FORECAST | Leo Season 2019

Note: In our solar system, the Sun is the central point around which the planets orbit. From the Earth perspective, we cannot survive without sunlight; it is the light that nourishes our bodies, and the spotlight under which we act out our entire lives. Given the Sun’s importance, we’ve learned to articulate time around its trends. The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice all relate back to the felt shifts of shining brilliance the Sun shares with us in this lonely universe. And so it is from Earth’s perspective that I write these astrological forecasts in time with the Sun’s journey through the tropical zodiac.



This Leo Season, we take the wet unsteady forms of Cancer Season and fire them in the metaphorical kiln which is Leo. During that time under the Cancer Sun, we dismantled our most constrictive structures and recovered our inner needs. Many of us have felt the unsteadiness and awkwardness of leaving the known behind. I imagine the wet feathers of a newly hatched bird, of stepping out of water and into the sunshine. Leo burns brightly for us, and helps us find shape in the spark of identity.

Leo is a sign of purpose – it’s the fire that burns within our hearts. Wherever Leo is in your chart, that is a place in support of your identity and truth. And then consider where the Sun is – the Sun rules Leo and shines a portal of brilliant authenticity wherever it takes up space. As you reflect on these placements, you may begin to see one of two paths emerge: A path of sweet nakedness, of the most open-hearted expression of identity. Or a path of performance – needing to construct persona in order to meet expectations. You may also find that you live a winding spiral path which incorporates both the nakedness and the performance.

As the Sun returns to it’s home in Leo, each of us gets an opportunity to re-connect with that inner chord of being. We get to see that part of our chart light up, to experience the brightness of purpose come forward and flow through our lives and environment. Some of us will feel it deep inside and others of us will see it come alive in others. In all cases, the flash of fire will strike us and enliven us with passion.

This is a season of stepping into the light and embracing the heat of is-ness. It is a spotlight on the stage, inspiration to make the change, the comfort of one’s beating heart. We release the muddiness of Cancer season as easy and effortless as evaporating water. We recognize our inner light, and awaken to the slow burn of self.


Find your rising sign below to receive a brief summary into the areas of life that will be impacted by Leo Season. Continue to the Timeline portion to get exact dates and descriptions for the events to come.


Aries, Leo season activates your 5th house of passion, pleasure, and romance. There is play energy here! After the challenging and potentially traumatic experience of the eclipses in your responsibility axis, your heart needs a break. Opening to the loving vibration of Leo can help you access the joy of inner-child. You are given permission to come alive in your authentic self.


Taurus, Leo season activates your 4th house of home and soul. Ancestry and roots and potential you-ness comes to the fore. This is the ground of your birth moment, the place that holds you and re-wombs you every night. Considering, also, the heat of Uranus in your identity sector – you’ve got a lot electricity running through your self-concept. Allow yourself to come undone in Leo season and to access deep love of self. You are allowed to be vulnerable!


Gemini, Leo season activates your 3rd house of all things in motion. Getting from here to there, thoughts, flow, energy unfolding in the now. This is a sunflower following the sunshine in order to get the most out of the day. This is a profound season of experiencing magic in the moment. Take a deep breath and unravel your mind with gentle awareness. Just like the sun which feeds the entire earth with energy, you are able to fuel your life path with nurturing warmth. Each step is an opportunity for love to blossom at your feet.


Cancer, Leo season activates your 2nd house of resources and valuables. You are your most valuable possession. After the heightened energy of the eclipses, you’ve had to re-focus yourself on what you want out of life. The work of following your heart requires constant replenishment. Filling your cup again and again allows you to take charge of your life and build your resources from the ground up. This season is one of deep deep nurture. Give yourself the gift of grounding and stability. Take up the space you need.


Leo, this season activates your 1st house of self and identity. You are the sunshine, bright and bold and filled to the brim with purpose. This is a season of big-love, of opening yourself to the good fortune of raw passion. Inspiration comes knocking at your door nearly every day over the next four weeks. You’ve got something incredible blossoming inside of you. Let this season open your heart and mind to the magic of synchronicity. Repeat this phrase: “The Universe is for me.”


Virgo, Leo season activates yous 12th house of hidden mysteries. The power of your spiritual landscape shines brightly and beckons you to take pause from the outer world. There is a need to spiral inwards and connect with your core divinity. The energy of this season holds space for you to process and comprehend what has unfolded over the last few months. You need this receiving space, the quiet moments under the sun, the stillness of reflection. These moments nourish you and replenish your spirit. A fire is burning in your innermost sacred center, allow it to warm you.


