FORECAST | Cancer Season 2019

Note: In our solar system, the Sun is the central point around which the planets orbit. From the Earth perspective, we cannot survive without sunlight; it is the light that nourishes our bodies, and the spotlight under which we act out our entire lives. Given the Sun’s importance, we’ve learned to articulate time around its trends. The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice all relate back to the felt shifts of shining brilliance the Sun shares with us in this lonely universe. And so it is from Earth’s perspective that I write these astrological forecasts in time with the Sun’s journey through the tropical zodiac.


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The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon – a luminary, not a planet, which has a special relationship to us earthlings. Our closest intergalactic friend, the one who never seems to leave our side. Over the years you’ve surely noticed the moon is the largest and brightest of all the night-sky things. It’s the one we always see, the one who dances around us, growing bigger and then smaller, collecting and reflecting the sun’s light to share with us, and then letting it go because that’s how life works. The moon is our first friend on our night-time journey into the realm of stars and planets. Our sweet moon is perceptive, reflective, intuitive, and cyclical. We can always count on the waning and waxing, the effortless flow.

So typically when the Sun enters Cancer, these lunar qualities are brightened. However, this year we lose out on the typical Cancerian luminescence. Our moon and sun are obscured as a result of the eclipses in the Cancer-Capricorn axis. As a result, we are denied our source of light, illumination, and insight. There is a sense of loss, confusion, and uncertainty that reigns over this new season. We can’t quite see what’s happening. Vitality is low, rational thinking is amiss, and feelings are running wild in the dark.

There is also a heightened sensitivity to time due to the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, and the moon, ruler of Cancer, are all about timing. Saturn as father time, death, endings, the boundary of reality, and the way we grow old. The moon as a constant cycle of gains and losses, a trusted tool in the practice of astrological timing, the one who pulls and pushes the tides of the ocean. We rely on the moon and Saturn to help us identify where we are in the present. But if we can’t access their strengths because they are blocked by the eclipses, then how can we know where we are in the time-line?

We don’t.

And that’s both the beauty and pain of this Cancer season. We untie ourselves from the gravity of time, and get lost in the exploration of non-boundaried, open-hearted confusion. This is a time rich with emotional uncovering; the faucet is on and we can’t seem to turn it off. Maybe we are in a dream reality, lost in space, untethered from our normal routines and habits. But through this deep dive, we discover something miraculous. A hidden gem of truth comes to the fore; something important is exposed and we learn from it.

Once the season ends, there will be plenty of opportunity for forward movement, focused intentional work, and productivity. Until then, let yourself float in this seemingly endless infinite river loop, take a breath in the emotional discomfort, and trust that it is better to open your eyes and witness this unusual experience. There is much nourishment that comes in the flowing stillness of emotions.


Find your rising sign below to receive a brief summary into the areas of life that will be impacted by Cancer Season. Continue to the Timeline portion to get exact dates and descriptions for the events to come.


This season has the power to awaken your pursuit of major life changes. The influence comes primarily from your career and home sectors; there appears to be questions around your commitment and what is worth your time. You get a great deal of insight from processing your inner self – the version of you that exists at home, behind closed doors. It is this hidden self that wants to re-shape career structures such that they are in support of your desires rather than simply being another cog in the machine. How does your work create meaning in your life? How does your path honor your origins? Are you moving in a direction that supports your heart’s intentions?


Cancer season emphasizes your need to express yourself more authentically. Issues seem to come up around abstract thinking; it is possible that you are looking at life from a stiffened perspective which needs to loosen up. Your sense of self is changing dramatically and your ideas about the world need to change as well. This can lead to a great deal of stress and fear around your belief systems and how they have shaped your identity up to this point. As you begin to bask in the awareness of your personal truths, the boundaried nature of your life philosophies can choke you. It is important to find safe spaces to allow thoughts to flow and expression to be wild. How can you loosen the static ideologies of your life with questions? Practice with journaling questions exclusively. See where it leads you.


This season asks you to review your beliefs about money and self-worth. Your attitudes and habits around finances can dramatically impact your sense of belonging in this world. If you can’t see the value in your investments, then how can anyone else? It seems like you have outdated blockages around emotional labor – perhaps you don’t fully recognize the meaning in the work you do or the way your support serves a larger system. Perhaps others don’t see the efforts you go to in order to make ends meet. There can be shame around not having enough to give. It starts with you and your ability to care for and see value in who you are. By focusing on your wellness and needs first, you are able to then hold space for others.


This is a heavy duty season for you. Your authentic self is coming into the forefront; the importance of self becomes extremely prominent. Relationships may suffer if others can’t hold space for you, or if you have been giving too much. There can be fear around isolation and not meeting expectations, but know that you are more than enough. You are a gift to the world, and it is your time to rise to the occasion. You hold more cards than you might think, and you have the potential to make lasting changes in pursuit of whatever it is you most desire. It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants from you, even if it feels like it does. The fact that you care so much about others’ opinions can relate to a projected self-criticism that you are too afraid to face. This is a season which builds a foundation for confidence after deconstructing any judgments or shame that you have held.


Cancer season draws light towards your self-care habits. There can be an excess of perfectionism, projects, and tasks. You may be overwhelmed with daily duties, and in much need of rest and mental release. Shame and fear comes up around wanting to keep up with everything that needs to get done. There can be control issues around identifying purpose with productivity. But does your work feed your soul? Is your current routine sustainable in the long term, or is it deadening and distracting from a deeper need that you’ve been ignoring? Consider the way habits and health are connected – the way your thoughts shape reality, and the way your emotional behavior is sending messages about your environment and circumstance.


This season is determined to draw you out of your shell. There is emphasis on the way you’ve been hiding yourself from the public light. Fear and doubt come up around revealing too much of your identity; personal judgments have stopped you from opening your heart to community and friends. You can gain so much from sharing your inner truth with the people in your networks. There is something magical about the healing and intimacy that can unfold in the light of sharing authentic expression. It’s just a matter of putting yourself out there – of willingly sharing your story in pursuit of communal connection.


The very baseline of who you are- the part of you that comes out at home, the one who is obligated to family expectation- this part of you needs to break free. It is the part of you that has never changed, the inner child. This softer, more tender, more creative version of you is being pushed into the light. Your sense of direction in life is shifting towards a more heart-centered kind of expression. In order to access that heart-centered nature, you need to release the inner you from fear of expectations that have been put your shoulders since you were little. Awaken the joy that lives in your heart, and move from a place of centered awareness. This season is crucial in your development of emotional presence, and splits apart your barriers in order to open you to your bliss. Challenges create opportunities for awakening. Allow them to re-shape you and strive for emotional depth.


