resources? Is a course correction needed?
  • Finally, at around 9 pm, there is a Grand Fire Trine between Mars in Aries, the Moon in Leo, and Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius. Typically, the grand fire trine gives us a big boost of energy towards passion and creativity. However, with the Leo Moon in the distorted space of the North Node, there seems to be extra attention on the Leo element of this trine, like an arrow pointing at the Leo placement in the chart.
  • All together now: This eclipse wakes us up to the whole point of the eclipse pattern – like the epic climax of the hero’s journey, in which the hero faces the final obstacle. It was never about the obstacle or what others expected of the hero, but rather the hero’s will and personal sense of direction. It was always about the hero’s growth and development as a person, about maturing and coming into a stronger better self after many trials with personal demons. And so we are faced with the tension of prioritization, of decision making, of understanding the value of who we are and why we are here and how we can offer ourselves more freely and honestly in light of a better tomorrow.
  • In a mundane sense, eclipse days are better spent in observation, though it appears this one might be calling us to action! If that is the case for you, my advice is to act on your best and highest good without ego, without judgment, and with lots of compassion.
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January 22nd at 7:25 am, Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius.

  • Following the epic eclipse in Leo, our two most beneficial planets conjoin in Jupiter’s domicile. This gives us an optimistic day for love and luck! On a mundane level, this is a great day for social engagements and group gatherings.
  • In another perspective, this conjunction can open us to the many potentials of what love is and how we can relate to it from a more philosophical tone. There is also possibility for meeting loved ones in the dream world, finding love in the astral realm.

January 23rd at 6:13 am, Mercury in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries.

  • Mercury-Uranus offers significant truth downloads. Sudden awareness or enlightenment can occur. With the Capricorn-Aries mash up, this relates to the earlier Mars-Saturn square on the 21st. Something new becomes evident to us – a missing piece in the puzzle of balance. Or possibly the recognition that we made a mistake and it is time to address it.

January 24th at 12:49 am, Mercury enters Aquarius.

  • Mercury in Aquarius is very systematic, organizing for the sake of improvement. There is a touch of engineering here, but only in a theoretical sense (unless Aquarius is marks one of the houses below the horizon line, in which case engineering is more spontaneous and occurs in a tone of response). Discussion tends toward the logical and rational. Problem solving can be a lot of fun with this placement.
  • Of note, Mercury is moving at a quickened pace, adding some extra oomph to the mental processes. It’s possible that discussions, meetings, writing, and communications go on much longer as a result of Hermes’ fast-paced flitting to and fro.

January 25th at 12:53 pm, Mars in Aries trines Jupiter in Sagittarius.

  • Reminding us of the earlier grand fire trine as well as the Leo eclipse, we get a boost from Mars and Jupiter to act out some of our intentions. Jupiter’s philosophies and ideas are given embodiment with Mars’ action-oriented nature. If we’ve been meaning to do something, today’s energies may feel like the right time for it.
  • This trine also speaks to Mars’ earlier conjunction with Jupiter in January 2018, and their larger cycle overall. Back then, you might have made a resolution to accomplish something – set goals or intentions for longer term growth. In November 2018, Mars squared Jupiter, forcing us to see how far we’d come with those intentions. At present, with the trine aspect, there is some ease in the effort of continued growth and goal reaching, however it can be squandered due to the lack of tension that tends to force us into action. If there is something that you’ve been working on over these past twelve months, consider today a good opportunity to review and reorganize in an effort to make those intentions a reality. It will be easier now than it will be this May.

January 27th at 4:10 pm the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio is exact.

  • This lunation marks the falling action following the epic nature of the Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Because the moon is waning and losing light, energies will be depleted and reflection/introspection will take center stage. In Scorpio, la luna craves these depths, and so we are given a special lens for inward thought.
  • It is possible that this lunation also brings a sense of crisis-awareness to the shifts that have been occurring during eclipse season. Such awareness is key in the process of fully integrating and normalizing the changes that have occurred up to this point.
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January 29th at 9:51 pm, Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Aquarius.

  • This is the moment of Mercury’s superior conjunction with the Sun, giving us a sense of awareness around the mental pursuits we’ve taken on since the last Mercury retrograde. We are now moving towards an upcoming Mercury retrograde in Pisces, and will need to start finishing up what was started earlier in this cycle.