Libra, Leo season activates your 11th house of community, network, and friendships. The pleasure of your connection to the world is life-giving. This is a healing season after the challenges presented with the eclipses. You can find solace in seeking the nourishing bonds of like-minds. Your authentic self is being called to come into the light of this season. The world wants to know you, and your heart will feel so full if you let the mask fall off to reveal a truer more vulnerable you.


Scorpio, Leo season activates your 10th house of career and public achievement. The world is your stage. With the shocks of Uranus moving through your partnership sector, there can be uncertainty around who to trust and how to be. This season allows you to access an avenue of authenticity through your calling to create and manifest your you-ness for the world. Art and drama and love and body are meant to be seen and shared. You have the option to fill the world with inspiration and love and you.


Sagittarius, Leo season activates your 9th house of life-adventure. This is a place of your broadcasted opinion, your concept of the path unfolding, and what you believe in. This is the place where the life-adventure is witnessed on a big picture scale. The sun’s illumination of this terrain brightens your mind and evolves your heart-space. The thrill of discovering spirit and the beyond. Passion awakens your higher self, and you can find yourself floating in a realm of meaningful self-discovery.


Capricorn, Leo season activates your 8th house of subtle energy. This is a place of the bonds that happen between you and others, you and your environment. This is where you project your desires, where you feel jealousy and longing. Accessing the gems of this invisible realm takes concentration, focus, and work. If you can tune into the roots of your projections/desires, you can discover the empowering possibilities that you hold within. The ability to manifest by transforming the invisible energy into action steps. You are the solar panels soaking in the power of the sun, and fueling major industry. But only if you are willing to access the shadow realm of your longing.


Aquarius, Leo season activates your 7th house of others, relationships, partnerships. There is a strong desire to connect and dissolve into other people. You have the ability to use other people’s bright energy to enliven your sense of purpose. You can see potential in others, illuminate their divine light. It can be enchanting, the way people are. Know that everything you see in someone else is what you yourself offer the world. You are a bright beacon of wonderful human-ness, and anyone who doesn’t see this in you is not worth your energy.


Pisces, Leo season activates your 6th house of the undefined. This is a place of many questions, and the constant practice of finding answers. As it so often turns out, answers are hidden in the processes of seeking. Like taking apart a car in order to see what’s inside, we can never really know without digging deeper into the issue at hand. This can take courage when it comes to your sense of purpose in life. Unmasking the ins and outs of what makes you tick can require strength of heart and an open mind. Fortunately, this season offers you just that.


*all times are listed in Eastern Time.

July 22 at 10:50 PM, the Sun enters Leo.

Like the moment when you wake up naturally to the most exquisite sunrise – like the perfect synchronicity of life, as if everything is in tune. It feels good the way sincere joy wells up in the body. No need to rush, no anxiety, no depression, only the distinct pleasure of presence. << that’s the Sun’s experience.

If you’ve got a strong Sun in your chart, you’ll probably feel that same level of brightness. However, if your Sun faces more challenges, then this season may present more difficulty.

This is a season of reconnecting to our solar natures, and relates to energies like the following:

  • Expression of self

  • Dressing well

  • Physical well-being

  • Optimism

  • Feeling seen and loved

  • Pride in personal truth

If you feel like the above is too difficult or causes stress for you, then this season holds the potential to be an uncomfortable awareness around that. On the other hand, you could always choose to explore the discomfort in pursuit of healing your heart. I think of the tarot card Strength, which is often connected to the sign of Leo. This card represents the gentleness involved with courage and power – the essence of holding space for self. It takes a soft touch to open the heart and to feel the warmth of strength in vulnerability.

Even if you find it easy to live in your solar nature, consider how much lovelier it would be if you could savor every second of it. No rush to be, just be.

July 24 at 8:26 PM, Mercury Rx conjoins Venus in Cancer.

Retrograde Mercury touches Venus and together they come up with the most beautiful language for desire and pleasure. This is a planetary aspect of love letters, heart-to-hearts, and deeply felt confessions. The retrograde element adds a synchronous layer to things, the feeling of walking in a circle to discover you’ve climbed a spiral, and the way confusion helps us find the true path forward. It’s sort of marked with a feeling of “meant-to-be.”