Cancer season brings a storm into your consciousness. Patterns of thought that have held you back are being pulled to the surface for release. It is in the every day, the little conversations, the moments that pass in transit, en route to wherever. Everywhere you turn, doubts come up, thoughts flog you into a state of submissive uncertainty. There are barriers everywhere, and it can feel impossible to move forward. And yet, the heart begs you to continue. Optimism seems ridiculous to the overly-cynical, but there is hope here and it resides in your ability to open the mind and turn it to liquid. Water can push through a million cracks in the cement, and break through into a flowing constant state of awareness. You can’t control the conversation, but you can tap into an enlightened state of flexibility. The key is to continue pushing, continue seeking. Questions create answers. Curiosity is more successful than judgment.


This season puts a spotlight to your needs and desires. There is emphasis on the way you ask for help and the way you offer. It appears that there is undue pressure on the way you create a living for yourself – on the way you survive. It is possible that you are living in a paradigm of dog-eat-dog and feel mistrustful of others or ashamed of needing support. The lack of worthiness and deserving that comes of not wanting to ask is a result of an outdated way of life. Perhaps it served you to support yourself completely without anyone else’s help, but now things have changed and it appears that you are in need. Asking with love rather than shame is the key. It starts with dismantling judgments of self-worth and then opening to the healing bond that can be fostered between you and someone you trust. Support isn’t just financial – it can be emotional too. No person is an island; we all need help and it is important to ask.


Cancer season focuses the spotlight on the way you relate to others. There is an inherent shame pattern that exists in your psyche – an uncertainty or fear around who you are. This can move you to put walls up, pushing others away. Breaking the barriers and opening to love, connection, and intimacy sounds incredible, but is it possible if you don’t love yourself first? Why do you live with shame on your shoulders? Can you release those expectations and personal judgments in pursuit of a deeper connection to your truth and authentic self? If so, then meeting others where they are becomes easier. Self-confidence can be lifted by taking a leap of faith into vulnerability. As you learn (re-learn) how to engage with others, you are able to melt away the shame and fear that has held you back.


During Cancer season, you are asked to witness the way your habits speak to unconscious drives. Health, addictive behaviors, and work habits relate to unconscious belief patterns. There is a connection between mental health and physical health. Are you working all day long, burning out and then trying again after you’ve recovered? This can speak to a feeling of undeservingness, a lack of trust, and doubts around your ability to succeed. There can also be the swing effect in which you lean too heavily toward complete avoidance. Procrastination can relate to an inner anxiety around performance and failure. This season’s transits try to dismantle the negative thought patterns that hold you down by creating moments of crisis in consciousness. You will be given opportunities to experience this pattern in an exaggerated nature. If you see any extremely detrimental developments, consider seeking professional help. There is no shame in turning to therapy. Emotional and mental support can do wonders for your overall well-being.


This season puts the focus on what lights your fire. You may feel a sense of expectation to keep up with community efforts, to match the output of friends and colleagues. But what is the point of keeping up if it doesn’t inspire passion in your heart? Why work to match everyone else when there is something unique and divinely inspiring living inside of you? This is the season to let go of any shame or fear you have around fitting in. Instead, choose to follow your bliss. Whatever lights the passion inside of you, go towards it with unrelenting tenderness and affection.


*all times are listed in Eastern Time.

June 21 at 11:54 AM, the Sun enters Cancer.

The Sun’s entrance into Cancer brings a shift in seasons. In the northern hemisphere, we enter the brightest time of year. In the southern hemisphere, darkness takes hold. For the entire world, this is an extreme season. I am reminded of the way our eyes have to acclimate in the pitch black night, opening wider than ever and still not seeing clearly… And the way the bright summer sun seems to force our eyes closed; the flood of too much light is overwhelming. In either extreme our sight is obscured because we are at a peak experience, and the body can only handle so much. This speaks to the nature of Cancer season: emotions are high, and there is so much to feel through before you can see clearly.

June 23 at 12:44 PM, Venus in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Venus opposite Jupiter is a push-pull energy around how to experience pleasure. The dynamism of Venus in Gemini wants us to have as many individual experiences as possible. This is micro delicacies, yummy sweet nothings, and busy lusty energy for continued activity. Jupiter, on the other hand, slow from retrograde motion and bloated from wanting it all at once, is massing everything into a single huge-ness. Jove draws it all in, pulls the energy and chaos together to experience pleasure as a complete picture, the full grasp of many moments.

In the lived experience, we can find ourselves questioning what we want and then making an impulse decision to get it all. And then we may wonder, how do we enjoy it? All at once or one bite at a time? With the background energy of eclipses looming, there is a heavy desire for indulgence and escapism, and this Venus-Jupiter opposition can create a big rush towards it. It may relate to food, drink, socializing, romanticizing, and anything else we do to get our minds off a topic, to dissociate from an experience in pursuit of something that feels better.

A way to take this energy deeper* is to bring an open-minded curiosity into the experience of pleasure. Try this: question every desire you have, sit with the feelings that come up, and jot down or discuss what you are learning about yourself. You may be surprised by what is hidden in the psyche, and how that translates to pleasure.

* By the way, there is no judgment if you don’t to take a deep-dive. Living on the surface is often a necessary step in the process of integrating the deeper realizations we pick up during more intense periods of life, like the one we are in now.

June 24 at 5:58 AM, Venus in Gemini sees a square to Neptune in Pisces.

Venus-Neptune contacts can lead to deep desire of perfection. In truth, perfection can only exist on the most simplistic level, something much less complex than the life we live now. This can create a yearning for dissociation not unlike the earlier Venus-Jupiter opposition. Neptune can soften the harsh edges of life, but beware that you don’t lose touch of reality.

This transit becomes a lesson in the tension of wanting better circumstances immediately and facing the reality that you can’t instantly transform a situation. In order for improvements to be made, you have to face and identify what is causing problems in the first place.

June 25 at 5:46 AM, the Final Quarter Moon is exact in Aries.

As the Gemini lunar cycle comes to a close in Aries, the moon becomes distorted in the bends of the nodal axis. We get a brief preview into the dynamics of the Cancer-Capricorn time-warp, and wrap up the leftover loose ends of Gemini season.

The Aries nature of this waning quarter moon wants to be a new moon; it wants everything to be over and to start fresh right now. The fact that it last touched the Capricorn south node is an added emphasis on the desire for accomplishment, pushing forward, and taking responsibility. But the reality of this waning moon is that it needs to make adjustments for more internal reflection.

This is a warrior moon, wishing to push forward despite exhaustion. It is confused and distorted in its square to the nodal axis, and can’t quite get settled or comfortable in the fact that something is ending. You might ask yourself, where in my life are things wrapping up? What can I do to release my grip on that which is already ending?

With this moon, there is great power in the release process. The upcoming lunar cycle will begin the eclipse season, and though it will lead us into uncertainty, we can at least do ourselves the service of making way for these big moments to come through. Wrap up the loose ends, and finalize the work; in this way we start fresh, creating a blank canvas for whatever is coming.

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June 26 at 8:19 PM, Mercury enters Leo.