January 31st at 9:14 am, Saturn in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces.

  • Boundary building Saturn and foggy Neptune don’t really make the best pair, but when they are joined together in a sextile aspect, they offer helpful rays to each other. Sextiles aren’t as powerful as trines, but they can offer us pleasant energy between two planets. Saturn and Neptune in this configuration can help us feel safe in the drift – a sense of still faith within. As we begin turning inward as the moon and Mercury are suggesting, Saturn-Neptune can also offer us safe path towards internal processing.

February 1st at 10:19 pm, Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn.

  • Similar to the Mars-Saturn square on the day of the Lunar Eclipse in Leo, this square pattern between Mars and Pluto asks us to recall how far we’ve come since their earlier conjunction in 2018. Mars-Pluto tends to give us a lot of energy activation towards living on the edge – desiring the experience of being alive no matter the cost. Pluto can also relate to power and control issues as a result of deep fear. Ultimately, with these two in cahoots, we’ll get an opportunity to experience the drama of our control/power issues – whether via internal conflict or external conflict depending on your personal chart placements.
  • In line with the earlier eclipse, it seems that if you choose to step up and work with the toxic or dark energy that exists within you (as opposed to avoiding it), you’ll level up significantly in this life-game.

February 2nd at 6:41 pm, Venus in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries.

  • In 2018 we experienced Venus opposite Uranus, which brought a lot of tension to the way we approach engaging with others as well as love. Now that both planets are in fire signs and making a trine aspect to each other, there is a sense of resolution and ease here. It is possible that the tension has only momentarily dissipated, but it is also possible that a genuine understanding is coming out of it.
  • I can’t help but be reminded of BORNS’ Electric Love music video, which I’ve added here for those who don’t know it. Basically, the element of sudden rushing joy – the tingly happy sensation we get when something really wonderful happens. When Venus and Uranus come into contact in such a harmonious way it can relate to a shock of pleasure that we didn’t recognize before.
  • This is a passing transit, so it is possible that the rush of energy that comes from it is only temporary unless there are placements and activations in your chart to suggest otherwise.

February 3rd 4:54 pm, Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius. Then Venus enters Capricorn at 5:29 PM.

  • Mercury-Jupiter can sometimes relate to information overload. Since the last Mercury retrograde was so influenced by the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction, this Mercury-Jupiter sextile is like a reminder from the past, but only if you want it. There is always the option to ignore the fruit of the moment, but in this instance, it seems wise to take some time and consider how things have grown and developed since late 2018. It can be so helpful to just look back for a moment as you continue onward.
  • In kind, Venus in Capricorn elevates our value and beauty decisions based off of past structures. In Capricorn, the planet of desire wants high quality, stand-the-test-of-time materials and expressions of love. Think classic and sophisticated, a noticeable difference from Venus’ earlier trip through explorative ever-optimistic Sagittarius.

February 4th at 4:03 PM, the New Moon in Aquarius is exact.

  • Take in a deep breathe of fresh air. We are finally out of eclipse season! This lunation is the time for intention-setting and manifestation as the new year finally begins after the refresh of the eclipses. (This also marks the Chinese New Year – Year of the Earth Pig!)
  • Consider how things have developed up to this point in 2019, dive deeper into the forecasts for the year ahead, and give yourself the opportunity to make the plans (or review the plans that have been made). This moment will help ground any haphazard resolutions from January.
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February 7th at 7:32 pm, Jupiter in Sagittarius sextiles the Sun in Aquarius. At 8:24 PM, Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Mars in Aries.

  • Two planets in Aquarius are in a sextile with two planets in fire signs. This adds some heat to the Aquarian innovation, and gives us an opportunity to reach further, to make action, to create based off of what’s been going on in our minds. This is also opportune given the fact that the moon is in an extraverted phase now, gaining light and becoming available for manifesting.

February 9th at 5:53 pm, Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries.

  • Mercury-Uranus were just in a square earlier this season on January 23rd. If there were insights about changes that needed to occur, now is a great time to put those changes into motion!
  • This is otherwise a fun day for mental pursuits, reading something different, and sharing unusual ideas.