In Cancer, this expressed eros comes in subtle messages ~ a brief glance across the room, the electricity of not touching, the way silence seems to be so full of meaning.

This aspect can also open us to more creativity, sensuality, and personal pleasure. As we pursue what we love to do and feel, we can find ourselves illuminated with thoughts and realizations. The power of feeling pleasure is that it can open us to flow.

July 24 at 9:18 PM, the Final Quarter Moon is exact in Taurus.

We are still technically in eclipse season. Even though the Sun is now in Leo, and the eclipses are over, the lunar cycle that began on July 2nd’s Solar Eclipse is still in effect. This Final Quarter Moon is the tail end of eclipse season.

As such, the element of distortion is still at play. Typically as the moon wanes and loses light, the lack of body helps us release what needs to fade away. In this context, the body of the moon is already inaccessible. Whatever we would have left behind has been in release since eclipse season began. So this is a final purge rather than the beginning of an end.

In Taurus, we feel the release around body, physical form, earth, the five senses, and sensuality. To add, Uranus in Taurus reminds us of its significations and the role it has played in eclipse season. This is the background breaker of walls ~ the Uranian jolt which awakens us to body intelligence and genius of our home planet. This is a striking lunation – one filled with the release of bodily needs and messages…. I imagine a free fall sensation – that discomfort of losing control, but knowing it’ll be better if you let go 100% rather than try to hold on at all.

As we go into this final phase of eclipse season, consider where you still hold resistance and seek to release it.

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July 25 at 8:22 AM, Mars in Leo sees a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The energetic flare of Mars-Jupiter contacts in fire signs breathes life into us! Wherever the fire signs are in your chart will awaken with a dramatic happiness and excitement. The desire to make good on plans made, spontaneous adventures, and the courage associated with pursuit of passion.

It’s also important to note that Jupiter is stationing at this time – sitting on 14 degrees of Sagittarius for the next four weeks. The Mars contact to Jupiter is a hot entrance into the broader significations of Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius. This will likely be felt through the will and the internal push to make something happen in your life. The drive (Mars) to pursue (Jupiter).

It could be helpful to consider where Sagittarius and Leo are in your chart and to identify the connection between those two areas of your life. As you see them brighten and burn for action, your awareness of them will give you the choice to harness their power for something productive. If you don’t, then it’s somewhat up to fate, eh?

And isn’t that the most Mars-Jupiter concept = fate versus free-will? Jupiter would have it all align with the stars ~ everything connects. Mars would rather take it into their own hands and craft something out of it. As these two planets work together now, there is an opportunity to blend what you feel is fated with the work of choice and decision-making. This is powerful energy, and it only lasts for a couple days before and after.

July 27 at 9:53 PM, Venus enters Leo.

Venus in Leo is raw creative energy. It is the pleasure of passion, the adrenaline pumping ecstasy of love. Fiery Leo loves to burn bright, to show off and express the truth of it’s inner light. With Venus carrying Leo’s flame, there is a warmth to touch, a fire in the eyes of love. There is a need to express love in identity. Under this transit, we seek beauty in presence. We desire light.

The flicker of candle light, sweet aroma of body, the bonfire romance, the satisfaction of dressing the way you feel. It’s a bold energy, one that loves to be pet and felt and witnessed. Most importantly, Venus in Leo loves to love – love itself and love others, shine that brilliance all around.

If you are someone with a bit of solar deficiency in your chart, you may find it hard to fill yourself with the glow of self-love. Even if you have a fine sun placement, we live in a world that makes it easier to ignore yourself than it is to love yourself. With the fluorescent damage of capitalism, we seek artificial sunlight to help our inner child grow. What if, instead of finding superficial fixes, we took the time to bask under the healing heat of self-care? That’s what this transit offers us.

July 29 at 7:14 PM, the Sun in Leo sees a square to Uranus in Taurus.

Sun-Uranus inspires eccentricity. In a square aspect, there is tension. Volcanic outbursts for a more individualized, more authentic, more eccentric self. And yet, what about the person I have always been? The center of existence is the sun, no? There is a clash in the “how-to,” but at the core of this dynamic is a shared motive for is-ness and truth. In identifying that what is truly the core of you will never truly change, we are liberated from the prison of labels and brands.

In a mundane sense, this is an electric day. Energy is charged, but the moon is dark… this is kind of like being wired on caffeine while very sleep-deprived. Under such conditions, impulsive reactions are likely.

July 31

at 11:11 PM, the New Moon in Leo is exact.