Mercury, who is getting ready for retrograde, takes a slow step into Leo, and we bask in the brightness of new expression. Leo is our fixed fire sign, the one who speaks from the heart of self. From the hearth of inner radiance, Mercury shares the information of authenticity. It is not just the words we use, but the entire act of expression that comes into the spotlight. There is a need to perform ourselves, to be. And it is through this language of the body as well as the body of the language we use that comes into the forefront of the cognitive experience. Actions speak louder than words. The fullness of the way we share ourselves and the way we express ourselves to others becomes much more noticeable now.

It is in this placement that Mercury stations and turns retrograde. Remember, actions speak louder than words. What you do and say and commit to now will come up again later.

June 27 at 1:45 PM, the Sun in Cancer sees a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.

Sun-Uranus aspects can illuminate an urge for more authenticity. There is a dissociated quality here, a need to step away from what is and move towards what will be. Change, rebellion, and reversals can come up as solutions to anything that makes us feel stuck. However, in Cancer and Taurus, there is a natural desire to go inward and observe/reflect on the current environment.

This combination of energy can translate into sudden insights or revelations made in the internal landscape. The future and how it is imagined may become dramatically different as a result of new information learned or the culmination of facts gathered. This is an emotional and felt experience – not so much mental. Intuition is heightened, the emotional body is brighter, and flashes of change hit us physically rather than cognitively.

I wouldn’t typically pay so much attention to this transit, but with the moon in Taurus on this day and the Sun’s proximity to the north node, there seems to be an added focus on Uranus’ impact.

July 1 at 7:19 PM, Mars enters Leo.

Mars is the red warrior who seeks to cut and dismantle anything that gets in the way of its mission. In Leo, the mission is to spotlight identity and purpose. There is a need to see and be seen, and anything that blocks this solar focus will be torn apart with a martial intensity. Mars’ fire does feel at home in Leo’s heat, but can get a little defensive in the fixed quality. This can speak to intentional separation or isolation as a result of feeling misunderstood or experiencing a blow to the ego. Mars in Leo is ultra fixated on clearing space for authenticity to shine, but this can create discord if there are disagreements or misunderstandings (which there always are).

To add, because of the Sun’s position in Cancer and its distortion in the moon’s north node, there is an inherent misunderstanding in Mars’ perceived orders. In essence, identity and purpose is in the process of changing, and there is no way for Mars to know. This can lead to a defense of old ideas and past behaviors which were a part of an old paradigm but no longer relate to the present situation or what is unfolding.

In short, until the Sun enters Leo on July 21st, Mars is confused and its resultant actions and impulses are not necessarily in alignment with truth. This is something to keep in mind as the stress of the eclipses weighs on us; even if we could act or have the opportunity to physically engage in something, we still don’t know what the core purpose is. This is a blinded warrior energy, and can lead to defense for defense’s sake.

Suggested activities for this martial confusion include: conscious eating, expression via crafts, moderate exercise, and performance (karaoke, improv, stand-up, drama therapy, etc).

July 2 at 3:16 PM, a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer is exact.

A solar eclipse is when the moon completely covers the sun – there is complete darkness, day becomes night, and the world seems to be tipped upside down for a moment. If you have ever witnessed a total solar eclipse, you’ll know how eerie it feels. This translates to the significations of the solar eclipse in astrology: there is an unnatural shift in energy beyond what we can perceive as normal, and it captures something about our lives and changes it forever.

This particular eclipse occurs in Cancer and is opposed by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Not all eclipses are quite so heavy as this one, and that is because of the Saturn-Pluto element. These heavyweight planets draw gravity and depth into the experience; they represent the boundaries of life, namely death. They also correlate with extreme reactions to fear and uncertainty – the last thing Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn wants is unknowns, so it’ll do anything ensure control and comfort of knowledge. So this eclipse in Cancer isn’t just about changing our futures, but also about releasing long-held past fears.

Cancer is often depicted as a nurturing introverted sign. This is because it is correlated with source energy – the womb, the well, the origin. There is a pregnant and fertile quality to Cancer, as if it is always carrying something deep within it – a seed ready to be planted. But what is a seed besides a huge unknown? We wonder about the mystery of where life begins, we wait while the water boils, and there can be impatience or urgency because we want to know now. But the virtue of Cancer is that all things go through a process of maturation – like the piece of dirt trapped in an oyster shell which over time becomes a beautiful pearl.

This is not a comfortable eclipse; most of them aren’t, and this one especially isn’t. It draws on the fear we have of darkness and the fertility of the dark night of the soul. There is something magical and mysterious that happens in the cocoon of a butterfly, but really it is extremely painful and quite messy. That’s what our solar eclipse is offering us in the Cancer area of life – a metamorphosis, a brand new start, clearing the records and beginning fresh.

On the day of the eclipse, vitality and emotions are distorted. It’s hard to say what will come of the eclipse… this is the beauty of this particular Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle: we are asked to let go of knowns and venture into the ego-death process of not knowing.

Of note, the rest of the month will carry this limbo-uncertain feeling. Better to flow with it than to try and control what is already naturally flowing. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean something isn’t happening.

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July 3 at 11:18 AM, Venus enters Cancer.

Venus, the planet of desire and connection, loves immersing itself in the mystique of Cancer’s glow. There is a certain romance that comes out of this placement – intimacy, closeness, being held – it is sweet and innocent in some ways. The depth of feelings that can grow under this alignment is quite moving and elicits the kind of atmosphere found in fairy tale romances. The mystery and fertility of Cancer is what gives Venus this extra oomph: it is a special kind of pleasure that comes from just enough, not too much.

Unfortunately, much of this sweetness is lost on us as the eclipsed lunar cycle disrupts Venus’ visit. There can be excess Venus coming into the fold, a great lust for the sweet things in life. This can also display as misinterpreted social interactions, like a heightened sensitivity to the way people are engaging with you and you with them. Our feelings are overloaded, the eros nature in our lives is more felt than normal.

What Venus wants most of all is connection, but at what cost? The astrology of this season is powerful and decisions made now can have long term effects beyond what is imagined, for better or worse. As such, it is wise to pause and reflect on any unusually intense venusian desires that spring up within you.

To get the most out of Venus in Cancer, make space for the unknown to be unknown; if something is truly growing, it’ll still be there after the eclipse season is over.

July 4 at 3:28 AM, Saturn conjoins the South Node in Capricorn.

Saturn and the South Node actually conjoined each other at the end of April, and will conjoin each other again at the end of September. During the April conjunction, Saturn had just stationed retrograde. And during the September conjunction, Saturn will have just stationed direct. This is suggestive of a larger significance around Saturn’s involvement with the South Node. That there isn’t just one release opportunity, but three of them, speaks to a broader sense of karmic dissolve occurring under Saturn’s sphere.

Saturn is a planet of materialism, reality, and 3-dimensional structures. It is the last planet we can see with the naked eye, and is often correlated with the end of things – the bounds of existence. In the lived experience, Saturn often represents our responsibilities as well as those areas of life that are manifested through conscientious continuous work. Sometimes Saturn is considered a karmic planet, related to the power of continuing down a tried and true path – I’ve always done it this way, why shouldn’t I continue?