February 10th at 5:50 pm, Mercury enters Pisces.

  • Mercury’s entrance into Pisces is refreshing and balancing since we’ve been missing the water element this season. Like the rest of the water signs, Pisces is emotional, sensitive, nurturing, and passive. This element can offer us some much needed pause as we cool down the fiery motivations that have been burning us up. However, because Mercury is actually really out of place in this sign, this placement can be a tad frustrating in the long term.
  • In fact, Mercury will eventually station retrograde in Pisces, extending it’s transit through much of April. That said, it is not yet time to prepare for the infamous chaos of Mercury retrograde. Instead, it is worthwhile to explore the difficult-to-define nature of Pisces through the definition-master Mercury. It may seem counterintuitive to make good out of this placement, but in reality it isn’t so bad. It definitely isn’t great for analyzing spreadsheets and numbers, but it is very helpful for creative writing and the arts.
  • In addition to a boost in creativity, Mercury in Pisces, though not at its best, is still wonderful for its ability to comprehend emotions, to articulate what often seems beyond words, and to share goodwill with others. Consider Mercury’s transit through Pisces a long lesson in creative expression.

February 12th at 5:26 pm, the First Quarter Moon in Taurus is exact.

  • As the moon gains light and transitions towards fullness, we are able to see the beginning stages of progress in any intentions set during the earlier new moon. At this point in the lunar cycle, we start prioritizing certain tasks or projects over others, placing more focus on what we’d like to reap at the full moon. In Taurus, the moon delights in sensual pleasures which adds a certain physical element to what is being manifested.
  • I imagine the beginning stages of a pregnancy when the mother starts to show, or the moments leading up to dinner when the meal is actually being prepared. There is something very exciting about it that lights up all five senses.
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February 13th at 1:20 am, Mars conjuncts Uranus in Aries

  • This is a pretty big deal. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is joining together with Uranus who won’t be back in Aries for a very long time. It’s kind of like Mars’ final goodbye to this visitor in its home, and it seems that there would be something meaningful that comes out of it.
  • Mars-Uranus is hot electricity, explosive, engaging, exciting, and unnerving. Because Uranus is always trying to shock us, we know that what comes of this conjunction will be from left field – totally not what we expect. Buttttt! We can narrow down the options a bit: if you know where Aries is in your chart, then you can identify the area of life that the shock will be coming from. Here’s a quick break down if you know your rising sign:
    • Aries – 1st house; self || Taurus – 12th house; isolation, fears, enemies || Gemini – 11th house; community || Cancer – 10th house; career || Leo – 9th house; mind expansion || Virgo – 8th house; debts, loans, collabs || Libra – 7th house; partnerships || Scorpio – 6th house; chores, work, health || Sagittarius – 5th house; creativity, pleasure || Capricorn – 4th house; home, family || Aquarius – 3rd house; communication, routines || Pisces – 2nd house; finances, income.

February 14th at 5:51 am, Mars enters Taurus.

  • Just in time for Valentine’s Day in the US, Mars enters sensual Taurus! This placement helps temper Mars’ impulse-action so there is more of a method to the way things are done. Over the next few weeks, slow and steady wins the race while Mars tours Taurus. If you’ve got a project that you’ve wanted to get done, now you’ll have the steady energy flow to do it.

February 17th at 3:44 am, Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces.

  • This aspect harks back to the Venus-Neptune square on January 20th at the time of the Leo eclipse. At that time there was a focus on the way things looked versus the way things felt. In this instance, we might find that the desired appearance is in harmony with the desired feeling. This is a good day for artistic endeavors; putting pen to paper; making something beautiful; feeling into what looks good.

Feb 18th at 2:54 am the Sun in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries. At 5:51 AM, Venus in conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn.

  • As the Sun moves through the last degree of Aquarius, the two co-rulers of the sign are activated leaving us with a final impression of the season. Sun-Uranus can inspire us to look at our sense of self in a new light. Venus-Saturn can be a little heavy, pessimistic, and over-critical. In unison, we might find that the thing we’ve been so critical of can be seen with new eyes – that it can be repurposed as a useful character trait rather than something that makes us a little sad about ourselves.