A fresh start!

Breathe it in…. slow deep breaths. ahhh

We finally step out of eclipse season and settle back into “normal life.” I imagine being stuck in a hotel room all day and then finally stepping into the glorious outside; that feeling of being alive, the way our bodies expand at the touch of endless sky after learning to shrink under the walls that box us in.

As we move through this transition, ushered by the moon, there can be a sense of shock – the way change does. No matter how gently we try to introduce it, there is still the fact that this energy is distinctly different from what we just came out of. If you’ve been paying close meditative attention to the flow of activity in your life, then perhaps you’ll have an easier time with this…. but I suspect most of us will be a little startled.

And in this shifting, the illuminations and insights are invited to blossom. Isn’t it funny how we get such clarity in hindsight? It is one of the natural effects of change; understanding happens as we open, as we allow the borders of our mind to expand.

To add, at 11:57 PM, Mercury stations direct in Cancer. Comprehension is determined to plant itself in our lives. Mercury’s direct motion is perfectly synced to the new moon, putting extra emphasis on the way understanding   t a k e s   t i m e . // The station points in Mercury’s retrograde cycle are highly charged moments of downloading/expression. They draw on the power of archetypal messaging and send each of us specially customized cognitions. In this specific station, we are able to access the lessons of the eclipses and use those lessons to grow ourselves & our lives under the fruitful energy of this lunar cycle.

This is a potent new moon: it holds the power to evolve our consciousness.

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August 2 at 6:00 AM, Venus in Leo sees a square to Uranus in Taurus.

Venus’s tense angle to Uranus helps push the electric-shock planet to express it’s intent. Earlier this season, it was the Sun’s square to Uranus that highlighted the desire for eccentric-authentic expression – the liberation of identity as organic rather than constructed. Now, Uranus meets with the ruler of Taurus. And as such, there is a special energy to this square. It certainly has the standard stress involved with square aspects, but with a deeper intent at play. This is a growth, developmental moment.

Venus breathes significance into Uranus, suggesting that the Uranian revelations address self-worth, self-value, self-love.

This isn’t the first time Venus has seen a square to Uranus in Taurus, and it won’t be the last. In fact, this is only the beginning of a long walk with Uranus in Taurus (we’ve got 6.5 years to go). So consider this moment of connection a special one – it teaches us something about what Uranus is doing in our lives. (which is to say that we are learning a higher-level expression of the Taurus things… things like land, body, touch, sensuality, nourishment, and resource).

To add another layer of importance, Uranus is stationing – apparently standing still in the sky at 6 degrees of Taurus, readying itself for a retrograde. These station moments are particularly dense with downloads. Venus helps funnel the Uranus information into a Leonine expression.

This looks like an awakening of bodily needs which leads to a deepening of passion for self, for land, for where you are.

August 7 at 3:31 AM, the Sun in Leo sees a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Sun trine Jupiter is an expansive brightness. It dissolves the need for boundary and opens the spirit to connection; to the life-giving sensation of joy. Of note, Jupiter is stationing at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, readying itself for direct motion. The Sun’s contact to Jupiter spotlights the influence of Jove’s retrograde. This is a good moment to reflect back to April 2019 and what came up then in the realm of Sagittarius. There were likely some downloads around personal narrative, the way you understand your place in the world, and the notion of what is Truth.

Now that Jupiter is nearly finished with retrograde, consider how your concepts of storytelling, personal mythology, and reality have changed or grown. For instance, there may have been shifts in the way you experience synchronicity. Perhaps you gained a new philosophical approach, or you took on a new adventure that altered your perspective.

As you note the changes, utilize the Sun’s trine to Jupiter to fertilize your spirit with comprehension. Consider it a graduation ceremony or a moment of recognition. Take time to allow your developments to fully nourish your soul.

For what it’s worth, these may not have been positive changes for you. Still, accepting what was painful heals the spirit and allows it to grow fresh. To add, we still have almost 4 months of Jupiter in Sagittarius, so anything you’d like to change or shift about this transit could be enacted at this moment.

August 7 at 1:30 PM, the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio is exact.

Remember that fresh breath of air Leo New Moon? This Scorpio lunation is when the cycle becomes noticeably involved. The Moon is now growing it’s light-body into near wholeness, and whatever was planted at that earlier new moon is now a bud coming into blossom. Imagination ripens to the point of actualization, materialization. Like wishing to see something or someone and suddenly having access to them.