The South Node is a point in the ecliptic where the Moon intersects and then moves southward. The phenomena of the south node is visible in so much as the disappearance of a planet or luminary when they are in alignment with it. Basically, it is a point of visible distortion. The conjunction of a planet to this point marks a felt disruption around what that planet represents for us. The South Node, in particular, represents a mutation towards release, spirituality, and loss. There is something immaterial here; a feeling of holiness or excessive need for cleanliness.

In Capricorn, a couple days after the eclipse in Cancer, this conjunction between Saturn and the South Node can feel like a moment of judgment. What responsibilities and paths have you taken? Where have they led you, and are you burdened by them? What can you release at this time that will reduce the real-life impacts of Saturn in Capricorn? What can you let go of that reduces your responsibilities? What can you clean up in your life so that you are more available for responsibilities that actually hold deep soulful meaning for you?

July 7 at 7:14 PM, Mercury stations retrograde in Leo.

At this point, Mercury has been moving so slowly through Leo that many of the retrograde effects have begun. The moment that Mercury actually makes the apparent turn backwards is like a breath of relief after holding it in for so long. Oftentimes the days leading up can carry some extra tension. Did you take note of what came up? If not, try to do so now. As the retrograde moment occurs, we get to re-trace our steps slowly and methodically. Later, Mercury will start to pick up some speed and the backward motion will feel natural … like falling asleep, you hardly notice the soft drift into unconsciousness. It isn’t until the end of the retrograde that Mercury slows down again and builds tension once more. At this point in the cycle, on this day of the shifted direction, stillness and reflection are supported. Just like laying in bed and letting thoughts float around, focusing on the breath, and allowing.

As stated earlier, Mercury in Leo puts emphasis on the way we back-up our talk with action. So this retrograde is all about follow-through and commitment, as well as inner truth. Oftentimes it is through the trials of commitment that we become aware of our authenticity, integrity, and sense of self. If we feel we cannot follow-through with what we had said earlier, what does that mean about who we are?

A quote that I recently heard in a lecture by Lynn Bell stands out to me:

“Jung said that to be in a situation where there is no way out or to be in a conflict where there is no solution is the classical beginning of the process of individuation. It is meant to be a situation without solution; the unconscious wants the hopeless conflict in order to put ego consciousness up against the wall, so that the man has to realize that whatever he does is wrong, whichever way he decides will be wrong. This is meant to knock out the superiority of the ego, which always acts from the illusion that it has the responsibility of decision. . . If he is ethical enough to suffer to the core of his personality, then generally, because of the insolubility of the conscious situation, the Self manifests. In religious language you could say that the situation without issue is meant to force the man to rely on an act of God.” – Marie-Louise von Franz, The Interpretation of Fairy Tales

Amidst all of the uncertainty and sensitivity of this season, we will be faced with opportunities to really see our past behaviors and decisions in a new light. The tangled shifts of eclipses and mercury retrograde create the perfect storm to strip us of those old commitments. Even though this sounds like a positive change, it can feel disastrous if we’ve tied our egos to the decisions. And with Mercury in Leo, that is often what happens – ego is expressed. So when confronted with a change of heart – what will you do? Will you open to the changes unfolding, as uncertain as they may be? Or will you cling to the past which is already lost and dead?

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July 8

This is a highly charged day:

at 11:31 AM, Venus in Cancer sees a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.

As the ruler of Taurus, Venus looks on Uranus, there is chemistry. The electricity of Uranus in Taurus, the nerves, the heightened senses become more meaningful as Venus in Cancer applies emotional depth to the already elevated five senses. Desire and pleasure are able to reach new heights because feelings awaken a soulful urge to become intimate. And it isn’t just sensuality in the body, but also in the higher mind – the desire for soul connections. If there is any part of you that feels unseen or unloved, this aspect can awaken that inner motivation for belonging. Venus in Cancer with the North Node can feel ultra sensitive and even desperate. Giving desperation to the revolutionary attitude of Uranus can elicit sudden advances towards the object of our desires.

There is potential to behave in a way that is out of ordinary. We may commit wholeheartedly to a new approach without realizing the cost. There is a lot of hunger in this transit, and it can feel like a high stakes situation.

at 6:27 PM, retrograde Mercury conjoins Mars in Leo.

In parallel to the Venus-Uranus awakening, Mars and Mercury conjoin in Leo. This adds an inflamed desire to express self into the situation. Mercury is still stationary after the initial turn to retrograde motion; still living in a state of reflection, in the process of falling into a new layer of consciousness. Mars’ overactive drive barrels forward and disrupts Mercury’s stale energy. There is something itchy about this pairing – a desire to act, and not knowing how. Wanting to speak, but not knowing what to say.

Mars-Mercury can see Uranus from their position, but only Mars will move forward to an exact aspect. Mercury still needs to process the recent events and return to Cancer for clarification. As such, there is a force of will upon the mental processes – a stubbornness to execute a plan without a plan. Mixing this impatience with the Venus-Uranus lust, we may lose our heads for a moment.

Even if it is just a moment, it will not be forgotten. The landscape of the season is too impressionable, and everything that occurs under these skies will be incorporated in the long term. That being said, you shouldn’t stop living life just because the effects are longer lasting than usual. However, you should also take care to realize the big-ness of it all… recognize that your actions will have a much larger ripple than you can imagine, so make decisions that are truly in alignment with your highest and best good. No need to rush, even if the energy is feeling rushed. You still have the option to pause and reflect and breathe deeply.

July 9 at 6:54 AM, the First Quarter Moon is exact in Libra.

The first quarter moon is often a benchmark in the beginning stages of the moon’s waxing cycle. The moon sees a square to the sun, and that tense aspect between the luminaries is beautifully displayed across the moon’s face. It is the half moon, a halfway mark between complete invisibility and total visibility – emptiness and fullness. This is a brightening moment in the cycle of the moon, building on extroversion, exploration, and engagement with the world and others. We begin to see signs of growth and development, the smile is just beginning to bloom on the face.

In this particular cycle, the moon is obscured at the bends of the nodal axis, in between eclipses. Luna’s growing body is ghostly and unusual at this time, and there is added emphasis on what can’t be seen. We wonder about what came before, and what is still to come. This is not an opportunity for presence and celebrated growth because we can’t even see what is growing yet. Rather this is an uncomfortable moment of deja-vu. All we can do here is consider where we last were, which was with the North Node in Cancer.

Cancer and the moon are often related to memories. When either of the nodes are in Cancer, there is a heightened awareness of archetypal expression. Dreams and past lives and the energy patterns that exist within and around us are so much more evident. They are easier to access. And in accessing it there can be fear because it seems so obscure and where is this information coming from? Am I reaching too far out of this real world? … It is as if we can touch some kind of Source energy… and if we can, then what does that mean about everything you’ve been feeling and seeing?