In Scorpio, this moon takes the Leo energy of “is” and roots it into the evolutionary nature of emotional authenticity. If you aren’t living in your most naked, most vulnerable, most gruesome self-truth, then are you living at all? It’s all a performance if you aren’t expressing something real. This lunation poses the question, “Are you fearful of some inner thing you’ve deemed ugly?”

… I come back to that tarot card Strength. In the Rider-Waite-Smith version, there is a person in white dress and flowers-in-hair petting a lion. The impression is that it takes gentleness, love, and patience in order to access courage, strength, and power. In this image, I see the Lion as this Scorpio quarter moon — we can access the power of Scorpio’s depths only with patience, love and kindness.

Another way of thinking about it is this: something is coming up from a dark place. It definitely relates to the eclipses – of what is no longer supporting us and what we need to nourish. And as such, it can feel uncomfortable and like something we’d rather ignore. But it still exists even if you ignore it, and has a way of coming up despite our best efforts at swallowing it down.

So it is for your own benefit (and everyone around you) to acknowledge and hold and accept all of you, every scratch and bump and fearful bit (with love). When you love yourself, the world blossoms at your feet. You are able to take up space in a way that heals. This is the great gift of the Scorpio Moon; will you accept?

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August 8 at 4:27 PM, Venus in Leo sees a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Following the previous day’s practice in self-awareness and self-acceptance, Venus appropriately sends a loving ray of light to Jupiter. This is the bounty of self-love mixed with an optimistic outlook. Having faith that, even though you aren’t where you want to be, you are on your way. This is also a love of in-the-moment. The flare-up of joy and pleasure mixing together.

Jupiter-Venus is also expansive gratitude. This is the heart-opener, the loving-kindness meditation, the awakened spirit’s call for affection.

Sometimes easy aspects come and go without much fruition because they don’t require decision-making. It’s like when you walk by the most beautiful landmarks without pause. In this fast-paced world, it is encouraged to move past joy in pursuit of something better (is there anything better than joy?). You could take this Venus-Jupiter aspect as an opportunity to lovingly rebel against our capitalist influences and sink deep in the mouth-watering excellence of love and gratitude. Acceptance, allowance. Like standing in the sun after feeling so cold in the air-conditioning. Soaking up the sun.

❤ August 11 ❤

This is an electric day packed with high-vibe energy and significant shifts in focus. I tend to use the “rule of three” and find that days with at least three major planetary actions often bring important messages or themes for us to consider. In particular, August 11th promotes freedom and acceptance.

To add, with all of the changes of this day, there can be a feeling of whiplash. So much activity can leave us feeling overwhelmed, so it is important to be gentle with yourself.

at 9:37 AM, Jupiter stations direct in Sagittarius.

Jupiter’s station direct is an exciting shift towards the future. In general, positive Jupiter transits tend to heighten consciousness for bigger better downloads, awaken our higher selves, and inspire happy adventure. During Jupiter’s retrograde, these experiences are subdued. It can become more internal than external, more passive than active, and generally less outwardly productive. It’s not unlike taking a 4-month sabbatical – there is still something very meaningful and helpful about Jupiter, but it isn’t as obvious externally.

So when Jupiter stations direct, there is a home-coming quality. There is a wild energy yearning for freedom, and on the day of the station freedom is finally granted. This is a moment filled with bursts of hope and excited downloads around what has been and what is to come.

at 3:45 PM, Mercury enters Leo.

Mercury was last in Leo from June 26-July 19. Back then, we were deep in the eclipse season. Mercury was drifting slowly through the Lion’s den, living as an evening star, tired – near the end of it’s rope. Now, following the retrograde and awakening as a morning star, Mercury is bright and bushy-tailed. It joins Mars, the Sun, and Venus in Leo, creating a stellium of gold-lion planets! 🦁

Mars defends personal honor in Leo, the Sun radiates purpose in Leo, Venus self-loves in Leo… and Mercury cognates, communicates, and comprehends what all of this means. Over the last few weeks, Mercury has been re-orienting itself. Now it comes into this solar crowd with fresh eyes, ready to give language to everything it sees and feels.

Wherever Leo is in your chart, know that Mercury’s entrance into this sign draws extra attention, almost fixation into it.

at 10:26 PM, Uranus stations retrograde.

Uranus has been in station position for a while now, cruising slowly through 6 degrees of Taurus. It has been at this degree since early July and will remain at 6 degrees until late September. It hits optimal stillness from Aug 5 to Aug 19. During this period of time there is a building critical mass of potential energy. Like an overfilled balloon, the elasticity eventually gives way and rips – especially if provoked. As such, these days can feel dense with Uranian messaging – concepts around authenticity, liberation, truth, and idealism are prominent.

The retrograde moment is particularly provoking – this apparent reversal in direction can feel like an apparent reversal in lived experience. Wherever Taurus is in your chart will illuminate the area of life where this reversal or shift may occur. If it helps, I have story highlight on my instagram that identifies what area of life to consider by using your rising sign.

August 14 at 2:07 AM, Venus conjoins the Sun in Leo.

Like Mercury, Venus goes through a dance around the Sun – conjoining, separating, retrograding, conjoining again. At this point in the dance, Venus is at the peak experience in a superior conjunction to the Sun. This is like a full moon, the energy is rich. The corresponding new moon moment occurred with an inferior conjunction in Scorpio on October 26, 2018 ~ do you remember when Venus was retrograde back then?

At the time of the October inferior conjunction, something new came into our lives. Something around the way we relate to people – how we assign social value to ourselves and others, and the way we engage in meaningful connections. Since it occurred in Scorpio, there is a very witchy energy involved ~ strong emotional bonds to the environment, to body, to people.

Now, as Venus reaches a state of fullness in Leo, we consider the relationship between Leo and Scorpio. Isn’t it funny how this is mirrored by the first quarter moon on August 7? The difference is that Venus has taken the Scorpio intent of intense emotional bonding to the Leo realm of “is-ness” rather than the other way around. This means that whatever we have sought externally is truly found internally.

In a simplified context, Scorpio finds excellence through internal work, but Venus can get lost in this inner realm and seek to discover pleasure externally. If tarot is something that speaks to you – the 7 of Cups is connected with Venus in Scorpio… seeking to fix or heal or transmute the inner pain by way of external pleasures. But the virtue of Scorpio is the depth of self-healing, of going down into the internal hellscape and mining for gems of deep healing and transformation.

In Leo, Venus is all about self-love. And so this dance with Venus has brought us back to the core lesson of Scorpio – it’s all within. Loving the self deeply is the only way to truly access the evolutionary power of Scorpio. And then we come back to that tarot card I love so much this season: Strength.

“Love is an emerald.

Its brilliant light wards off dragons

On this treacherous path.”


August 15 at 8:29 AM, the Full Moon in Aquarius is exact.

As Venus falls away from the heart of the sun, the moon captures the light of these dance partners and reflects brilliantly for all. In culmination of the Leo New Moon, this full moon opens our minds with bountiful comprehensive skills. The moon isn’t typically so mental, but with the ability to see Mercury along the way to fullness, words and thoughts seem to flow more easily.

At the new moon, Mercury had just stationed, granting us some renewed mental acuity. In the first quarter moon, we sought to root the awareness in something deeper. Now in the full moon, an idea has formed and becomes a fully developed plan.

Aquarius is an architect, building and innovating new structures of reality that can hold us better than the old reality. There is some closure in this… the eclipses had demolished something, and now we are finally ready to rebuild.

The involvement of Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the full moon’s reflection adds emphasis to the personal nature of this building project. We have too long been living under the rules and expectations of some higher power or other people or popular culture. Now is the time to live in what fills our hearts with joy; this is about personal preference ~ self love ~ following your bliss. Surprisingly (or not), following personal passions is a challenge in our culture – we love to beat ourselves up and lose sight of the point (joy, soul-nourishment) when we get caught up in meeting everyone else’s needs.

True everlasting contentment starts internally and blossoms into a transformed peaceful world. (I know this idealistic, but that’s how the Aquarius Full Moon flows…)

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August 16 at 1:07 PM, Mercury in Leo sees a square to Uranus in Taurus. 4 minutes later, the Moon in Pisces sees a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.

The two planets of basic comprehension, Mercury and the moon, access Uranus in Taurus in the retrograde station. Mercury in Leo takes the information from a tense square = mental frustration can lead to greater insight. Moon in Pisces receives Uranus from a momentary, but sweet sextile. Emotions flow profoundly and somewhat abruptly.

Sensitivity is accented – psychic, emotional, physical.