As this Libra moon ponders the mystery of Cancer and worries about the material losses to come in Capricorn, we may lose access to our ability to experience a social life. Libra is often correlated with social expression, soulmates, and social pleasures…. getting lost in deep thought, or even feeling unable to fully comprehend what is happening in your life can make extroversion feel uncomfortably superficial. We want to go deeper than this, and the half-here half-there Libra moon won’t let us.

at 1:07 PM, the Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn.

As the moon gets caught up in the destabilizing eclipse cycle, the Sun opposes Saturn and then conjoins the North Node late night. In essence, both luminaries are thrown off their usual routine, and so are we.

Sun-Saturn oppositions are typically related to loss of vitality, fatigue, depression, and weariness of self vs responsibility. The tug-of-war between who I am and who I should be is brought to the top layer of consciousness. With the nodal axis involved, and the unfolding eclipse cycle as a result, the Sun is unusually determined to live in authenticity. There is an angst against Saturn’s should’s and must-do’s. This type of tension is the result of having to decide – being forced to prioritize, to choose one area over another. Ugh, it is heavy on our shoulders: the things we feel obligated to do, the reality structures of time and capitalism, what can we do to break free? And what is freedom, but an authentic process of self-discovery? With the Sun on the North Node, we are hungry hungry hungry for The Self to make way and break the chains of oppression.

Herein lies a core element of the eclipse season, Cancer season, and Mercury retrograde. What element of our Selfhood have we been shutting down? What area of life do we hold to an impossible standard? What chains are there that can be broken? What boundaries can be destroyed? What contracts can be ripped up? And if we do choose to separate from these toxic past behaviors, what new path unfolds ahead of us? Are we brave enough to take a step forward into an unknown invisible territory? Is it bravery that we need? Or tenderness?

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July 11 at 00:31 AM, the Sun in Cancer sees a trine to Neptune in Pisces.

The Sun can represent ego and personality as well as vitality. In Cancer, the emotional body is given focus and the way we feel impacts our solar nature. In the trine to Neptune, personality becomes diffuse with emotional fog. This underscores the discord of the eclipse’s emotional disruption. It also has the potential of elevating the experience to a heightened spiritual manifestation. How it plays out will depend on personal inclinations. Projections and fantasies are equally possible.

July 11 at 2:00 PM, Mars in Leo sees a square to Uranus in Taurus.

Mars-Uranus aspects can put us in a state of electric motivation. We receive insights from the Taurus area of life, which may come as a complete shock to the way we have been expressing ourselves. There is an inherent discontent at play – a need to generate a better approach. We can feel a sense of overwhelm at the suddenness of Uranus, and Mars tends to express such overwhelm through acting on impulse, cutting through barriers, and defensiveness. This square pattern is a bit like car crash in slow motion – Uranus is unpredictable and may jolt the already overheated Mars into a state of irrational engagement.

The Taurus-Leo flavor of this aspect relates to the environment and the self. What information about identity is coming through the five senses, the material world? And what is it about the external reality that shapes who we are? Is identity a static inner fire, or is it always shifting to meet the environmental needs? Mars opts to defend the static identity while Uranus creates an uncomfortable quake. Flexibility is a concern. Sometimes taking a moment to review the unfolding events can lead to better results, but is the situation demanding a quickened response time?

It is important to note that no matter what, the circumstances will feel tense. Resolution may not be possible, and the potential of failure or loss is likely. This can hit the ego pretty hard. When we accept that failure is part of the journey, we feel more at ease with the lessons of change. Attitude plays a big role in this aspect.

July 14 at 10:51 AM, the Sun in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn.

Sun opposite Pluto is a critical element of discomfort during this season. Oppositions create two opportunities in a single moment of decision-making. A fork in the road appears. This often results in an internal bind: feeling confronted by choice can leave us trapped in our own minds. With Pluto’s involvement shame and fear play a major role. We worry about not meeting expectations; we fear failure like it is death. And on the other side, the Sun is caught in the emotional bigness of the Cancer North Node; there is a longing for freedom of expression and tenderness. We can get lost between wanting to control ourselves and wanting to release our truths.

Don’t underestimate your desire for control and power. We all have within us a need to feel connected and purposeful. We want life to have meaning, and sometimes the oppression of expectations can feel like purpose. Real power and purpose come from emotional presence which leads to personal authority. We are able to make more heartfelt, more meaningful decisions in our lives when we choose to take care of ourselves.

Pluto enjoys making things feel complex and impossible; it feeds off of fear and limitations. The internal experience of Pluto-Sun opposition can create an egoic death cycle which often is quite painful. Losing a sense of identity – a purposeful expression – can feel like loss because a part of you is dying. However, the awareness that you can choose to move forward in the ego-death or you can choose to live in the shackles of your fears is inherently an awareness of power. There are many ways to live your life, there are options to choose from. Are you willingly suffering because it makes you feel more important and meaningful; does it give you a sense of control? Or are you making meaning out of your life and pursuing what matters most to you, releasing the pain of the past as you move forward?

July 16 at 5:38 PM, the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is exact.

This Lunar Eclipse is complex.

It would be the moment of fullness, a moment when we get to see the full breadth and scope of our lunar cycle – the climax of energy, the crest of a wave. Instead the moon is partially darkened, and insights are released into the ether of eclipsed light.

At this point, the moon has traveled an active journey through Capricorn, first opposing Venus, then conjoining Saturn, then contacting the South Node, seeing a sextile to Neptune, and then a conjunction to Pluto as it approaches the exact opposition to the Sun. There is a lot of planetary involvement in this eclipse, lots of opinions and feelings meeting the glassy moon as it steps into the void of the South Node. And so do we receive influence after influence as our instinct loses touch with the body.

This can create an abstraction or dissociation from the present. It can feel a bit like tapping into an unresolved fear projection, and receiving a little too much stimulation around what should be done. The fact that this eclipse builds on so much passive zodiacal expression (Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces are activated) suggests also that we are receiving a deluge of information. I imagine a waterfall of emotional data – lots of feelings and the pressure to receive it all. But like the moon which disappears under this configuration, we have no way of holding the data. As such, it releases into the environment around us.

This is charged eclipse that can create new expressions of reality based on emotional interpretations. Sometimes we feel things in the heat of the moment and there can be a sense of finality or urgency. We can lose sight of the fact that how we feel is not necessarily the truth. We can only perceive from one perspective (our own) and oftentimes our angle is not able to see the full scope of the situation.

The release that comes from an inability to hold is not unlike an overflowing dam. A bridge that breaks. A vase that was too porous. Boundaries and strength are at play, and the point is not to get swept away in what is lost or released. The point is to see that a structure is no longer viable in our lives, and that we either need to repair it or demolish it entirely.

Oftentimes eclipses can take a few weeks to fully process, and this is true of the current Lunar Eclipse: there is more than meets the eye. It is beyond the structure that has broken – beyond the disaster which caused the breakdown – beyond the question of repair or demolish. There is a core issue at play, and it is still coming to light. We need to be patient in this moment.

I write of disasters for this eclipse, but for many of us it won’t show up in a disastrous kind of way. Most of us will feel the heaviness of something looming, and then the recognition that a part of our lives is disjointed or out of shape. We will realize that there is something about our current reality structures that cannot support us any longer.

July 17 at 1:33 AM, Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn.

As the Lunar Eclipse takes center stage, it is easy to lose sight of the Venus-Saturn opposition reaching climax only 6 hours later. Venus opposite Saturn can relate to feelings of unworthiness, and this gets exaggerated as they both access the nodal axis. Saturn on the South Node is relieving itself of any unnecessary responsibilities, and Venus is opening the heart in pursuit of more intimate connections. This can create a tension between the desire for connection and the desire for space.

Saturn demands structure, authority, and labor. Venus is pulling for love, connection, and depth of feeling. In this opposition we may feel at odds around how to control intimacy – how can I force a person to love me? How can I make more structure for love in my reality? But real love, real intimacy comes from organic development, a seed planted and grown with time and tenderness.

As Venus opposes Saturn and then touches the North Node, we receive an expanded awareness of the potential for love that grows with time. Impatience and uncertainty, fear of not-measuring-up can dissuade us from the satisfaction that we desire. Knowing that this occurs under the lost light of the Lunar Eclipse, there is an element of barriers at play. Perhaps we feel that our current barriers and walls – the way we are holding ourselves up – isn’t going to cut it when it comes to creating an atmosphere of connection.

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July 18 at 2:02 PM, Venus in Cancer sees a trine to Neptune in Pisces.

Venus mirrors the moon’s journey leading up to the Lunar eclipse by contacting every planet that was involved. However, unlike the moon which was losing its body and groundedness, Venus is exaggerated in embodiment and overflowing with real-life moments.

Feelings are pouring in with less rush, but still a lot of significance as they manifest more physically. The trine to Neptune washes away some of the challenges that Saturn created, and lightens the reality we’ve been living in. Our hearts are softened and we can feel a sense of release. We want meaning, we want intimacy, we want to be held; and now this feels good rather than uncertain or scary. That doesn’t mean fear is gone, but that we may have dissociated from the experience of fear. This can show up as drinking, indulging, and escapism.

Sometimes we need to take time off from our feelings, and that’s what Neptune offers us right now. That said, try to remember that methods of fleeting gratification are creating more distance than close-ness. It is definitely different from the austere separation of Saturn, the bounded energy, in that this is a much freer, more elegant expression of distance. But still, it is distancing.

July 19 at 3:06 AM, retrograde Mercury re-enters Cancer.

Mercury’s retrograde entrance into Cancer is where the bulk of the retrograde’s lessons exist.

Each Mercury retrograde cycle is a refresher for our consciousness. It is like taking your mind out and throwing it in the wash for a quick cycle. This affords you the opportunity to take a break from all that has filled your awareness, to process and re-orient yourself. It can relate to disorder and misunderstandings, yes, but more importantly it is about washing out the disorder which was already present and unnoticed. It is about wringing the mind of excess, and letting yourself breathe in the stillness of review.

At this point in the cycle, Mercury is nearly clean and we are getting ready to pull our minds out of the wash to dry. The energy is of forgiveness, release, and renewal. We get to return to the instinctual nature of emotional expression, and we worry less about how our feelings relate to our authenticity and identity. It is a time to begin comprehending all that has happened during Cancer season. Like a door opening into the light, our eyes begin adjust after living in a state of darkness.

Clarity is coming.

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July 21

The last day of Cancer season delivers us into the beginnings of light and awareness. It is like the Sun rising. Before it has reached the horizon line, the birds chirp and the light creeps up. We are able to distinguish the shadows, and we begin to gain clarity.

at 4:32 AM, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

Venus-Pluto is the fear involved in deep pleasure. There is a wildness to this placement, the pursuit of passion above all else, and yet the longing to be well-liked. The instinct to run doggedly towards what is desired can be shamed into stillness. Pluto attracts our fears, brings us into a raw feeling of tortured awareness. It can feel complex and dark. I imagine the transformation of the wolverine – a need to hide the truth of self under the darkness of a dissociated identity. Projection can come up if we can’t see how our fears are creating this tension in us.

at 8:33 AM, retrograde Mercury conjoins the Sun in Cancer.

Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun is clarity in the retrograde. It is the moment we get a wide-angle view of the last few weeks, and the moment in which we make a shift towards something new. We take what has been learned and apply it to our thought-processes. We begin to live in a new light, in a new modality.

In Cancer, this speaks to new depths of emotional expression. We’ve learned so much about needs and wants as well as our blocks and fears. Is it possible to sit with all of these feelings and make wiser choices? There is potential to learn emotional presence in this transit. You have to be willing to do the work – to sit with yourself and your flowing feels – to observe non-judgmentally your process and then to respond with agency and a sense of responsibility.

This is the mind and the heart in unison.

the Moon drifts through Pisces.

I don’t normally mention the placement of the moon, but on this day it seems important. Two major aspects occur in Cancer, and the ruler is able to see both aspects from a sweet angle. This creates a feeling of completion and total reception. We are able to comprehend the day in a way that goes beyond cognition and into the heart. The Pisces Moon holds space for us to reflect and comprehend all that has happened as the Sun moves through the final degrees of Cancer and enters Leo.

Forecast | Capricorn Season 2018

Note: In our solar system, the Sun is the central point around which the planets orbit. From the Earth perspective, we cannot survive without sunlight; it is the light that nourishes our bodies, and the spotlight under which we act out our entire lives. Given the Sun’s importance, we’ve learned to articulate time around its trends. The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice all relate back to the felt shifts of shining brilliance the Sun shares with us in this lonely universe. And so it is from Earth’s perspective that I write these astrological forecasts in time with the Sun’s journey through the tropical zodiac.


Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign of the zodiac, ruled by Saturn. The Sun’s entrance into this cool nocturnal sign draws out the determination and patience of the goat, for better or worse. On one hand, the ability to steadily and slowly make gains in any project is extremely useful for long-term growth. On the other hand, the ability to identify potential pitfalls can hold us back so much so that we find ourselves in a rut. The key to not getting stuck in the Capricorn paralysis, is to review how far you’ve come and how much closer you are to success; knowing that true maturation and wisdom is gained through methodical practice and perseverance. Appropriately, the calendar year is refreshed during this Saturnian season, giving us a good reason to measure how far we’ve come and to make the effort to continue climbing towards wherever our goals lie.

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Curiously, during this particular season, we are met with an energetic warp. The nodes of the moon have fallen into Capricorn and Cancer, forcing us to pay special attention to the axis of responsibility. Cancer represents responsibility of origins – to take care of home and inner beginnings. Capricorn represents responsibility to society – to make meaningful contributions and to achieve greater heights. The north node of the moon moves through Cancer, suggesting that we need to take better care of our inner lives, to reclaim nourishment and gentleness. The south node of the moon moves through Capricorn, suggesting that we need to release ourselves from harsh societal judgments, to let go of superficial achievement for something more meaningful. As these two sensitive points are activated with the partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th, we begin to see what needs release as we move into the new year.