When we feel sensitive, we often protect ourselves. On a basic survival level, it makes that we’d want to protect our most vulnerable parts. However, on the level of fulfillment, this is a dangerous line to walk. We certainly need to take care of our boundaries, but we also need to feel connected to the world emotionally, physically, spiritually. If we choose to hide our emotions behind a mask, are we ever able to feel seen and loved and held?

Uranus shocks us awake in this way; by utilizing the modalities of thinking (mercury) and feeling (moon), we ponder our vulnerability and are confronted with an opportunity to express or live in silence.

Brene Brown has some excellent thoughts on this matter… from her book Daring Greatly, she writes “The word persona is the Greek term for ‘stage mask.’ In my work masks and armor are perfect metaphors for how we protect ourselves from the discomfort of vulnerability. Masks make us feel safer even when they become suffocating. Armor makes us feel stronger even when we grow weary from dragging the extra weight around. The irony is that when we’re standing across from someone who is hidden or shielded by masks and armor, we feel frustrated and disconnected. That’s the paradox here: Vulnerability is the last thing I want you to see in me, but the first thing I look for in you.

In what ways can we open our hearts and minds to more authenticity and meaningful connections?

August 18 at 1:18 AM, Mars enters Virgo.

And so begins the march into Virgo. Mars leads the way, bravely pioneering ahead. From the heat of the sun into the cool library of Mercury-ruled Virgo, Mars finds many tasks to accomplish. Pursuit of knowledge, facts, and observable – measurable data points << this is what drives the red planet now.

Mars is somewhat tempered in Virgo in that it is focused rather than diffuse. Earth signs tend to have a separating quality about them, and Mars fits harmoniously in that dry environment. However, it remains very active in it’s enthusiasm for corrective action. There can be strong criticism in this placement – Virgo is always perfecting. Fixation can also come up in this place; the active need for filtering and cleansing. Sometimes over-sterilizing can lead to erasure of identity.

For better or worse, Neptune in Pisces subtly sends melty softness from across the zodiac to whatever planet visits Virgo. As soon as Mars enters the realm of mutable earth, it sees and possibly becomes distracted by the shiny glow of Neptune. This can be an opportunity for spirit to enter the active realm of perfectionism. I imagine the Tibetan monks with the exquisite sand mandalas. Acceptance of human flaw and allowing for something greater to take hold is the perfect antidote to Virgo’s eccentric love of exactness.

In the days following Mars’ entrance into Virgo, take note of the way your body feels – the way your actions are driven – the way your mind is involved in the doing-process.

August 21

at 5:06 AM, Venus enters Virgo.

Venus’ entrance into Virgo is a significant shift in the self-love energy. In Virgo, Venus can get caught up with decisions and details and labels. There is a tendency to apply to critical thinking to beauty, values, and love. In relating to others, there is more precision involved and less space for flawed behavior.

In some ways, Venus in Virgo has the greatest lesson of self-care to divulge. We must learn how to accept and love our imperfections in order to find joy in the little things. This is also a very boundaried place for Venus – Virgo can make too many routines, too many daily structures, too many to-do lists. For fun-loving Venus, having fun can become a chore – just another task on the list. But by acknowledging the value of maintenance in self-care, Venus’ ability to grow love is strengthened.

Choosing to access Virgo’s strength for processes allows Venus to develop incredibly lavish beauty routines, love-making sessions, and social gatherings. It’s about putting the mind into the process rather than controlling or perfecting beauty.

Additionally, Neptune in Pisces adds a touch of spirit into this transit, just like I mentioned earlier with Mars. The Venus-Neptune contact is extremely forgiving of flaws… possibly to the point of inaction. Allowing oneself to feel into both the critical nature of Virgo and the love&light floatiness of Neptune makes way for a more balanced Venus in Virgo.

at 6:04 AM, Mercury in Leo sees a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The last major aspect of the season is the Mercury-Jupiter trine. This is a collaborative angle which allows for the messenger planet to trade data with the sage. The two have come out of a retrograde and been through a great deal of reflection. Now they can access the lessons Sagittarius and Leo from a new perspective.

This is a learning opportunity. We get to question and clarify the experience of expansive Sagittarius in the realm of personal Leo. Downloading what it means to be of a higher mind – the willingness to cross borders in order to open and connect. The heat of solar radiance in the mental realm, uplifted by the spirit nature of Jupiter. This is a heightened concept of self; the mask is taken off and we see a real face. …or, at the very least, the opportunity to take the mask off is presented. You don’t have to reveal yourself, but it may be worthwhile.