Find your rising sign below, and discover what area of life needs release. Then continue to scroll down to the Timeline portion and learn what dates and times will be activated as the Sun traverses through the zodiacal sign Capricorn.

ARIES – 10th house topics, to include:

  • Social reputation
  • Career status
  • Goals that no longer serve you
  • Picture perfect achievements
  • Control issues

TAURUS – 9th house topics, to include:

  • Outdated belief systems
  • Philosophical superiority complex
  • Idealized mentors
  • Knowledge as a form of Power

GEMINI – 8th house topics, to include:

  • Other people’s baggage
  • What others think of you
  • Reliance on others
  • Debts

CANCER – 7th house topics, to include:

  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Focusing too much on others
  • Fitting in
  • Intimacy/trust issues

LEO – 6th house topics, to include:

  • Unhealthy patterns
  • Self-criticism
  • Ignoring physical issues
  • Martyrdom

VIRGO – 5th house topics, to include:

  • Creative blocks
  • Overly structured creativity
  • Fear of criticism
  • Hiding your passionate nature

LIBRA – 4th house topics, to include:

  • Expectations of home
  • Hiding in a cocoon
  • The way things have been
  • Parent’s approval

SCORPIO – 3rd house topics, to include:

  • The best way to do something
  • Needing answers
  • Restlessness
  • Fear-based conversations

SAGITTARIUS – 2nd house topics, to include:

  • Money habits
  • Self-criticism
  • Stubbornness
  • Doing things your way

CAPRICORN – 1st house topics, to include:

  • Health matters
  • Vulnerability issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Navel gazing (excess self-awareness)

AQUARIUS – 12th house topics, to include:

  • Personal demons
  • Unhealthy thought patterns
  • Escapist tendencies
  • Analysis paralysis

PISCES – 11th house topics, to include:

  • Blending in
  • Fitting into social constructs
  • Hiding behind group think
  • Voicelessness


Use the timeline below to map out Capricorn season, from Dec 21st to Jan 20th. All times are listed in Eastern Time.

December 21st at 5:22 PM, the Sun enters Capricorn

  • Less than 24 hours after the Sun’s entrance in Capricorn, a full moon becomes exact in Cancer on December 22nd at 12:48 PM. When the moon is full, illuminated and bright, everything that has been built up since the corresponding new moon becomes visible. This can coincide with meaningful climactic events, large gatherings of people, and/or the final word on how a project is unfolding.
  • This particular full moon has a distinct introversion to it. In Cancer, the full moon delights in coziness, close familiar relationships, and tradition. It can awaken a cuddly and sensitive nurture nature in us. In stark contrast, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn bring heaviness and duty into this full moon’s nurturing environment as these two planets are met by the moon’s opposition on December 23rd. The opposition can cause us to feel ultra protective of our ooey-gooey insides, not wanting our sensitive sides to get hurt by the harsh realities that may exist around us.
  • I’d use this full moon to indulge in the creature comfort of home, blankets, and whatever else makes you feel safe. As the moon approaches it’s oppositions with Saturn and Pluto, try not to get bogged down with fear or pressure to perform – instead lean into gratitude for the supportive structures in your life and for your own ability to self-care.
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December 24th at 7:34 PM, Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces.

  • A month earlier on November 16th, Mercury and Neptune went through this same square as Mercury was stationing retrograde. On this day in December, there is a fogginess that may come over us that is reminiscent of what occurred during the earlier square. It is possible that there is a resolution, an apology, or a sudden sense of insight into whatever went down during Mercury’s retrograde (maybe you finally find the perfect holiday gift during your last minute shopping). It is also possible that you spend the day in a drift, hopefully not doing any analytical work because it won’t be the day for such tedious things.

December 28th at 4:31 PM, Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn

  • There is something very dark about this aspect. It could be the fact that Scorpio and Capricorn are both nocturnal signs – they tend to be introspective, sensitive, and defensive. It could also be Pluto’s involvement since it is a planet related to the underworld, the darkness of the soul, and the stuff that scares us. Whatever it is, Venus leads the way into the dark, shining brightly so that we can become aware of the shadows.
  • This is a day where we’ll want to get deep with loved ones, to connect on a soul level. If you are lucky enough to be around people you trust and cherish, this might be a lovely day to strengthen those relationships with real-talk, vulnerability and openness. Shining the light on our dark parts so that we can grow together with others.

December 29th at 4:34 AM, the Last Quarter Moon is exact in Libra.

  • The last quarter phase of the moon cycle, relates to the shedding process. We begin to let go of the energy, the details, the processes that are no longer necessary. It can be painful to lose what was once so helpful to us, causing a sense of crisis or excess anxiety. In other ways, this is a good kick in the pants to open ourselves to what lies ahead, to ready ourselves for the next project on the horizon.
  • In Libra, this last quarter moon reminds us to let go of relationships that do not serve, and to open our hearts and minds for new ways of approaching social engagement. We do not always need to be there for everyone else; we need to take care of ourselves. Likewise, we need a social life to feel connected with our people, so that we aren’t isolated and lost in the echo chamber of our own minds. On this day, take some time to see where you lie on this spectrum of relational energy. The moon will help illuminate the answer.
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December 31st at 9:19 PM, Mars enters Aries.

  • Mars’ ingress into it’s home sign of Aries is very exciting! As many of you will recall, Mars spent the majority of 2018 in Saturn-ruled signs, digging into the hard work of goal-setting and goal-achieving. Many of us experienced stress, overwhelm, fatigue, bursts of unmanageable energy, and a lot of impatience. Sometimes we experienced these chaotic shifts in a single day. So it is very welcome news that Mars is in a sign which strengthens it, helping us all to express our drives with a little bit more power.
  • Of course, throughout Mars’ time in Aries, it will make harsh aspects to Saturn, Pluto, and the nodal axis. This pattern will be reminiscent of Mars’ retrograde as well as it’s impact on the mid-year eclipses of 2018, bringing up any long-term challenges that may have been developing since April 2018. On December 31st, we’ll get our first taste of these potential challenges, so keep an eye out.

January 2nd at 00:49 AM, the Sun conjoins Saturn in Capricorn.

  • Sun-Saturn conjunctions are generally exhausting since sobering Saturn will cool and limit the Sun’s life-giving nature. This year, with the south node in Capricorn, exhaustion may exaggerate into depressive states or pessimistic decision making. We may feel obligated by our current standards of work and living without realizing that there is a better way of managing our time. We may not recognize that we have the option of prioritizing ourselves first. If you are in situation where you have to make an important decision, I would hold off until the gloominess wears away.

January 4th at 00:12 AM, Mercury in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries.

  • Mercury-Uranus contacts can enliven our minds, creating electricity in our thoughts. In some ways this can speak to divine connection, getting closer to answers, finding meaning in the patterns around us. In other ways, this can activate indecision-impulse.
  • Have you ever been in a situation where there were so many options that you became overwhelmed at making a decision? Sometimes this leads to analysis paralysis, but other times this leads to impulsively deciding – leaping without looking. Mercury’s trine to Uranus will elevate the desire to leap without looking. This can be a little frightening after the fact; you might look back and question your impulsivity.
  • Later the same day, at 10:39 PM, Mercury enters Capricorn. After the high of fiery Aries and Sagittarius, Mercury’s entrance into Capricorn is a sobering landing. If you’ve made the wrong decision (if there was a decision to make), you will know very shortly afterwards. If, however, you are moving through a day of routine, you may notice a distinct shift from the optimistic carefree Sag mentality towards the ultra-real practical Cap mentality.
    • Mercury in Capricorn is a planner who is always considering potential for error, and identifying the best course of action. Mental processes get quite serious here, causing us to lean towards a more pessimistic perspective. We may find that it is difficult to really let loose and relax our minds. Mercury is also moving at a pretty quick pace, drawing us towards future-oriented goal making. It can be difficult to pause the mind long enough to get any rest.

January 5th at 8:28 PM, a Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is exact.

  • In the day following the partial solar eclipse, the moon will conjoin Pluto and square a newly direct Uranus. This is a pretty energetic solar eclipse, and will mark the beginning of eclipse season for the first half of 2019. Let’s break this down:
  • A partial solar eclipse in Capricorn marks the beginning of a major renovation in our Capricorn area of life. Think: responsibilities, reality structures, traditions, conservative systems. What structures are outdated and making us prone to failure? What conservative systems are no longer providing true conservation? What traditions are holding us back from improved operations?
  • The moon’s conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, emphasizes a strong desire to hold onto our old outmoded ways as a result of fear and uncertainty. Pluto brings a strong power-energetic to the table – it can make us blind with desire, but it can also open us to new states of empowerment. The key to accessing Pluto’s empowerment is to willingly accept that we don’t have control over life. By holding onto security blankets we actually lose even more control. The best we can do is ride the waves of change, to open ourselves to better ways of living. This can be a small shift to start. At the time of the solar eclipse, we may feel tension around the area of life that Capricorn is highlighting (see the overview section for more details), but it is best to let go of trying so hard – to give yourself the opportunity to relax.
  • When Uranus stations direct in Aries on January 6th at 3:26 PM, there will be a notable activation of our Capricorn control natures. If you didn’t see yourself as needing control, you might rethink it once this station occurs. Uranus in Aries draws out lightning bolt changes towards self-improvement and self-awareness. During it’s station direct, built-up energy is released and channelled through the moon in Capricorn’s square to Uranus. This activates a jolt of change or a shift in the Capricorn area of life, calling attention to any outdated behavior patterns that might arise in a moment of panic. You may find that you behave in ways you dislike. ( And that is ok.) This is only the beginning of the eclipse cycle through Capricorn-Cancer – you have some time to begin working on yourself, letting go of patterns that no longer serve, and opening yourself to shifts in perspective. Start by releasing your grip on control.
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    January 7th at 6:17 AM, Venus enters Sagittarius.

    • Venus in Sagittarius enjoys a good adventure, trying new flavors, exploring new places, and inviting everyone along for the journey. The light-bearer’s entrance into jovial Sagittarius will buoy spirits that may have fallen as a result of heavy Capricorn energy.
    • Find ways to release tension in your life by trying new foods, new styles of clothing, and introducing yourself to new people. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much fun you have by simply letting go.

    January 8th at 5:04 AM, Mercury in Capricorn squares Mars in Aries.

    • There is some hot-headedness that can come through this aspect. Mercury in Capricorn is super serious, and wants to ensure that plans unfold the way they should. Mars in Aries is more excitable and packs a good punch – Mars wants to get it done as fast as possible. In a square pattern, these two have a hard time knowing whether to be patient or go for it. Choosing to think before you act is probably the safest option, but sometimes we just have to follow our impulses. Either way forward will become distorted with the background energy of the eclipses.

    January 11th at 6:38 AM, the Sun conjoins Pluto in Capricorn.

    • Sun-Pluto conjunctions can bring fear to excessive shows of self. There may be concerns around standing out or being perceived as different from the masses. As we are moving through eclipse season, this will also highlight serious fears we hold around the areas of life related to the Capricorn-Cancer axis.

    January 13th at 8:31 AM, Mercury conjoins Saturn in Capricorn

    • There is a pause in thinking; mental capacities slow. It seems that everything said has extra weightiness to it. This could also highlight a moment of important messages coming through from supervisors or higher-ups. The news may not be positive, but at least you will become aware of it.
    • Because this is co-present with the south node, words and thoughts lean towards a depressive letting-go vibration. This might be a good time to sign contracts for renovations, destruction, and other forms of removal-of-excess.

    On the same day, Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces at 1:58 PM

    • This is the first of a longer-term series of squares between Jupiter and Neptune. In the classic Neptunian way, it is hard to really know how Neptune will respond to Jupiter’s square. The lengthy transit of Neptune through Pisces is still a bit of a fog even though it is almost half-way through the sign. That said, we can expect to be dealing with the following themes: Religion, Belief systems, Dreams, Ideals, Hopes, Escapism, Illusions.
    • It is also notable that this first square occurs during eclipse season – a time when there is an inherent sense of unknown at play. Perhaps this Jupiterian-Neptunian energy will bring optimism and connection to the universal nature during a time that is otherwise energetically mysterious and difficult.

    January 14th at 1:45 AM, the First Quarter Moon is exact in Aries.

    • The first quarter moon awakens us to a sense of how far we’ve come since intentions were set at the new moon. However, this first quarter moon falls in the warped energy of the eclipse pattern. Awareness may come through in the form of deja vu, a sense of connection to the distant past, and an opening to ideas of a better future. In Aries, we may experience these energetics through single-person activities, active motion, yoga, and defensive behavior.

    On the same day, Mercury sextiles Neptune at 8:13 AM.

    • Mercury-Neptune is cause for confusion, but in a positive aspect, we have the capacity to engage with intuition and imagination. It is also possible that we gain awareness around self-care strategies as we learn how manage the tense eclipse energy. Otherwise, this is a good time for drifting and lucid dreaming.
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January 18th, Venus in Sagittarius trines Mars in Aries at 11:49 AM, Mercury conjoins Pluto in Capricorn at 3:03 PM, and the Sun in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries at 8:30 PM.

  • Collectively, this is an active day with a lot of felt energy.
  • Venus and Mars inspire us to play and explore, to seek out activity, and to make social connections. Mercury and Pluto make us aware of the deeper underlying issues in our current behavioral patterns. The Sun and Uranus ask us to find better ways of self expression.
  • All together, there is a strong expressive bent – we want to really truly be seen and heard, we want to be around others, and we want to understand how our process of thinking is connected to the world around us. Do we hold any impact in the world? If so, what are we going to share with world? Are we going to make it a better place or a worse one?
  • This series of aspects are the last set before the Sun enters Aquarius and the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. As a result, the themes that develop on January 18th will play a larger role in the grand finale of the Aquarius-Leo eclipse pattern.